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Good afternoon,

I greet you from the road. A few days ago I did a ring match with Christine Dupree and yesterday I completed 3 custom videos: a full-length escapade starring milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton, POV catfight/bondage fantasy featuring superheroine Virtue, and a third vignette tentatively entitled Gangland Barbie. Right now I am sipping lukewarm McDonald’s coffee on my motel room balcony and watching European tourists saunter through the parking lot. An inordinate number of men are wearing tight pants and gold chains. When they go to the beach I suspect that they will be sporting even skimpier attire than Mrs. Hamilton (bottom three pics) 😉

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

P.S. Just posted Violent Femmes at!

XO Tanya



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Black Widow Armbar Submission Hold




Good evening,

Just found out that wrestler Mia Li declined to do another match with me this month. Nonetheless, I have some shots from our April 28, 2015 confrontation (top two pics.) In bottom pic WWE star AJ Lee (who shares my taste in boots) shows how to truly nail this odd submission hold. By sheer coincidence – several hours before receiving these photos from ringmaster STJ –  I was preparing the text description for a video in which Prinzzess inflicts the same savage hold upon me. Earlier at Starbuck’s (thanks for the gift card, Mikey) I wrote these words:

Violent Femmes

Bedecked for summer catfighters Prinzzess and Tanya Danielle sport brightly colored garments. Abundance of flora encircles outdoor ring where their long anticipated match will take place. Prinzzess sneezes. “Feeling sick? Need to go home?” Tanya says mockingly. Referee separates women as they make contact, trade insults before the bell. Orgy of punching, forced submissions, truly astonishing wrestling holds ensues. At one crucial juncture Prinzzess jumps off ground, balances entire body on opponent’s neck. Tanya’s muscular legs quiver, refuse to buckle. Emerald sparks fly from Prinzzess’ G-string as she attempts to inflict maximum pain, simultaneously risks career-ending injury with this wildly unconventional maneuver. “I’ve never even seen someone try this before, you psychopath.” Tanya sputters. Both women crash to the canvas, creating a violent melange of rich green, vivid pink hues which mirror surrounding landscape. Like two feral animals they seem to blend into the very environment which contains them..

I will be releasing Violent Femmes, starring Prinzzess and myself, within the next few days at Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Tomorrow I shall return to answer blog comments :)

XO Tanya



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Nina Mercedez




Good evening,

A new blog comment reminded me of Nina Mercedez. When last seen by me (pics above) Nina was enjoying  great popularity as an adult actress, having recently become a Vivid Video contract star. Earlier this year I heard that she had retired from the adult biz to pursue a career as a fitness model. Just checked her Official Site and it does indeed appear that she has vanished from the XXX realm. Nonetheless, she leaves behind a tremendous body of work, including a handful of catfight videos. Nina and I shot erotic photos together once or twice but we never did a full scene together. Glad I had the opportunity to meet her although I wish we had been able to collaborate on more projects during the time she remained active in the industry.

XO Tanya



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Land of Milk and Honey







Good evening,

Before a recent power outage I had several packages of Gorton’s fish entrees in my freezer. Think I disposed of them on the second day without electricity, but that didn’t matter. Portions of defrosted fish sauce had traveled down the drain  hose from the freezer and landed in the refrigerator’s drip pan. I never could have deduced this without my new friends WoodlandGene and Jake from Step by step I followed Jake’s directions until a most satisfying victory became mine!! Unlike the majority of modern refrigerators my model does not have a removable drip pan. I lay on the floor listening to Storming Las Vegas and spooning out fish gunk tablespoon by tablespoon until I could squeeze my hand under a metal grate and sponge the empty drip pan with a bleach-soaked cloth. After pouring a container of real vanilla extract into the drip pan I manhandled the machine back into its normal spot and plugged it in. This sequence of events took several hours. Now the sweet scent of vanilla wafts through all 500 square feet of my micro-abode. I feel like I am floating on a cloud in Heaven. See that smile in the top pic above? That exactly captures my mood. I just inhaled really deeply – wish I could invite everyone over to share the magic 😉

Hope all of you are having a great Saturday night!

XO Tanya



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Down and Determined


Good evening,

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Friday. I realize that I should be out partying with hot chicks and taking selfies (like any diligent pornstar) but an odd appliance malfunction is taking center stage tonight. A distinct smell has been wafting through my kitchen ever since the resumption of electrical service following  a power outage. I have scrubbed everything, even moved the whole refrigerator and cleaned all interior and exterior surfaces, plus the floor, with bleach. The smell lingers. Just went to Google and typed in “Refrigerator smells like urine”. Lo and behold someone has a really old Kenmore refrigerator (just like mine) and a strange odor began emanating from his refrigerator after a power outage. A refrig tech gives him step by step advice for getting rid of the smell but it sounds like you have to practically dismantle the refrigerator.

Guess I will have a go at it..

Please have a shot for me at the bar of your choosing. It will help me feel less alone as I toil in my kitchen 😉

XO Tanya



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Good evening,

Lot of weird stuff happening recently. Every time I step outside the door something strange occurs, causing my perception of the Universe to reshape itself very, very rapidly. Last week a fire erupted in my neighborhood. Power went out for three days. I carried rotting food down 11 flights of stairs, hauled up bags of ice on the return trip, and took sponge baths every morning since I had no hot water. Sirens screamed up and down the boulevards below, car accidents occurred because street lights did not function. Suspiciously, all the parking meters on these same blocks remained fully operational throughout this time frame. Traffic control officers did not direct traffic at uncontrolled intersections – they ticketed vehicles at expired electronic meters instead. Whole episode had a spooky, surreal quality to it, especially since I live in a spooky, old building.

The day after the power came back on I visited a local, cafeteria-style restaurant for breakfast. Still feeling rattled by recent events I picked up the wrong coffee pot. After filling my cup I noticed that the whole room had frozen and everyone was staring at me. “Ma’am! Ma’am!” a rabid employee was yelling at me. “You can’t use that pot!! Use the other one. The other one is for customers!” I slunk away, wondering how long he had been screaming “Ma’am! Ma’am!” before I even noticed him.

Other peculiar incidents have unfolded too:

– Last Tuesday I used a Groupon for a chemical peel. Both the receptionist and “medical aesthetician” made it very clear that they did not like to service customers who had Groupons. Totally nonplussed by their rudeness I drove home making idle comparisons in my head: imagine if I put my videos on sale and then got mad at customers for buying them..

– Today a cashier overcharged me at the car wash (same joint I normally frequent.) When I politely pointed out the error she shuffled her feet, looked downward, fingered the charge slip, waited for me to go away. A woman in line behind me glared at me with malice. Finally I suggested that the cashier refund me the difference in cash. Grudgingly she did so. The cleaning crew washed my car in record time. When I drove away I noticed that a few inexpensive items were missing. That has never happened there before today.

Interestingly, I have also been encountering greater numbers of people who exhibit impressive amounts of grace:

– An older gentleman in my building who wielded a flashlight, navigated up flight after flight of pitch black stairs with me, and offered to carry my groceries during the power outage.

– A wonderful lady in a local deli who always remembers my name even though half a year sometimes elapses between my visits. She treats everyone with warmth and probably triples the amount of business in that venue just by force of her personality. I saw her right after departing the “Ma’am! Ma’am!” coffee pot restaurant.

– Both the host and waitress at the Marina del Rey IHOP restaurant who treated me so graciously before my uncomfortable Groupon appointment. Early for the chemical peel I had walked into IHOP and started to walk back out because they were so busy. “I don’t want to take up a table and just drink coffee when you have so many people here.” I told the host when he asked why I was leaving. He insisted that I remain. Waitress was polite and awesome. I paid for coffee and left her a $5 tip. Wish I could have been a high roller and made a truly grandiose gesture 😉

– Before going to the car wash I tried an unfamiliar breakfast place today. It seemed prudent to find a new one after the mortifying “Ma’am! Ma’am!” episode. Staff at the new joint treated everyone with remarkable courtesy. An endless stream of nonpaying customers took ice and drinks from their soda fountain. One guy came in with a cooler. I am not kidding. Another man came in with a government-issued card to see if one of the employees could determine if he had funds for food available. She took her time to help him as best she could.

Wow, didn’t know I was going to write a novel tonight. I mention all this stuff because it seems like society is fracturing in two, one segment devolving into rudeness and incivility while the other half makes a steady, determined effort to treat others with the utmost courtesy and respect. I try my best each day to stay with the latter group. One of my alter egos (Dr. Danielle AKA Ms. Hyde in pics above) is apparently moving in the opposite direction.

Strange Case of Dr. Danielle and Ms. Hyde

Operating from a clandestine laboratory Dr. Danielle performs radical experimentation upon herself. Each day she ingests a carefully calibrated formula of phospholipids designed to seek out, obviate, destroy congenital abnormalities present in any living cell structure. On the morning of July 9 a powerful sense of agitation rocks the scientist’s body. With tremulous hands she grasps sweaty, pounding cranium until roiling emotions subside. Refusing to ponder source of her own angst Dr. Danielle plows through scheduled activities, making a series of irksome, uncharacteristic mistakes. At precisely 3:10PM she pours daily dose of green, bubbling fluid down her throat. Electricity hums, time melts, neurons sizzle. Delayed realization hits the doctor: she has neglected to add a key neutralizing ingredient to the chemical cocktail! Suffused with desperate adrenaline Dr. Danielle rips lab coat from body and watches with mute horror as large breasts, shapely buttocks explode from beneath jeans and T-shirt, reducing the once baggy garments to shreds. Powerful carnal impulses overtake all self control. The formerly chaste researcher masturbates fiendishly, consumed with overwhelming desire to locate sex partners of the male gender..

Strange Case of Dr. Danielle and Ms. Hyde will be coming soon to I shall return tomorrow to answer blog comments. Intended to do it tonight but just exhausted myself with this post 😉  I feel soooooo much better after writing it. Was kinda depressed earlier. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya

P.S. Oddly, the text description for Strange Case of Dr. Danielle and Ms. Hyde took shape after the “Ma’am! Ma’am!” incident. Earlier that morning I was working at home when I decided to go to that place for breakfast. A fit of agitation seized me from out of nowhere. I literally had to stand up from my desk and shake it off. Looking back, I think it was a foreshadowing..


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Good evening,

Hope everyone in the US had a pleasant 4th of July holiday. I donned patriotic attire and hit a few bars with a friend. Lower pic reminds me of how I felt the next morning when I caught sight of myself in the mirror whilst brushing my teeth. Have you ever done that? That inadvertent glimpse of bloodshot eyes, tangled hair, downturned mouth should be enough to dissuade me from ever drinking again but it never seems to work out that way 😉 Anyways, I have recovered and am now preparing for another shoot. Tomorrow evening I will catch up on blog comments and post more pics.

XO Tanya

P.S. Check out my 2014 Independence Day activities in POV Fireworks!



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Happy 4th of July!


“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Much love and many thanks to all current and former members of the US military on this special holiday.

XO Tanya




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