Live Chat Tomorrow

Good evening,

Stacy Burke and I invite you to our next live chat tomorrow at 3pm Pacific time. We will be announcing our newest lifestyle arrangements as well as expressing our unflinchingly honest viewpoints on any number of topics. Come join us live!

Also, I will be adding Stacy’s and my newest, exclusive video (pic above) to Patreon later this week.

XOXO Tanya



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Friday the 13th


For some time now my life has seemed to run a parallel course with that of one Stacy Burke. Not all events have been happy ones but we are both survivors. Pour yourself a cocktail and join us on Friday, September 13 as we discuss life, love, bad tenants, home repair, custom videos (above pics from Sept. 4, 2019), and more. Anything can happen in life and during our chats – recent years have proven that.

XO Tanya



Chat with Tanya and Stacy LIVE!

Live at 3pm Today – The Truth


Exciting chat with Stacy Burke at 3pm Pacific Time today – come join us LIVE!! Stacy better hope that I don’t douse my breasts with truth serum and rub them in her face again. Just kidding. Neither Stacy nor I need any inducement to “tell it like it is.” We seem to share the same addiction to pathological honesty.

Years ago I commented to a then-friend: “If you’ve lived long enough and played every charade then eventually there’s nothing left but the truth.” He had no idea what I was talking about.

You know the broads on “The View” television show? Maybe Stacy and I will start calling ourselves “The Truth“. Such a moniker strikes me as  both absurdly pretentious and eerily accurate. Join us today at 3pm and you will hear the unadulterated, often unflattering truth that flows ceaselessly from our painted lips 🙂

XO Tanya



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Memorial Day 2019


Sending much love to current and former members of the US military on this Memorial Day holiday – thank you for defending our Constitution and the way of life so many of us enjoy here in the United States.

XO Tanya




Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


Perceiving Georgia Jones as a rival for Prinzzess Felicity Jade’s affection catfighter Tanya Danielle dreams up revenge fantasies, frequently penning grim verses which limn Georgia’s demise:

“Cracked tombstone marks forgotten site,

Hot, rotting corpse has dropped from sight,

All past due respects have been paid,

Remains belong to the depraved,

Mad ghouls who crave debauched delights.”

On the evening of April 18 Tanya drops ballpoint pen, laughs aloud, feels like howling at the full moon. “It would serve Georgia right to lie six feet under, savaged nightly by an assortment of zombies and goblins.” Cold wind blows through dark bedroom, rattling windowpanes and nearly detaching curtains from steel rod. “And tomorrow..” Tanya vows. “I shall take the first step toward making that happen.”

(Georgia Jones and Tanya Danielle star in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, a topless ring match featuring skimpy bikinis, high heels, breast mauling, trash talk, nipple twisting, chokeholds, submissions, torture with hairbrush and other implements, eye gouging, scratching, leg scissors, head scissors, fish hooks, stomach claw, KO, belly punching, biting, more. Co-produced by JW.)


Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye – On sale!



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Tale of a Busty Carnivore

Lol.. a reknowned Wild West outlaw is once again having a shootout inside cameraman Jon White‘s bedroom..


Tale of a Busty Carnivore

Madelyn Mark craves fresh meat. Always on the hunt for prey she and longtime partner ride into Yukon territory. A local sheriff later records this account of Madelyn’s exploits:

“Debilitating, brutal shock,
Array of lethal firearms cocked,
True carnage, bullets are exchanged,
Evening falls on corpse-laden range,
She-devil blows smoke off her Glock.”


Exclusive, new video Tale of a Busty Carnivore available to all members of Tanya Danielle’s Twitter feed.



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Black Cat Bacchanal

Look who has returned for the holidays.. straight from comic book pages and into my house Catwoman seeks to defile all within her reach.  I’d like to blame her for the tumbler of vodka which now rests by my elbow. Honestly, however, I think I penned these cautionary words to myself several months before she even showed up:

“A river runs across my crypt,
Rich vodka – hundred-proof supreme,
Continually flowing stream,
Explosive when sucked through my lips,

Deadly when taken to extreme.”

Maybe I’ll slow down after Xmas. Anyways, to see more photos of Catwoman and read even more pathologically honest confessions join my Twitter feed to correspond with me daily.
Happy Holidays!
XO Tanya

Noir Heat


*This exclusive title on sale at for $28.99 (normally $42.99) through Friday, November 30.


Buried deep in the pages of Femfighter Monthly a single photo of September Reign generates more excitement than anything else inside the publication. Practically salivating, Tanya Danielle pens these phrases in September’s honor:

“Rich noir chocolate bar,

Indescribable treat,

Let’s unwrap you, my sweet,

Eat flesh in rite bizarre,

Savor your creamy heat.”

Months later the two women encounter one another at a Los Angeles-area wrestling ring. Tensions escalate quickly. Will veteran fighter Tanya Danielle succeed in disrobing, defiling, and devouring newcomer September Reign?

(September Reign and Tanya Danielle star in Noir Heat, a topless femfight thriller featuring interracial opponents, skimpy G-strings, copious trash talk, leg scissors, breast smothering, surfboards, grapevines, hammerlocks, half nelson, belly punching, breast mangling in ropes, biting, tit torture, chokeholds, multiple submissions, pleading, KO, more. Co-produced by Naz.)



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Veteran’s Day 2018


I would like to extend much love and thanks to current and former members of our US military. Thought I would share my post-Veteran’s Day message from my Twitter feed here:

Upon waking this morning these phrases came to me:


“Two days in, impulses cling,
However, I hear the birds sing,
Indefatigable bells ring,
Signs multiply: do the right thing.”

What impulses cling? Well, I wouldn’t mind a little “hair of the dog” to take the edge off my hangover. The indefatigable bells ringing were those of my alarm clock after I hit “Snooze” five times. Signs multiply? Yes, I should be studying – even the birds on my balcony are trying to get me up. From bed I can see a huge stack of notes, folders, books on my desk across the room. They seem to pulsate. I’ll brew some coffee, start studying, and see if I can redeem myself tomorrow when I take Part 2 of my two-day final exam. Hope everyone is doing well. And I hope that all former and current members of the US military enjoyed a meaningful, well-deserved Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service. XOXO




I experienced a tremendous revival over the weekend and this is how it looked:

“Annihilation, heinous act,
Let’s celebrate without excuse!
Indeed I gleefully react,
Because of this one crucial fact:
I got to dispense the abuse.”

Join my Twitter Feed to view the streaming video version of this remarkable day.

XO Tanya



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Investigative Reporting


Reporter Ralph Axe is having flashbacks from his research..


After a year spent covering LA’s underground fight scene reporter Ralph Axe still ponders moral complexities associated with such a violent, unsanctioned sport. Ralph glances at last night’s notes from an event featuring hometown favorite Tanya Danielle vs. Cajun sensation Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

“Crazed eyes evaluate distress,

Assess degree of injury,

Jeer with exaggerated zest,

Until foe rises gingerly,

New vigor swelling in her chest.”

Honestly, Ralph can’t remember which combatant had first dominated the match. Alternating beatdowns, flurried exchanges, several near KOs had driven the crowd into a roaring, cheering frenzy for thirty minutes straight. Now, just moments before sunrise, Ralph takes a long pull of whiskey before simply placing his aching head atop a well-worn Daily Bugle desk. Only one thing seems certain: more than one cranium will pound with regret in the morning.


No Mercy starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. Tanya Danielle coming soon to More pics available now at Tanya’s Twitter feed.

XO Tanya



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No Mercy

Who is that scantily clad assailant using her muscular legs to crush me like a vise??

Funny thing, after taking the long Labor Day holiday weekend to recover I began thinking of  my stunning attacker as “the crazy-eyed Cajun”:

Yep, that is one Prinzzess Felicity Jade chewing on my breast. Always lovely, she has somehow begun to remind me of Kim Basinger’s Cajun character in the classic (at least to me) movie No Mercy. Join my Twitter feed to see more pics from last week’s match featuring Prinzzess vs. me!

XO Tanya



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