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Good evening,

I greet you after a long day and less than 3 hours of sleep. Last night I stayed up til nearly 1am editing photos from upcoming video Milfettante and watching Rush on Amazon Prime. This morning I rose at 3:30am to move my car out of a 4am street cleaning zone. Motoring aimlessly down empty boulevards I eventually arrived at a 24-hour truck stop with Subway sandwich shop on the premises. Love that place ūüôā¬†Over breakfast sandwich and coffee I described the latest dilemma faced by milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton:




Future dilettantes,

Who marry for millions.

The cruel rhyme jars¬†Tanya Hamilton, especially since she finds it scribbled on a notepad in her spare bedroom. Is someone poking fun at her lifestyle and background? Or mocking her daughter Alice? Moments later she makes another startling discovery: the names “Tanya” and “Kelli” enclosed in a large, carefully rendered heart. Arteries contract, breath catches, face flushes, body sweats. Who wrote these words?? Daughter Alice frequently invites girlfriends, including best pal Kelli, to spend the night. Mrs. Hamilton collapses onto bed, nearly impaling herself on a monstrous black dildo which lurks beneath the covers. Dread, shock, revulsion, excitement flood body and brain. Soon forbidding instinct subsumes lesser emotions, imbuing housewife with realization that 18-year-old Kelli has purposefully planted these bombshells with sexual seduction in mind. Will Kelli succeed in tempting Mrs. Hamilton, dilettante of leisure, into compromising her comfortable marriage and traditional values for an episode of unthinkable debauchery?

Milfettante will be coming soon to I shall return here in the morning after I catch up on my sleep. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Full moon tomorrow night! Will probably be a Garfield moon (big and orange) tonight too.



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Tara Possessed





Tara Possessed

Dinner guest stares out¬†eastward window. “Why so fixated?” man next to her asks. “Someone is there.” she responds a bit hesitantly, long accustomed to seeing things that others don’t. Overhearing her comment the attention of all present collectively shifts to exterior darkness. Nighttime has consumed surrounding landscape, reducing visibility to zero. For a moment everyone searches the blackness before resuming their chatter. Ten or fifteen minutes elapse. Three sharp, deliberate raps on a windowpane suddenly rock the room. A figure, clad in rags of clothing, presses his face against the glass. Wild, lurching madness burns within bloodshot eyes; torment pours from his soul, soaking every inch of his body and leaving combustible energy on the ground. He streaks away. Assembled visitors react with shock before saying goodbyes and heading home. That night Tanya can barely sleep, haunted by the man’s tortured expression. Tired and discomfited, she arrives for a 9am wrestling match with Tara Morgan at the local ring. Glancing into the opposite corner she sees petite body, blonde hair, cherubic facial features.. and the spirit of last night’s party crasher gazing back at her through Tara’s eyes.

Tara Morgan and Tanya Danielle star in Tara Possessed, a brutal catfight in wrestling ring which features bear hug, double chickenwing, extreme back arching, single leg Boston crab, full Boston crab, hammerlock, full nelson/bodyscissor combination, camel clutch, double-toed leglock/surfboard combination, body scissor hold, figure four head scissor, standing bow and arrow, test of strength, school girl pin, begging, pleading, repeated verbal submissions, and gloating, obnoxious victor. Co-produced by HH.

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Freaky Friday

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You just never know who may come knocking at your door on a freaky Friday. Imagine my surprise at discovering that uninvited¬†visitor¬†Amber Michaels is not only dating my husband but also prepared to destroy me in order to keep him for herself. Naturally I wasn’t wiling to let him go without a fight ūüėȬ† Just shot this footage with Amber – video (tentatively entitled Rocky Peaks Road) will be coming soon to

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I will return tomorrow to answer blog comments and discuss recent adventures.

XO Tanya



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Julie DC




Good evening,

Last November I posted some questions from CatfightBlogger about long-retired wrestler Julie DC. Mark AKA C-Man recently e-mailed  this information about Julie:

Julie DC did used to have a website called, but she shut it down years ago (2007?) after moving to a different career involving Home & Interior Decor/Design, Home Renovations and some Real Estate. She hasn’t had any active internet presence since.

Besides doing catfight/fantasy matches for DT wrestling until 2005, she also did some earlier matches for Steelkittens and Fight Time Video ( around in the late 90’s.

I used to correspond with her via email years ago, but her email address no longer works. I do recall she was helping to care for her ailing father at the time, so that may be why.

She always mentioned about her little munchkins aka her pooches including Miss Kennedy whom I’m sure Tanya D remembers fondly. Don’t know if Miss Kennedy is still around or not.

In regards to those unknown match photo’s which are found at that old YahooGroup Juliedc fanclub site.

About 10 years ago, I emailed both DT Wrestling and Julie DC about this unknown match and where could we find it or buy it.  According to both, it was a private custom match for a customer of DT Wrestling featuring both Julie and Tanya. It was never made available to the public for sale.

But I do assume that unknown match both Tanya and Julie made was also on the same day they made this match together. The bikini’s and hairstyles match in both matches.

Here’s a brief clip of that match showing Tanya experiencing Julie’s monster sized tits. Almost the size of Tanya’s head.

Thanks so much for your recollections and updates, Mark! (Photos courtesy of STJ Productions.)

XO Tanya



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Lady of the Manor



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Above photos come from a soon-to-be-released video featuring milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton:

10 Days in Parker City

Invisible madness permeates bedroom community, inflaming certain citizens with deviant desires whilst driving others away. Husband departs on business, daughter takes class field trip, housewife Tanya Hamilton sits home alone. Sensing opportunity, teenage heiress Kelli Cook plots seduction of Mrs. Hamilton. Young, beautiful, rich Kelli uses psychological manipulation, sexual wiles, lavish gifts to force the homemaker into a 10-day carnal escapade guaranteed to rock Parker City to its very core..

may3015 021_pp

Incidentally, Mrs. Hamilton has shed her signature white blouse and black/white blazer for the last time. These garments disappeared in a recent burglary along with much of her other apparel. Perhaps the¬†resourceful housewife¬†should¬†start using¬†some of her husband’s hard-earned dough to hang out at better joints than the Manor Motel ūüėČ

10 Days Inside Kelli is coming soon to



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So much happening.. things have been crazy, almost as crazy as those psychedelic blue pants I’m wearing in the pics above. Been pricing lots of new windows lately – first for car, then for home. Both my computers died, one came back to life due to superb work by computer tech.¬† Just found these words scribbled on a notepad:

Two starfish flank a hand-stitched¬† sign which reads “Welcome Aboard”.

I wrote that a few days ago while surveying the office décor of my septuagenarian dermatologist. A mysterious skin affliction arose on my abdomen, sending me to the doctor in the midst of the other minor chaos. The family who runs my mailbox address has been calling me to come pick up packages which are taking up too much storage in their limited space. Yesterday I had colon hydrotherapy for the first time in my life. Basically, I have spent the past week fixing damage to my car, home and body. Now, healed and invigorated, I am heading to a shoot. This weekend I shall return to my online world, catch up on blog comments, post new material, and enjoy some long, blissful hours of sleep (bottom pic).

Hope everyone is having a great week!

XOXO Tanya



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On the Road

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The life of a pornographer (at least mine) consists of road trips, cheap motels, and inevitable surprises. Lately I have been bringing my trusty point-and-shoot camera with me to document any pre-existing damage to lodging accommodations (see broken window above) so I don’t get charged for it. I have not mastered the art of the selfie, don’t want to, but did snap a pic in a large bedside mirror during my most recent filming excursion.

Traveling alone gives me plenty of time to write text accompaniments for my videos. I blend truth and fiction with impunity:

Starburst Motel

Descending neon letters spell out “Starburst Motel”. Wild conflagration of foliage explodes from roadway, encircles base of sign, partially obscures letter, “L” with shoots of flowering vines. Weary traveler almost continues down highway before abruptly veering into motel driveway. She steps into the night, surveys moribund establishment, senses abandonment. Audible sizzle from sign reminds her that someone on premises is paying for electricity. A light suddenly illuminates interior of manager’s office. Ten minutes later, within the confines of unit 9, visitor gratefully strips off clothing and enjoys a hot shower – totally unaware of a well-hidden camera which records her every movement.. (Video coming soon to

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This past week has included a nail in tire, false accusation by motel proprietor (he thought I had taken a blanket from the room – I proved I didn’t), and actual theft of a suitcase containing wide array of superheroine costumes and dildos. Friend of mine laughed out loud when I told him the last story. “Your thieves ain’t gonna have much luck bringing that sh*t to the dope man.” he guffawed. I see the humor but I still had to pay $145 to replace my car window. Onward and upward.. I enjoy my road adventures even if things do go south once in a while.

Heading to bed early tonight but I will return tomorrow to catch up on blog comments and post more pics. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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