Shootout at the Easy 8







Good afternoon,

In this abbreviated holiday week I have  motored the streets of Los Angeles, crashed at budget accommodations, engaged in a gun battle, and faced awesome newbie wrestler Shia in the ring. Yesterday cameraman Jon White graciously allowed me to use his spare bedroom for several videos. His new kitten Isabelle is already preparing for her first Xmas:


Today I am running errands, picking up mail, unpacking suitcases. Either tonight or tomorrow I will answer blog comments and post some pics of my match with Shia. Hope everyone is having a great week, especially fellow Americans who are likely preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Day holiday.

XO Tanya



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Racked and Rolled








As you might expect I spend most of my days gazing upon either naked women or their images whilst editing photos. Above shots from Elite Blonde Corps struck me as noteworthy this afternoon. I include top image because I still marvel at the magnitude of my former rack. Ariel X’s stunning midsection speaks for itself (second pic from top.) Prior to this shoot I seem to recall falling asleep on the beach with a book on my stomach – hence the peculiar tan lines (third pic from top.) Not much I can say about the bottom three shots other than that I got rolled by the best 😉

XO Tanya



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Good afternoon,

I just wrapped up three days of shooting, two with Francesca Le and the third with Jackson (pics above.) Yesterday morning I had to move my car at 9am so I began the journey to STJ’s ring even though I wouldn’t be wrestling until afternoon. It seemed like a nice morning to enjoy coffee, bagel, writing. In second pic from top I am finishing text description for an upcoming video entitled “Executive Dominatrix”. Not sure if Yum Yum Donuts has nationwide locations but they have exact same menu as parent company, Winchell’s. After fueling up on caffeine I headed to the ring, filmed a solo POV fight video, and then prepared for my first ever actual match with Jackson (prior to yesterday we had only shot photos together.) I will describe Jackson as very fun, very strong, very flexible, and very skilled. Sort of made me feel like I should spend less time at the donut house and more hours training 😉

XO Tanya



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Christmas on Elm Street?



Good evening,

I shot above pics earlier today. Christmas decorations? It still feels like summertime.. of 2003. How are months and years flying by so quickly? After gawking in disbelief at Xmas décor I spent the second of two days shooting with lovely Francesca Le. Time keeps passing but Francesca looks exactly the same as she did 15 years ago, possibly even better. Below pics come from soon-to-be-released Jamestown Caper gallery of September 2015.




Tonight I am going to unpack my suitcases and start preparing for upcoming shoots with wrestlers Jackson and Shia. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments and post more pics. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Below image re-creates traumatized expression on my face when I encountered both Santa Claus and a bona fide Xmas wreath in the early hours of this morning. Felt like Nightmare on Elm Street..

November12015 114_pp



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Blonde Dahlia

Blonde Dahlia 359_pp

Blonde Dahlia 250_pp

Blonde Dahlia 525_pp

I have probably lost more than 3/4 of the content I’ve shot over the years.  Recently I came across photos from a shoot entitled Blonde Dahlia but couldn’t locate the video anywhere. Vague memories of the text description I’d written for the video loomed in my head, tormenting me. No record of those words seemed to exist anyplace on my computer, blogs, or various electronic devices. Frustrated, I wandered out onto a balcony atop my building. A truly monstrous green Plymouth Valiant lurked below.  It looked like someone had submerged it in a swamp for 20 years and then driven it back into civilization. Immediately I pulled out a pad and began writing:

Blonde Dahlia

Water-logged behemoth floats toward fishermen in Gulf of Mexico. Upper right headlight peers at them like seaborne monster scouting prey. Men drop rods and flee. Recent Hurricane Geneva has deposited unusual debris near shoreline but this metal wreckage carries strong presentiment of evil.

Slime green coche,
Rociada con seafoam,
Dripping with algae.

Border town authorities hear talk, eventually extract 1970 Plymouth Valiant from water. Pristine, white dahlia flutters unnoticed to ground as salvage crew uses crowbar to pry open trunk. Blonde hair, slight movement inside vehicle cause lead investigator to freeze, scarcely able to believe that any life could stir within bestial, drifting sepulcher..

Angry God,
Electrified ocean,
Entrega la sirena blanca,
A la salvacion.

(Tanya Danielle stars in Blonde Dahlia, a tale of survival in which American damsel relives trials, tribulations suffered at hands of fiendish predator: handcuffs, breast press, masked intruder, strap-on dildo put to multiple uses, unusual BDSM implements, cumshot. Co-produced by Paolo.)

Not sure why I was writing in Spanglish but I saved the words inside my computer under the title “Blonde Dahlia” and began re-editing the photos. Yesterday, finally ready to post the gallery at, I searched my computer for the story and somehow came up with the original Blonde Dahlia text that I wrote around 2010 or so.

geneva (1)

Blonde Dahlia 615_pp

Blonde Dahlia (Original)

The gold 1973 El Camino rolls to a stop. Heavy footsteps advance toward it from across a gravel driveway. A man’s gruff voice orders someone to make sure that the street is clear. The speaker waits a beat and then pulls back a tarp which covers the rear of the vehicle. A startled expression registers on his face. He stares at the woman who lies motionless inside of the El Camino’s bed. Coarse ropes bind each of her wrists and ankles to metal rings. This lady seems different than her predecessors. Somehow she radiates a clean, wholesome energy even though her eyes express nothing but cold resignation. Her aura discomfits him, triggers a latent sensation of remorse that he would like to dismiss as soon as it surfaces. He freezes for a few tortured seconds and then manages to squelch all emotion as he sets about freeing her from her restraints. The hostage does not speak. She seems to realize the futility of words. Some of the others had begged. After untying her the man jerks her upward and then onto the pavement. She blinks in the strong sunlight, taking in her surroundings without any perceptible change in demeanor. A large sign spells out “Geneva Motel” in colorful block letters. It looms above the desolate, three-story building which encircles them. “Don’t get any ideas.” her captor tells her in a flat tone of voice. “There is no one around here who will help you. And don’t even think about running. I’m good at picking off moving targets.” Without waiting for a response he grabs her by the elbow and propels her up an outdoor staircase. As they enter unit 214 of the abandoned motel the woman sees that someone is using it as a cramped living space. Camel cigarette butts overflow from an ashtray, empty bottles spill out of several trash cans, and a paperback book lies open on the bed. Incongruously, a vase containing two fresh, yellow flowers sits atop a small table. Her eyes stay glued to the flowers. “She’s here, Leroy.” the man calls out to an unseen person. “I’m going to lock the door behind her.” When her escort takes off the woman hears the sound of running water. A few seconds later a man, presumably Leroy, emerges from a bathroom wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a ski mask. The hostage barely reacts to his presence. Her senses are stupefied beyond shock. “Look at you.. ” Leroy says with a singsong lilt in his voice. “You will do.. You will do just fine.. ” The woman offers no response. “What’s your name?” Leroy prods her. She remains silent. “Wait.. I don’t want to know your name.. ” he surprises himself by saying. A notion has begun germinating in his mind and he grows progressively enamored of it as he studies her. Suddenly his gaze shifts to the vase of yellow flowers and then back to her eyes. Leroy and the woman regard each other for a few long beats and she sees her own reflection in the visor of his mask. “It just came to me.” he reveals. “You are the Dahlia. I will call you the Blonde Dahlia.. “

Amazing how time passes and nothing stays the same. Even that motel dumped its cool, 1960s-era color block sign and replaced it with this:

geneva2 (2)

Sometimes I feel like life moves on without me. In any case, I have posted a portion of the original Blonde Dahlia gallery at After removing all the Geneva Motel exterior shots I had hoped to insert a pic or two of the Plymouth which inspired the second story. That creepy vehicle still prowls my neighborhood but I haven’t had the nerve to pull out a camera..

XO Tanya



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Lovely Gift



april262015 006_pp

april262015 020_pp

Thank you, Don, for the Halloween card and awesome new superheroine gear. I can barely wait to apprehend a few criminals with my magic cuffs and boots! Muuuaaahhh!!! No footage yet with new accessories so I am posting a few pics of Mrs. Hamilton enjoying a recent gift. Just think what will happen if she gets a hold of those metal cuffs 😉

You made my day – thanks so much, Don!!

XO Tanya



Veteran’s Day 2015




Much love and gratitude to active and former members of the US military. This morning I went to a local cemetery to reflect on  the contributions of so many who have served our country.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” —Elmer Davis

XO Tanya



Shay Revamped



Funny.. I was just thinking about Shay Sights earlier today, wondering if she still films XXX scenes, and then received one of her video galleries in my e-mail. Haven’t seen Shay in years but we had lots of fights and plenty of makeup sex back in the day. Amazing how the years fly by. Looks like Shay just revamped her Official Site.  Am I imagining it or do her boobs seem a bit smaller? As most of you know I recently had a breast reduction too. Maybe Shay and I should get together and shoot a 15-year anniversary sequel to Tit to Tit 2000 😉

XO Tanya


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Upside Down






Good morning,

Just slept 10 hours and I feel great. Above photos come from November 5, 2015 shoot with Goldie Blair and Jackson. Upon reviewing these photos it occurred to me that I never experience any neck or back issues, even after decades of wrestling, bondage, dancing, living. Maybe chiropractors should try some of the above exercises with their clients 😉

XO Tanya


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November12015 023_pp

November12015 195_pp


In the early hours of this morning I rolled home on fumes, too tired to stop for gas. Parking deities blessed me with a spot close to my building and I got all gear upstairs in just two hauls. Recent theft deters me from leaving suitcases in my car anymore. Exhausted, I lay down in bed and watched the ceiling fan spin until it became apparent that I could not sleep. Why does that happen? I pulled on jeans, Uggs (thanks, Bob!) and headed to a donut shop after fueling my car. 14 hours later I am still buzzing with caffeine/overtiredness/delirium from recent round of shooting, diner food, cheap lodging, and even cheaper cocktails. Above pics capture the grandeur 😉 Tomorrow I will post footage from yesterday’s wrestling match with Goldie Blair and possibly some shots I did in the ring with wrestler Jackson.

It feels like time for a long, hot shower and peaceful night of rest in my own bed. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is already enjoying the weekend!

XO Tanya



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Morning Neon



Good afternoon,

This morning I rose at 4am to move car from street cleaning zone, motored to donut shop, busied myself with work/coffee, glanced out window a short time later to discover that sun had already risen. Still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time change. Nearby a neon bar sign blinked in hazy morning light. It looked a bit haunting so I photographed it from one angle before stepping around to the other side to get a different shot (top pics.) Either a timer or a live person extinguished neon bulbs just as camera clicked.

This week I continue my usual lifestyle of solo road trips/empty diners/cheap motels. Below pics come from November 1, 2015:



November12015 060_pp

November12015 059_pp

Will milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton recover from her latest troubles? Will desperate call for help go unanswered? Only The Shadow knows. Just kidding.. on the day before the shoot I stayed at a surprisingly pleasant 1960s-style motor court. You can see my long shadow holding trusty point-and-click camera because I don’t even know how to use the one on my phone. Think I was studying Mrs. Hamilton script at above diner before filming commenced. By the way, thanks again to the generous soul who sent me the gorgeous purple bra from my Wishlist. I love it!

November12015 187_pp

Yep, Mrs. Hamilton did indeed bounce back from recent hijinks. She will continue to traverse empty roads and snap pics of morning neon while the rest of the world sleeps 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just discovered that Amazon has put audiobook version of Lynrd Skynrd bio on sale for $3.95. I’ll be listening to it today as I unpack from last shoot, pack for next one.


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A Sad Goodbye


Today I bid a sad farewell to my favorite grocery store, Fresh and Easy. Shortly after releasing a series of great coupons the chain abruptly announced intended closure of all locations. I have pierced plastic on last of the premade meals which have sustained me for so long. Guess I will have to get reacquainted with my own kitchen.





Fresh and Easy had a bumpy ride which, if memory serves me, included a buyout and bankruptcy filing – all to no avail. I hope that their employees (very nice people at my local branch) have swift success in finding new jobs.

XO Tanya



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Classic Americana


crescent (4)

Tanyas Big Shots1


Back home but travels through classic Americana continue even after last of donut shops, motels have long since vanished in my rear view mirror. This afternoon, whilst fulfilling a vow to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning out my inbox,  I arrived at July 14, 2010 where I found an e-mail from dear Chairman Andy containing a photo montage from some of my earliest, now classic, WTB matches against Kristal Summers, Kim Chambers, Stacy Burke, Shannan Leigh AKA Alexis Taylor, others (click bottom pic to enlarge.) Thought I would post it here while I finish unpacking my suitcase. I shall return shortly..

Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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One Person Traveling







Good afternoon,

I have embarked on another round of shooting. Pics above come from yesterday’s shoot with Prinzzess. Needless to say, our match got pretty down and dirty 😉 My travels continue this week as I create more videos. Often I stay in motels because I have a phobia of driving on the freeway and happen to reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County. Sometimes I get lonely in budget accommodations and 24-hour diners but I stay busy studying scripts (2nd pic from top) and snapping photos of roadside attractions.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return tomorrow or Thursday to answer blog comments and post more photos. Right now I’m feeling a little worn out and think I can use a cocktail..


XO Tanya

P.S. Full Hunter’s Moon will be lighting up the sky tonight.



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Purple Heaven


td06_01_purbust008 td06_01_purbust020

Good afternoon,

I picked up my mail today and received a lovely gift from Apollo and another amazing selection of books from my Heartland Friend. Thank you both so much! Muuuaahhhh!!! The wonderful presents made my day. It delighted me to learn, Heartland Friend, that the mysterious Voynich Manuscript enabled our worlds to merge. Apollo, I found some lavender-hued pics and name this post “Purple Heaven” in honor of the stunning purple box that you sent 😉

XOXO Tanya



Cans of Yore





Good evening,

Whilst editing photos for I had to pause and marvel at the truly immense size of my former breasts. Not long after shooting Elite Blonde Corps (above pics) with Ariel X I underwent breast reduction surgery. Amazing now to look at those cans and recall how many decades (2) that I navigated through society with them. I feel great with a smaller chest but I still admire huge racks. Recently I have noticed a pleasing resurgence of XXX actresses who look a bit reminiscent of 1990s-era, big-boobed starlets.  Remember the feature dancers who sported names like Wendy Whoppers, Niki Knockers, Marilyn Melons, Holly Body, Letha Weapons, Maxi Mounds, Deena Duos, Donita Dunes (truly outrageous Scene 4), Savannah Staxx (Scene 7), Whitney Wonders, etc? Wonder if that trend will ever resurface..

XO Tanya



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Rock ’em, Sock ’em


Day off 005

Good morning,

Other than donut shops and occasional Denny’s meal I haven’t been getting out much recently. Yesterday my friend Rainier, former manager of The Wild Goose where I danced for many years, and I headed to the newly opened Torrance Tavern to visit bartender extraordinaire Wendy. In middle pic it looks like Rainier is intending to grab my boob even though he wasn’t. I decided to punch him anyways (bottom video.)

We had fun yesterday but not too much fun, if that makes sense. This morning I rolled out of bed at 4am to move my car out of a street cleaning zone and I felt great – no hangover. Navigating down empty streets I kept driving, driving, driving as I listened to some cool tunes that Rainier’s brother had compiled on a CD. Finally I stopped at a roadside donut joint where I bought coffee. A TV on the wall began broadcasting local weather report for Orange County. Orange County? I had motored much farther than I realized. Back home now I am preparing a new video, Gangland Barbie, for release:

Gangland Barbie

Hotel guest Jane Smith sunbathes peacefully, engendering looks of pure hatred from woman nearby. Wrathful stares bounce off Jane, return unacknowledged to sender. “I saw you staring at my boyfriend, you stupid Barbie Doll cunt!” jealous bitch finally screams. Baseless accusation hovers in tension-filled air. Lack of response empowers antagonist. She lunges at Jane, grabs fistful of blonde hair, encounters shocking reaction from formerly passive target..

(Tanya Danielle stars in POV fight fantasy Gangland Barbie. Witness shocking transformation of mild-mannered hotel guest into punching, kneeing, trash talking, elbow throwing, head butting street brawler.)

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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Live, Nude Theatre




Good morning,

In recently released video Live, Nude Theatre my alter ego Mayor Hamilton has just returned from viewing battered remnants of a now defunct nude showclub in her town:

Live, Nude Theatre

Formless like fire,
Dancer reaches zenith,
Burns atop pyre.

Torchlight illuminates remains of nude theatre, triggering odd sense of desolation in politician who forced its closure. Ghostly images besiege mind, caress subconscious, rattle nerves. Sudden activity rocks atmosphere.

Mirrors crack,
Pipe shatters,
Ceiling rains,
Crystal spikes,
Into scarred marble veins.

Mayor Hamilton drops light source, flees building. Thirty minutes later she encounters bikini-clad daughter, best friend sunbathing in backyard. Hastily retreating to den Mrs. Hamilton masturbates wildly, almost as if spirits from dance hall have consumed her soul.. Download Live, Nude Theatre at

Someone asked why I used so many seeming drug references in the description for Live, Nude Theatre. “Crystal spikes” refer to pendants from a chandelier and “scarred marble veins” refer to pockmarked, old marble stage scuffed by endless parade of stilettos. Despite her opposition to adult entertainment Mayor Hamilton becomes intoxicated during her visit to this sexually charged environment. Somehow it seemed fitting to mention mirrors and a crack pipe in there too, probably because I had just begun composing video promo on the morning I bumbled into the handjob park (where every possible type of illicit behavior seemed to be taking place.)

Over the past few days I have noticed that no new comments have rolled in. Sometimes my hosting company disables that feature to prevent brute force hacking attacks. Please e-mail Jay at if you are having trouble logging in to the message board here. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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Memories of Santana






CatfightBlogger asked me to write a few more words about wrestler Santana who died tragically on October 11, 2015. Throughout her career Santana performed under numerous monikers, including her legal name, Tina. I first met Tina in 2000 at a shoot for She took fitness seriously, studied martial arts, and kept herself in top physical shape. Like most women of the era who worked in the erotic catfight realm – Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Shannan Leigh, Hollywood, myself, others – Tina had an excellent grasp on reality and fully comprehended the fantasy nature of the videos that we were creating. She tortured her victims with savage vengeance when a script called for her to win a match and suffered in abject humiliation when scripted to lose. As evidenced by pics above (courtesy of femfight producer STJ) Tina played both roles, victor and jobber, to the hilt.

Maybe around 2004 or so Tina seemed to vanish from the scene. A few years later I did too. Did we have the same reason? I can only speculate. Within this time frame I was having problems with performers who took themselves very seriously and apparently could not comprehend that winning or losing a scripted match did not constitute any type of real victory or loss. Those words seem so remedial as I type them but I just don’t know how to explain the situation in any other way. I started producing my own videos so I could avoid working with people who lived in self-created worlds of delusion. Presumably Tina was pursuing other types of endeavors but I will never know what path she took out of the catfight industry or why she chose to leave.

After a long hiatus Tina resurfaced maybe a year or so ago. STJ scheduled us for an October 21, 2015 match. I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Just checked my cellphone and realized that STJ and I were exchanging text messages about the upcoming shoot just hours after Tina’s death. Of course we had not yet heard of her passing. Local news sources later reported that Tina had argued with her boyfriend and then gone to take a shower where the boyfriend had shot and killed her before committing suicide. A roommate had phoned police immediately after hearing the first shot.

Tina and I both lived for many years in the same general area of Los Angeles. Other than our shoots for she and I had only spent time together when I visited her at The Castle in Manhattan Beach where she used to bartend. I will always remember Tina as a raven-haired beauty with a no-nonsense demeanor and tremendous charisma. She touched many friends and fans with her regal grace and radiant personality. I hope that Tina’s three children and one grandchild will eventually find peace in the aftermath of her heartbreaking, untimely passing.

XO Tanya



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