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Wow, wow, wow!! A friend kindly agreed to pick up my mail prior to Columbus holiday closure of my mailbox and I just received an assortment of beautiful gifts. Thank you, Mikey, for the gorgeous blazer. I love it!! Unidentified senders have also graced me with two new turtlenecks (black and coral), two foot care DVDs plus a pair of ortho flip flops which do not look the least bit ortho, a manicure kit, and a truly stunning, rich purple bra by Lejaby. Thank you so much!!!!! Muuuuaaahhhh!!! I just cancelled a shoot due to a perplexing ear-nose-throat condition so I’ve been holed up at home all weekend except for a brief excursion to a large park where no one would notice my coughing. These lovely presents have delighted my senses. Friend told me that one more large package was too heavy to transport without a cart so I will get that in a few days.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am posting some City of Maywood pics which date back to January 2014, less than a month after double foot surgery. You can see the bandages in some of the shots above. I rarely pose flat-footed but, despite my best efforts, I could not yet wear heels on that memorable day. Now, nearly 2 years later, I have made a full recovery and am once again wearing sky-high stilettos and jogging daily. Thank you again to the generous soul who sent me the new foot exercise DVDs and sexy (really), orthopedically correct flip flops. And equally tremendous thanks to Mikey and the anonymous individuals who brightened my Saturday with the other lovely presents.

XO Tanya



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jen blood moon (1)





Good evening,

When last I wrote I was looking forward to the coming lunar eclipse of September 27. On the morning of the eclipse I visited a random park. Homeless encampments dotted extensive premises. Fervent motion attracted my attention as I proceeded through the landscape and quickly I realized that someone was giving a handjob to a man on his back while numerous others looked on. I averted eyeballs and headed toward what looked like a family barbecue in the distance. An empty concrete bench beckoned. I sat down with my coffee just as the clouds overhead parted. Sunlight pierced my skin, smoke stung my eyes, and a man with a rich African (?) accent began talking loudly and laughing. His deep voice seemed to echo across the park. Slowly I acclimated to the surroundings. No conventional families were frequenting the area on this day – presumably local residents know to avoid the place. Two stoic women were barbecuing for park inhabitants. The ladies, accompanied by several small dogs, bore the pleasant, guarded expressions that I associate with the most effective and diligent of outreach workers. Everyone else seemed embroiled in full frontal debauchery. I could only think: “If this goes on here at 10am then what in the world happens at midnight?” For maybe 30 minutes I wallowed in the ambiance and then drove to a nice, familiar tavern with a friendly bartender.

Later that night I became enthralled by the eclipse, completely spellbound by its majesty (top pic courtesy of LA photographer Jenifer.) I watched transformation from red to black to glowing macaroon to  glorious, full Harvest Moon. Throughout metamorphosis moon hovered near an amazing highrise structure in my field of vision. Around 9am the next morning I was intending to look up details about highrise in a book of architecture (thanks, Bob!) that I keep at home. The well-thumbed tome immediately fell open to a page which discussed a building on the periphery of the handjob park. Stunned, I read available information, felt like the park was haunting me. I couldn’t seem to shake it. On Tuesday I got some coffee at a donut joint and almost dropped my Styrofoam cup when a family sat down next to me and began discussing their plan to move into a 2-bedroom house which bordered the same park.

Obviously the park was calling me and I have been writing about it for the past week.

MacArthur Park,

Lesser known evil,

Open air sleigh ride,

On spear of the devil.

The full poem extends longer although I haven’t quite finished it yet. Clearly it will lurk in my soul until I do. Oddly, I am not writing about the infamous MacArthur Park that all LA residents know about. Somehow I managed to stumble into a different MacArthur Park (lesser known evil) which makes the original one look downright tame.

Next week I will be embarking on another round of shooting. Above pics come from soon-to-be-released Mrs. Hamilton video entitled Live, Nude Theatre. Even milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton had to look away (2nd pic from top) from the public handjob that I witnessed 😉  Going to bed but I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Moon Wishes




Good evening,

On the receiving end of big action here: just accepted large delivery of Chinese food from usual joint (top pic) while my editor in Dallas was sending me material I need for tonight’s release of superheroine thriller Blue Moon Doom (lower two pics.) “How is your weekend going?” I e-mailed editor. He responded:

“Weekend is good so far, but I’m ready for the Pope to go home… Yours?”

That made me laugh out loud. We have been experiencing endless coverage of the papal visit here in the US. Now – with beer in coaster, wonton in hand – I am uploading Blue Moon Doom to my server. Decided to post this timely video in honor of tomorrow night’s super moon eclipse. As you can sort of tell by the below text I shot Blue Moon Doom during the blue moon of July 2015:

Blue Moon Doom

Thunder moon rises for second time in July, casting eery blue glow upon Parker City. Mischief, mayhem, mystical occurences abound. Disappearance of rare gemstone from Museum of Space Science leads to frenzied investigation. Astronomers conclude that specimen simply disintegrated due to aberrant temperature, freakish environmental conditions. Superheroine Virtue knows otherwise. With unerring instinct she tracks missing lunar crystal to dingy motel on outskirts of town. Radioactive waves emit from unit 302, infusing superheroine’s body with magnesium-enriched adrenaline. Eyes cross, body shakes, synapses fire. Crimefighter propels herself through door, prepared to face forces of evil which now imperil one of Parker City’s greatest treasures..

If you look closely at below pic you will likely see what became of the missing lunar crystal:


Am I imagining it or do I bear a bit of a resemblance to Dee Snider in the following shot?


Sometimes superheroines end up with pretty wild hairstyles after long days spent fighting crime 😉 Does anyone else remember when Dee Snider addressed the United States Congress clad in skintight leather pants and flowing blonde locks? Those were the days..

I will have Blue Moon Doom ready for download either tonight or early in the morning. Be back a bit later to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Been listening to an audio-biography of Billie Holiday this past week. Just turned it on and noticed the title: Wishing on the Moon



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Good Morning


I greet you from the home office (AKA corner of my living room.) Above you see two of my most prized possessions – vintage Glasbake Winchell’s mug and 2000 pound steel desk which formerly resided in the coach’s office connected to your high school gymnasium. Meant to drop in sooner and answer blog comments but these past few days have kept me very busy. Today the streak continues although I should have plenty of free time in a couple hours. In the meantime please enjoy some nudie pics with your morning coffee 😉




I shall return shortly. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Rocks, Gems, Nuggets








Good afternoon,

This past week I motored around Los Angeles to shoot solo footage plus several custom requests with XXX/fetish icons Francesca Le and Akira Lane. Due to my bizarre phobia of driving on the freeway I spent many hours on surface streets, enjoying sights and sometimes staying in motels when I got tired of navigating through traffic-choked urban sprawl. Although inconvenient at times my phobia has enabled me to discover lots of hidden gems and quirky nuggets that I never could have seen from the freeway. Above pics show progression of a typical road trip: lots of coffee/Subway sandwich in the morning, solo video/catfight shoot with Francesca in the afternoon, motel stopover/dive bar cocktail in the evening.

After completing this recent round of shooting I relaxed by watching Thursday Night Football with upstairs neighbor from Kansas City. Evening ended in heartbreak as Peyton Manning silenced his critics and lead the Broncos to a 31-24 defeat of Kansas City. Pizza lay uneaten on the coffee table but I didn’t let the beer go to waste.

This morning I pulled myself from bed and drove through a hangover (felt like dense fog) to my mailbox. Many thanks to the individuals who sent me new booty shorts and an array of Subway gift cards. Thanks also to the kindhearted soul who supplemented my turtleneck collection with three new shirts! Due to a recent laser burn I need to keep my décolletage out of the sun for the rest of the year – a rather challenging prospect in sunny Southern California.  Muuuaaaahhhh!!!! Thanks again to all of you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity more than I can say.

Speaking of summer apparel.. a heatwave has gripped Los Angeles in recent weeks, making most turtlenecks a bit uncomfortable. On one triple digit occasion I donned turtleneck crop top (sort of like this one) plus baggy shorts and went to the grocery store. After returning home I had the following text message exchange with my friend Victoria:

Me: Don’t bother answering if you are too busy but do you think it’s OK to wear a crop top in public?

Victoria: Yes

Me: Thx for answer. So hot out.. Was wearing crop top at grocery store and got some mean looks

Victoria: Jealous

Me: Lol.. People are mean. Felt like I had to slink home like I did something wrong. Thx again for opinion.

Those messages make me chuckle now but I felt amazingly self-conscious on the day it happened. A man in the produce section took cellphone footage of me like I was an animal at the zoo. The woman bagging my groceries practically radiated with contempt; she would not even look at me when she thrust the sacks in my direction.  I have regained my composure (and still wear my crop tops) but have added several slightly more modest turtleneck selections to my Wish List 😉

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Tonight I will be editing photos and shall return in the morning to answer blog comments.

XO Tanya



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Rainbows and Roadways

March12015 (40)

March12015 (9)

Feb282015 075_pp

Feb282015 106_pp

Feb282015 165_pp

Feb282015 159_pp

Greetings from Headquarters (AKA Home),

I have spent much of the past week shooting. On Thursday Kendra James and I battled extreme temperatures on the roadways so we could then battle each other in a motel room. We are experiencing a heatwave here in LA. Kendra, whom I had not met before, possesses charm, beauty and an air of unassuming intelligence very reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay Area. Turns out she spent many years in San Francisco and now lives in Florida. Although both San Francisco and LA lie within State of California borders I would describe their populations thusly: people in San Francisco have a tendency toward self-deprecation while those in LA pretend to have more than what they really possess. I liked Kendra a lot and hope that I will have a chance to work with her again.

On the day before our shoot a huge rainbow had arched across the sky as a freak rainstorm pelted concrete. I did not get a picture of it but the circumstance reminded me of March 1, 2015. On that occasion I had stayed in a budget-friendly motel after a shoot, dined alone at Denny’s while waiting for the heaviest of an unexpected downpour to pass, and then encountered a glorious rainbow on my early morning journey home (second pic from top.) Funny how Denny’s factors in to at least 70% of all my road trip memories 😉

Above pics come from March 1 shoot. Soon I will post some material from the Kendra videos. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Labor Day Trifecta



Aug302015 006_pp

Aug302015 142_pp

tnAug302015 163_pp

Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on this extended Labor Day holiday weekend. Since the end of August I have logged many road miles and filmed tons of footage (above pics taken on August 30.)  Today I finally had time to stock up on essentials at Petco and CVS Pharmacy and tomorrow I will start preparing for another round of upcoming videos.

On several occasions in the past I have noticed that Petco, CVS, and Denny’s all issue coupons which expire on the exact same day. Does one silent plutocracy control all three corporations? 😉 The Big 3 (as I like to think of them) do this frequently, not just on national holidays devoted to the working man. I recall a specific day in June – after two vigorous wrestling matches in hot sun with Prinzzess – that I felt compelled to capitalize on all three coupons before the stroke of midnight. This time I planned better: a friend and I dined at Denny’s on Saturday night and this morning I put the other two coupons to excellent use  – a true Labor Day weekend trifecta which saved me nearly $70 on food, daily supplies.

Prior to September 2008 I never really used coupons. Everything changed on that landmark month when the stock market plummeted, real estate values circled the drain, and the media was devoting endless coverage to bank failures around the world. No source has ever fully confirmed this but I have long suspected that banks have been restricting the availability of credit to the average working person ever since that time. My video sales plunged. Like every self-employed person I know I now work twice as hard to make about half the money I did before 9/2008. It has made me stronger, much more conscientious about my spending, and way more appreciative of my customers, career, and lifestyle.

How does Denny’s factor into this era of mindful frugality? Obviously I buy quadruped/personal supplies at Petco/CVS but I don’t really need to visit Denny’s. However, I have always gone to Denny’s and the historic diner with luminous yellow sign represents one of the only consistent features of my lifetime. Long ago I parted ways with my family and I do not have any contact with childhood or high school friends. The past simply vanished but Denny’s persists. From early family road trips (1970s) to late night study sessions (1980s) to sunrise breakfasts after 4am stripper shifts (early 1990s) to feature dancing highway stopovers (late 1990s) to anytime meals after video shoots (2000 til present) Denny’s has always greeted me with hot coffee and open arms. Some of them even have cocktail lounges.

Earlier this year I watched with truly morbid fascination as Walter White from Breaking Bad celebrated his 52nd year of life by taking advantage of Denny’s longstanding “free meal on your birthday” promotion. He sat there alone and played with his food. Honestly, the possibility of that particular scenario transpiring in my own life has long tormented me. I try to go to Denny’s with other people.

Tonight I shall sleep in my own bed and then rise early to answer blog comments. In a few days I will once again be fulfilling custom video requests and also meeting Kendra James for the very first time. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Wednesday Surprise





Good afternoon,

As I mentioned in my last post I am staying very busy with shoots this week. I did have time to stop by my mailbox and want to thank the generous individuals who sent me a new juicer (so excited to juice my own beets!), sexy white bra, Grande Lash, and an awesome crystal-growing kit from my Amazon Wishlist. When I retire from adult films I hope to farm magic crystals someday 😉

Big thanks also to my friend from the US Heartland who shipped me another amazing collection of reading material. I shall begin devouring the contents in mid-September when my activities slow down a bit.

Many kisses to all of you. Muuuuaaahhhh!!!! I am extremely touched and grateful. Hope that your good karma boomerangs back to you very quickly.

XO Tanya





Artesia Wonderland


artesiamotorinn (2)




Greetings from Artesia, California,

Did you ever wonder what happens to the profusion of dildos and butt plugs which adult film actresses use during their shoots? I usually leave them in my motel room sink so the maintenance staff can wash them in the morning. Just kidding. In actuality, I hand cleanse each implement after the shoot, lay all of them out to dry, and pack everything up again in the morning. Looks like I’m getting ready to open a toy store in the bottom pic 😉

I will be doing much more shooting this week, some for and some for a private collector who does not intend to release the material. Yesterday during my travels I discovered that the vaunted Stagger Inn (best name for a bar ever) has permanently shut its doors.


It looked very “closed” from the exterior but I took a moment to confirm its demise on One former patron makes wistful reference to the establishment’s “trainspotting bathroom” and another reassures readers that there are plenty of “other sh*tty dives still open on Alondra Boulevard.” I think I visited one last night. This text description for an upcoming Mrs. Hamilton video practically wrote itself as I lingered over my vodka:

“Glossy water,

Sheen of diamonds,

Liquid purity,

Distant islands.”

Reigning Mrs. Parker City Tanya Hamilton peers into her vodka, envisions tropical oasis amidst placid ocean waters. How far must she travel to escape recent transgressions? Shelf upon shelf of liquor lines wall behind bartender, presenting obvious opportunity. “There are spirits in those bottles.” mysterious voice whispers. Mrs. Hamilton returns gaze to sweating lowball glass, abruptly encounters smirking face of 18-year-old Kelli Cook encased in an ice cube.

“Uncharted depths,

Holographic delusions,

Submerged rainbows,

Fruitful conclusions.”

Mrs. Hamilton wishes that her beverage would stop speaking to her, belatedly realizes that she is listening to what remains of her own conscience. Recent sexual dalliance with teen temptress Kelli has corrupted normal sensibilities. Pageant queen wants to flee town, flee herself but how will she enjoy prestige of Mrs. Parker City title in any other locale besides Parker City? Blinking beer signs reflect off rhinestone tiara, creating swirl of neon stars which seems to extend from rocks on head to rocks in glass. Shimmering with emotion the disgraced Mrs. Parker City ponders her fate..

may3015 068_pp_pp

Video in question will surface soon at although I am as yet unsure of the title. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments.

XO Tanya



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Disco Inferno








Good morning,

In my last post I wrote about the second degree burns on my chest. Ringmaster STJ shot above photos of Akira Lane and myself ten days after the fateful laser procedure which caused the burns. You can see traces of the damage if you look carefully but the discoloration is resolving itself really well. In fact, it practically disappears in the bottom two action shots 😉

Lol.. all this talk about burns, plus the groovy suits Akira and I are wearing, have the lyrics for Disco Inferno going through my head right now. May have to load that into my mp3 player..

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya


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