Good evening,

On this night of the full flower moon I greet you from home. Right now I am uploading footage from May 6 shooting of Barricade (pics above.) Early in the morning of May 4 I had discovered that my right eye had gone blind. Staying calm I found the name of a local ophthalmologist and booked an appointment. He could not see me until 1:40pm so I consulted Dr. Google in the interim. Try searching “sudden blindness” and you will see a wide range of causes for the condition which range from fairly minor to de facto death sentences. Fortunately, and I just said another prayer of thanks, later that afternoon I learned that I had mysteriously developed a dense cataract in my right eye.  Doc referred me to county hospital, cautioned me to have surgery as soon as possible because he suspected that cataract was starting to liquefy. I delayed hospital visit so I could shoot six custom videos booked long before in advance. On Tuesday, May 10 I drove to the emergency room where I stayed busy in the waiting area by writing promotional text for Barricade:

“Black lacquer gloves commit
Astonishingly slick
Ritualistic hit,
Reveal hard, metal dick
In cruelly intimate
Collective mind warp trick.
Armed, dangerously fit
Dame commandeers gold brick,
Escapes to darkened pit.. ”

Barricaded inside dingy motel bandit celebrates heist with rhyming verses, champagne, ill-gotten gains. Still clad in tactical gear – crotch boots, gloves, G-string, mask – she anticipates arrival of local constabulary. Eminent shootout promises dark thrills at supremely high cost. Gold bubbles float from champagne flute into brain. Stepping in front of full-length mirror outlaw..

At this point nurse summoned me to private area where she checked my vitals, prepared me for doctor. ER doc informed me a bit snippily that cataracts are “never urgent”. She seemed to change her tune after examining my eye. Soon a different nurse was leading me to ophthalmology department upstairs. Several doctors probed eyeball, performed preliminary procedure, scheduled me for first available surgery date. To make the long story short I underwent surgery, fully conscious, this past Monday. As operation progressed voices of two female doctors expressed puzzlement over something which I did not fully comprehend. The following morning one of the surgeons removed bandage which covered eye. “I can see!” my spirit blurted as shaky room sort of came into focus. “I was scared going into that surgery.” doctor told me. “We had expected to find damage underlying the cataract but we did not see any.” Elaborating further she explained that she knew of only one other patient who had developed a blinding cataract in a short span of time for no apparent reason. Now I understood what she and the other doctor had been discussing as I lay on the operating table.

For the past five days I have mostly been staying home and dumping large quantities of prescription drops into eye which looks sort of bloody and tortured right now. Vision is improving by the day and I thankfully anticipate return to 20-20. Want to see what a cataract looks like? Click here to enlarge pic and check out white disc obscuring right pupil. During video shoots I mostly tried to keep it covered with hair but did not always succeed. Whole experience still seems a bit surreal but I feel intensely grateful for wonderful outcome, great medical care I received at Harbor UCLA Hospital, my friend Paul who rose well before dawn to drive me to surgery.

Hope everyone is doing great. I am going to step outside and admire full moon but will return later to answer post comments.

XO Tanya

P.S. Wow!!! Gigantic, neon orange moon just popped out above tranquil ocean. Looks so awesome!

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Dark Sky Dawning







Dawn breaks over wasted city,
Altered landscape, withered roses.
Radiant sunlight exposes
Knight errant, devoid of pity,
Searching rubble which encloses
Kingdom’s devastated palace,
Yesterday’s aforethought malice.
Dulled by arrogance knight closes
Arduous search for Queen’s chalice,
Wrecks surviving architecture,
Navigates out of prefecture
Into region far less callous.
Next year brings sublime emergence:
Goblet raised, Queen toasts resurgence.

Tanya awakens, recalls odd dream with stunning clarity: dark knight, wasted kingdom warned of defilement and, most disconcertingly, she had recognized herself as beaten but resurgent Queen. Always mindful of omens Tanya knows that she should brace for a challenge, possibly an ignominious defeat looming in near future. “Not today though.” blonde catfighter thinks dismissively. “That newbie – what was her name? – has no chance against me in the ring.” Mere hours later exotic upstart Shia traps Tanya in excruciating camel clutch, giving champion ample time to repent arrogance. Loss seems fated but Tanya recalls that Queen in dream had eventually mounted a comeback..

Tanya Danielle and newcomer Shia star in Dark Sky Dawning, an interracial catfight melee containing camel clutch, Boston crab, double-toed leglock surfboard, hammerlock, figure four headscissors, test of strength, schoolgirl pin, nipple torture, full nelson, forced submissions, trash talk, imperious victor. Co-produced by HH. Download Dark Sky Dawning at TanyaTV.com today.

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May Flowers




Good evening,

I have returned from another road trip. First of all, I would like to thank the extremely generous souls who contributed to my friend Juan’s recovery fund. It takes an incredibly selfless person to help a stranger and I know that Juan’s family really appreciates all donations right now. By very odd coincidence yesterday I ended up at same hospital where Juan began his healing process. Not ready to discuss circumstances but I feel great today and have received an excellent prognosis from doctors. Sorry for mystery but I need a little time to process everything. Pink “birthday” photos come from May 6 custom video shoot and top pic provided inspiration for the “murderous flowers” which appear in text description for Blonde Imperium. Hope everyone is doing well. I shall return in a few days to answer post comments.

XO Tanya



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Pharaoh’s Secret


September52014 005_pp

tnSeptember52014 061_pp

Per one awe-inspiring black night
Herald of Osiris
Activates empowering light,
Realigns rich matrix,
Armors mortal in sublime rite.
Overarching helix,
Harbinger of royal foresight,
Spirals through catharsis,
Symbolizes Earth’s renewed might.
Existential crisis
Clears decayed blight, savagely smites
Rooted, evil calyx.
Exogenesis writes:
“Terra passed to Isis.”
Verses fade into oblivion and, for first time in years, teacher Andrea Thomas wakes with sense of calm fulfillment. Wondrous dream floats on edge of consciousness, summoning mythic figures to Andrea’s bedside. Without fully gripping significance teacher senses that fate has chosen her for a special task. Alarm clock trills, preventing further rumination upon destiny. Only much later does Mystic Blue Topaz resurface in Andrea’s home. “You have redeemed yourself.” unmistakable voice of Pharaoh tells kneeling educator. “I am returning Mystic Blue Topaz to your hands so you can instruct others in importance of honoring sacred Earth.” Proudly Andrea grips gemstone and begins transformation into long dormant alter ego, legendary superheroine Isis..

Tanya Danielle stars as Andrea Thomas/Isis in superheroine thriller Pharaoh’s Secret. Video contains bondage, damsel-in-distress, white rope, silk gag, transformation, pantyhose, pantyhose shredding, full nudity, extreme closeups, butt plug, and mesmerization of you, mere mortal. Download Pharaoh’s Secret at TanyaTV.com now!





Good evening,

From 1999 through 2011 I danced at legendary Wild Goose Cabaret (backstage pics taken circa 2011) here in LA. My friend Juan ran the locally renowned kitchen throughout all those years and then migrated to a different club when Goose closed its doors. Earlier this month a group of men jumped, robbed and savagely beat Juan as he was leaving work. His daughter has established a GoFundMe page (warning: graphic photos) to help family defray expenses during his recovery. Thought I would help spread the word. Family will greatly appreciate any and all donations. Thanks in advance for any help!

XO Tanya


Milftown USA





Good afternoon,

This day has flown right past me. Seems like I just got up to move my car at 7am and, lo and behold, the clock now reads 3:45pm. Thought I would follow up my drunken bar photos with a few shots of milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton from Milftown USA. Evidently housewife has once again become subject of gossip in her hometown of Parker City:

Milftown USA

White-breasted swallows perform stunning aerialist maneuvers against rich shades of fuchsia, scarlet, purple. Within minutes  vibrant colors dissolve to gray, birds migrate over horizon. From semi-private balcony Mrs. Hamilton ponders afternoon transgressions, wondering if they will fade like the sunset or eventually return home to roost with the swallows. Idly she records impromptu poem in journal:

“Multi-hued clouds radiate fire,
Iridescent birds soar higher,
Luminous tableau becomes grey,
Fading memory of lost day.
Tangerine moon, twinkling stars rise
Over loose lips, scandalized eyes.
Word spreads quickly, triggering shock:
Naughty housewife loves big, black cock!”

Will star-crossed Mrs. Hamilton ever recover her reputation? Probably not. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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Torrance Revisited







Good evening,

Today I wrestled incomparable Tori Sinclair and then engaged in some impromptu festivities with good friend Rainier, manager of Sky Cabaret here in Los Angeles. Rainier and I revisited bartender extraordinaire Wendy at Torrance Tavern. Always a good time at that place. Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Monday. I have returned to my abode and am dancing around with music blasting as cats steadfastly ignore my antics.

XO Tanya



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Saturday Night Live

april262015 156_pp

april262015 153_ppp

Good evening,

I type by candlelight as city parties below my window. A double decker bus literally just deposited large gang of revelers into restaurant near my place. This evening I am ironing out kinks in my revamped E-mail Newsletter program. Please sign up if you have not already received a notification. Also, I decided it might be fun to start reviewing the lovely gifts I receive from my Amazon Wishlist so I set up a new profile on Amazon. Think you can become my friend on Amazon.com by visiting the profile page but I’m not sure what Amazon Friendship entails other than your receiving access to my product reviews, wish list updates and my receiving access to yours should you decide to post any.

Clock just ticked 9:30pm and I’m starting to fade. Maybe I should put on my blue party dress (pics above) and go join the celebrants across the street . Just kidding. I can think of other stuff to do:

april262015 128_pp

Lol.. think it really is time for me to go to bed. Good night! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

XO Tanya



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Sonnet Noir


Good evening,

On March 1 I shot a gallery of noir photos. Photographer Jon White‘s work on above shot inspired this sonnet:

Sonnet Noir
Dismembered body bound by heavy chain,
Decaying flesh inside concealed furrow
Await discovery ten feet below
Forbiddingly remote Mojave plain.
Full harvest moon illuminates black stain
Of blood on brutally defiled tableau.
Phenomenal perversion stays aglow
Until detective disinters remains.
Now scarlet lips deny appalling crime,
Long velvet gloves adroitly pantomime
Compelling show of perfect innocence.
Detective soon rewinds handcuffs of time,
Destroys bleak homicidal paradigm,
Makes femme fatale repent for violence.
Later on (last Wednesday) we shot a video version of Sonnet Noir which does not contain any violence or desert burials 😉 Think above photo intrigued me because woman looks like she is undergoing an uncomfortable interrogation. Naturally, in true noir style, she must have engineered some type of appalling crime..

Sonnet Noir will be coming soon to TanyaTV.com soon. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya


Time Machine





Good evening,

Last post I entered the Twilight Zone and in this one I step into a time machine. Think I shot these pics at Taylor Wane‘s house in 2003 or 2004, possibly same day we shot Scene 2 of Voluptuous Vixens.  Photo gallery has appeared in several magazines although I can’t recall which ones – possibly Busty Beauties and D-Cup. Thanks, Mikey, for finding these! Always fun to travel back in time.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far 🙂

XO Tanya



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Twilight Zone








Good afternoon,

Felt a bit under the weather over the past few days and unfortunately had to cancel a shoot with Niki Lee Young but hopefully we can reschedule at some point in the near future. Slowly recovering today but taking it easy – just staying close to home, drinking lots of water, and catching up on computer work. Thought I would post some pics from 10-Count Twilight starring Nicole Oring and me. Seem to recall that I mounted a comeback after waking from the twilight zone 😉

Hope everyone is doing great!

XO Tanya



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Lucky Cats


3-1-16 314_pp

Good evening,

I picked up mail today and want to thank Don, Brad, and an anonymous stranger for the lovely gifts that I received. Muuuaaahhhh!!!! Huge kisses to all of you. May your generosity bring you many, many rich rewards. Don, the new cat doormat (top pic) now occupies place of honor in front of the door which leads in from my balcony. Feline kitchen towel looks just as adorable. Thank you for the William Burroughs biography, Brad. I look forward to reading it and placed it next to my well-thumbed autobiography of William S. Burroughs III, his son. A few of my friends like to read but not many of them. I agree that the practice seems to have fallen out of fashion 😉 Thank you, as always, for improving my library.  Unidentified individual (s?) have also gifted me with a rugged new Timberland suitcase (already packed), aromatherapy oil diffuser, and Sansa MP3 player + USB card. Huge hugs for everybody. You made my month and I will be smiling all week – even as I prepare my tax return. Thank you so much!!!!

XOXO Tanya

P.S. Shots above show my new doormat, me trying to achieve feline grace and, naturally, getting trumped by cameraman Jon White‘s cat, Isabelle.



March 29 Battle Royale











Good afternoon,

Thought I would post some images from March 29 shoot with Lisa Tiffian. Our faces look a bit distorted due to mouthpieces we are wearing. After boxing we did a wrestling match which brought back the joy of really wrestling. Other than Christine Dupree and Liz Lightspeed I have not legitimately grappled with anyone in years. Evidently Lisa has done a number of videos for Ultimate Surrender. She told me that she had never wrestled before showing up at their studios. Due to her natural athleticism and strength (my words, not hers) they keep using her for more shoots. Very impressive lady – I hope to shoot with Lisa again.

XO Tanya



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Magic Janet



Good morning,

Thought I would sleep for half  a day but just now woke before sunrise. During my trip I participated in many interesting videos, including one with Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen. She looks different without her clothes on.

Magic Janet

“Bubble, bubble, fiat trouble,
Lyre strums, misfortunes double;
Quantitative freebasing,
Amphetamine stock trading,
Dopamine bank incentives,
Poisonous derivatives.
Tar black gold, desolate sand,
Oil overdose exceeds demand.
Now tap, tap, tap of toenails,
Encircles boom town entrails.
Rout of wolves, birds in skein,
Overtake deserted plain.
Rubble, rubble, shale, and stubble,
Pyre burnt and humans humbled.”

Mere months from now occult spell will manifest in reality. Since induction as Chairwoman of Federal Reserve Janet Yellen has vowed to destroy United States economy and return sacrosanct Bakken Formation to wildlife kingdom. Sound of heavy footfalls interrupts Chairwoman’s mystic reverie. Janet cannot allow anyone to discover diabolical plan or ritual activities. Flinging satin cape off shoulders she prepares to seduce approaching enemy with D-cup breasts, statuesque figure hidden for decades beneath sensible business attire..

Femdom extravaganza Magic Janet will be coming soon to TanyaTV.com.

XO Tanya



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Mrs. Hamilton Returns

Jan222016 072_pp

Jan222016 080_pp

Good evening,

Mrs. Hamilton returns. And she has a stunning secret (pics above from just released Reverse Alchemy.)  Sorry for my long absence. I took some great opportunities in March to do a lot of shooting. You know that old expression “Keep going til the wheels come off”? Well, a wheel literally fell off my suitcase. Very glad to be sleeping at home tonight in my brand new Peach Skin sheets. Thank you, Don, for the lovely gift!!! Sheets feel even more luxurious than I had imagined, especially after a few too many stays at roadside establishments:


Exhausted, must get some rest, but looking forward to answering post comments in morning. Hope everyone is doing well!

XO Tanya



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Jan222016 161_pp

Jan222016 128_pp

Jan222016 134_pp

Ireland of Riches

“Singing heralds,
Lush green island,
Lit by emeralds,
Twinkling diamonds.

Lush green island,
Sparkling shamrocks,
Twinkling diamonds,
Rainbow jackpots.

Sparkling shamrocks,
Underground cavern,
Rainbow jackpots,
Rustic tavern.

Underground cavern,
Wellspring of riches,
Rustic tavern,
Flowing Guinness.

Wellspring of riches,
Lit by emeralds,
Flowing Guinness,
Singing heralds.”

Verses drift over moon-streaked water. Dumbfounded, wanderer stops in tracks. Was ocean speaking to her? Surging tide deposits green bottle onto shoreline. On impulse wanderer carries bottle to motel where she strips off wet jeans, ponders odd communication. Suddenly bottle sparkles, smokes, shakes until leprechaun explodes from green confines. “Your grandmother sends me from the motherland to grant three wishes.” leprechaun announces. Doubting her own sanity wanderer requests the obvious: “May I have millions of dollars, eternal youth, and an endless supply of Guinness?” Abundance of riches materialize around room. “With these blessings come responsibility.” leprechaun cautions. “You must share your wealth in order to prosper.” Miniature genie disappears, wanderer reflects on ancestral communication, springs into philanthropic action..

In a nod to both her Irish heritage and Benny Hill Tanya celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by providing beer, cash, flashes of gratuitous nudity to all holiday visitors. Download Ireland of Riches at TanyaTV.com!

Jan222016 140_pp

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




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Ides of March


3-1-16 433_ppp

3-1-16 332_ppp

Good afternoon,

Just five days til Spring Equinox – enough time for a winter excursion into densely forested mountains:

Black Forest

Illuminous milieu,
Reflects external lights,
Beguiling witches brew,
Dark underworld delights.

Aswirl in dulcet breeze,
Beneath gigantic larch,
Arrives sweet Huldra’s tease:
“Beware the Ides of March.”

Please exercise caution during your trip 😉 Pretty busy with shooting this week but didn’t want to let Ides of March slip by unnoticed. Above pics seemed a bit ethereal (i.e. ghostly white) so I’m using them to commemorate end of Winter 2016 along with forest siren Huldra. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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Scarlet Noir

3-1-16 334_pp

3-1-16 325_pp

3-1-16 394_pppp

Good evening,

I am editing custom photos today. During breakfast, while writing text to accompany gallery, I found myself inspired by noir film Scarlet Street. In this 1945 classic woman of ill repute (Joan Bennett) drives hapless mark (Edward G. Robinson) to damnation. Plot may sound a bit cliché but movie has numerous compelling aspects. Instead of portraying Robinson character as merely a poor sap you see him as possessor of world class talent who has no faith in his own abilities. Thoughts of movie evoked these words at Subway this morning:


Scarlet Noir

Rubies and diamonds,

Fire and ice,

Smoldering virtue,

Breathtaking vice.


Illubrious demimonde,

Signed for twice,

Sinister rendezvous,

Ruins your life.


After returning home I typed poem into computer which objected to “illubrious”. In my mind “illubrious” should represent the opposite of “salubrious” but evidently the word does not exist at all. I’m leaving it in there anyways 😉


3-1-16 396_pp


Hope everyone is having  a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya


Alice Lighthouse


Every time I see photos featuring new starlet Alice Lighthouse I think of this particular technique for picking one’s official porn moniker:

First name = your middle name

Last name = name of street on which you currently live

No idea if Alice used above method but it seems like she may have 😉 Click here for brand new video of Alice and here for Alice’s growing library of XXX features.

XO Tanya



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Ballad of Isolation




Agent Tanya – star of such classics as Penetration Nation, Gangbang Banana, Blonde Dahlia – has resurfaced. Earlier this week I found some 2011 footage (look at those huge cans) lurking in my filing cabinet so I prepared material for release. Entitled Hitwoman this video features clandestine operative who yearns for companionship. Over the next few days I began composing text to promote the material. This poem emerged:

Ballad of Isolation

Memories skulk through city,
Dark and delirious,
Sad remainders of yesteryear,
Painful and piteous.

Brutalized beyond redemption,
Grisly wounds dripping rust,
Fetid, festering entities,
Violations of trust.

From eleventh story window,
Aswirl in cold nimbus,
Isolate gazes at carnage,
Pens magical opus.

Diary of a madwoman,
Sparkling black treatise,
Infernal animosities,
Serve eternal purpose.

Released from wicked spell of past,
Crumbling edifice,
Isolate smites roving demons,
Dissolves into focus.

Finally satisfied with verbiage and 8-6-8-6 syllable pattern I noticed that poem had morphed into a composition that had virtually nothing to do with the video. Think words did help remind me to stop living in the past – lately I’ve recognized importance of expunging tortured memories which haunt me. Ready to post Hitwoman but still lacking text description I headed to Denny’s for midnight coffee and an omelette. Words flowed easily within comfortable environs of window-side table:


Dangerous occupation, constant assignments, need for secrecy isolate Agent Tanya from rest of society. Closest acquaintances know neither her true name nor any details of shadowy past.

Middle of nowhere,
Overflowing beer,
$6 slam.”

Agent idly scribbles words on paper place mat just as food arrives. 24-hour diners represent only consistent aspect of operative’s itinerant existence. More festive than most this Denny’s restaurant boasts both liquor license and intoxicated patrons. With gusto agent downs food, leaves $20 bill and curious truckers in wake. None of the men had approached her but most watch as mysterious blonde merges vehicle onto Highway 80. Someday Tanya will join forces with suitable lone wolf but for now she must rely on large, rubber cock in suitcase to relieve yearning for companionship..

Yes, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately.. and it keeps showing up in my writing. Poor Agent Tanya – I should refrain from making her seem like a needy broad 😉  As with everything this phase in my life too shall pass. Big hugs to all who visit me here. You make me feel wanted. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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