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Investigative Reporting


Reporter Ralph Axe is having flashbacks from his research..


After a year spent covering LA’s underground fight scene reporter Ralph Axe still ponders moral complexities associated with such a violent, unsanctioned sport. Ralph glances at last night’s notes from an event featuring hometown favorite Tanya Danielle vs. Cajun sensation Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

“Crazed eyes evaluate distress,

Assess degree of injury,

Jeer with exaggerated zest,

Until foe rises gingerly,

New vigor swelling in her chest.”

Honestly, Ralph can’t remember which combatant had first dominated the match. Alternating beatdowns, flurried exchanges, several near KOs had driven the crowd into a roaring, cheering frenzy for thirty minutes straight. Now, just moments before sunrise, Ralph takes a long pull of whiskey before simply placing his aching head atop a well-worn Daily Bugle desk. Only one thing seems certain: more than one cranium will pound with regret in the morning.


No Mercy starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade vs. Tanya Danielle coming soon to More pics available now at Tanya’s Twitter feed.

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No Mercy

Who is that scantily clad assailant using her muscular legs to crush me like a vise??

Funny thing, after taking the long Labor Day holiday weekend to recover I began thinking of  my stunning attacker as “the crazy-eyed Cajun”:

Yep, that is one Prinzzess Felicity Jade chewing on my breast. Always lovely, she has somehow begun to remind me of Kim Basinger’s Cajun character in the classic (at least to me) movie No Mercy. Join my Twitter feed to see more pics from last week’s match featuring Prinzzess vs. me!

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T. Danielle Girlbanged

Who is that poor woman in above pics so violated and abused??


Tick, tock..  tick, tock..


Oh, wow.. repressed memory is slowly returning..

Guess final disturbing photo explains the torn T-shirt and destroyed purple/white G-string I found in my laundry pile. Did I bring this vile attack upon myself? Some people seem to think so..

Apt insult strikes like thunderbolt,
Edge of the Earth quakes, victims shake,
Girlbanging trio does partake
In diabolical revolt,
Sweet payback for Danielle’s mistake.

More photos of August 7, 2018 match at my OnlyFans Twitter Feed. Come join me now!

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Ego-tripped Bitch


“They look at me
As if I’m a
Spectre rising,
Ego-tripped bitch
Straight from the crypt.”

Who is this broad resuscitated from a centuries-old graveyard? Join my Twitter feed to watch exclusive, new video Ego-tripped Bitch now.

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Memorial Day 2018

“Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”

– David Icke

Amidst lots of turmoil in the United States I would like to thank all current, former, and fallen members of the United States military for their defense of our Constitution. I have a feeling (I know.. who am I to spout political theories?) that the future of our country depends upon the upholding of one of the greatest documents ever drafted, the United States Constitution. Much love to all.

XO Tanya



Tool Time

A recent excerpt from Tanya’s Twitter feed:


“3/11/16 – And what will I do with my first day off in what feels like a long time? Perhaps I will address the aftermath of an episode which occurred two weeks ago. Several Saturdays ago I returned home to find my front door barricaded shut from the inside. At first it seemed like a fluke, some strange folly of circumstance caused by a dropped item wedged in the door frame. I shook the door by the knob, certain I could dislodge the obstruction but soon it became apparent that I couldn’t. My unit boasts a so-called “fire door” installed in the 1920s. It fits nearly flush with the floor and has remarkable thickness, designed to burn very, very slowly in case of a fire. Soon I was throwing my whole body weight against the door to no avail. Remember this famous scene? Like Jack’s efforts it seemed like my own were playing over and over on an endless loop with no progress whatsoever. I called out to my cats who remained silent. Weirdly I had just been working on a text description for upcoming video The Watcher in which a stalker pens a cryptic note to milf target Mrs. Hamilton. Here were some of the words in my notebook:

“Only reason that I am holding back,
Priming for the moment, feeding on lack,
Is because I relish sweet perfection,
Need to execute flawless attack,
Earn eternal right to your affection.. “

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
Even in harsh isolation he knows:
Rich surprises reward those who play slow.”

“Golden sunlight fades to ochre halo,
Over distant hills dark villain lays low,
All alone and forgotten.. he still knows:
Lady luck rewards those who play slow.”

When my front door would not yield I really started to wonder if some psycho had against all odds holed up inside my place..  (click for more)”




Find out the rest of the story, watch exclusive videos and ogle nudie pics at Tanya’s Twitter feed – updated daily!



The Watcher

The Watcher

Peculiar note appears on back doorstep of Hamilton residence:

“Only reason that I am holding back,
Priming for the moment, feeding on lack,
Is because I relish sweet perfection,
Need to execute flawless attack,
Earn eternal right to your affection.”
– The Watcher

Just awakened from nap in the sunlight Mrs. Hamilton crumples paper in her hand, presumes that it must have blown into her yard from neighbor’s property. Several blocks away, atop the tallest of three neighborhood hills, Jamal Jackson watches housewife through high-powered telescope. He knows that he should not have left Mrs. Hamilton a note but he could not resist establishing contact, especially after seeing her brand new red and white bikini. Soon Jamal will make his longstanding affection known, leaving no room for denial..

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Find out just who is watching who in The Watcher.

(More pics at Tanya’s Twitter feed.)

Buxom Neighbor

Tanya stars as buxom neighbor in “Satan’s Fire”

Handwritten placard accompanies vial of combustible powder:

Satan’s Fire

Magnificent sensations surge,

Extreme emotion conquers ire,

Reluctance morphs to wild desire,

Gargantuan, unquestioned urge,

Elicited by Satan’s fire.

A bit hesitantly shopper inquires: “Is this.. an aphrodisiac powder?” Apothecary nods affirmatively, sells dose of substance for $750, cautions buyer to use  it wisely.

Wisely? What unmarried man uses potent aphrodisiac powder wisely? With hands in ten and two o’clock positions buyer drives slowly home, hoping against hope that he will soon expose buxom neighbor to a great deal more than just his new purchase..

Tanya Danielle stars as buxom neighbor in Satan’s Fire, a POV seduction fantasy featuring astonished prey, double image in mirror, magic dust, entrancement, overpowering lust, striptease, full nudity, indecent proposal.

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Weekend in Vegas

(See more photos from Gilt City at Tanya’s Twitter feed.)


Gilt City

Alone in Las Vegas Mrs. Hamilton gazes at singular white orchid, only life stirring within garish bridal suite. View from 38th floor showcases long row of hotels, each offering slight variation on same neon/gilt motif. Drained and demoralized, Mrs. Hamilton tries to unlatch window, finds it bolted shut. Mysterious green bug saunters toward orchid as if mocking housewife’s sensibilities. “How did that insect gain entry when I can’t even open a window?” she cries aloud before pulling out leather-bound journal. Tears flow as ballpoint pen races across page:


My Weekend in Vegas

Creeping, crawling, calculating aphid

Instigates attack on blooming beauty,

Turns once pristine orchid into sordid

Yellow husk, systemically empty.


Brief journal entry reflects internal strife without providing incriminating evidence should anyone ever read it. Long weekend partying with 18-year-old lover has left Mrs. Hamilton feeling withered. Can she really justify risking marriage, social standing, reputation for fresh, young pussy? After several long, moments of tortured consideration homemaker’s mouth curves upward into a wicked smile..

Now we shall turn back the clock – download Gilt City to join Mrs. Hamilton on the very day she plans this fateful trip to Las Vegas, the day which changed her life.

Tanya Danielle stars as Mrs. Hamilton in Gilt City, a milfsploitation fantasy featuring older woman/younger woman theme, phone sex, finger fucking, anal masturbation, rollicking orgasm.



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Mistress of Evil

Some people worry about paying bills, others lament lackluster social lives, and yet more fume over perceived indignities encountered in a given day. I, on the other hand, have Mistress Jewell in my life so I worry about nothing other than keeping her happy.

My Life = Brutal + Simple

Check out our latest adventure: Mistress of Evil

More pics at my OnlyFans Twitter Feed!

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