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Greetings from Artesia, California,

Did you ever wonder what happens to the profusion of dildos and butt plugs which adult film actresses use during their shoots? I usually leave them in my motel room sink so the maintenance staff can wash them in the morning. Just kidding. In actuality, I hand cleanse each implement after the shoot, lay all of them out to dry, and pack everything up again in the morning. Looks like I’m getting ready to open a toy store in the bottom pic 😉

I will be doing much more shooting this week, some for and some for a private collector who does not intend to release the material. Yesterday during my travels I discovered that the vaunted Stagger Inn (best name for a bar ever) has permanently shut its doors.


It looked very “closed” from the exterior but I took a moment to confirm its demise on One former patron makes wistful reference to the establishment’s “trainspotting bathroom” and another reassures readers that there are plenty of “other sh*tty dives still open on Alondra Boulevard.” I think I visited one last night. This text description for an upcoming Mrs. Hamilton video practically wrote itself as I lingered over my vodka:

“Glossy water,

Sheen of diamonds,

Liquid purity,

Distant islands.”

Reigning Mrs. Parker City Tanya Hamilton peers into her vodka, envisions tropical oasis amidst placid ocean waters. How far must she travel to escape recent transgressions? Shelf upon shelf of liquor lines wall behind bartender, presenting obvious opportunity. “There are spirits in those bottles.” mysterious voice whispers. Mrs. Hamilton returns gaze to sweating lowball glass, abruptly encounters smirking face of 18-year-old Kelli Cook encased in an ice cube.

“Uncharted depths,

Holographic delusions,

Submerged rainbows,

Fruitful conclusions.”

Mrs. Hamilton wishes that her beverage would stop speaking to her, belatedly realizes that she is listening to what remains of her own conscience. Recent sexual dalliance with teen temptress Kelli has corrupted normal sensibilities. Pageant queen wants to flee town, flee herself but how will she enjoy prestige of Mrs. Parker City title in any other locale besides Parker City? Blinking beer signs reflect off rhinestone tiara, creating swirl of neon stars which seems to extend from rocks on head to rocks in glass. Shimmering with emotion the disgraced Mrs. Parker City ponders her fate..

may3015 068_pp_pp

Video in question will surface soon at although I am as yet unsure of the title. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments.

XO Tanya



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Disco Inferno








Good morning,

In my last post I wrote about the second degree burns on my chest. Ringmaster STJ shot above photos of Akira Lane and myself ten days after the fateful laser procedure which caused the burns. You can see traces of the damage if you look carefully but the discoloration is resolving itself really well. In fact, it practically disappears in the bottom two action shots 😉

Lol.. all this talk about burns, plus the groovy suits Akira and I are wearing, have the lyrics for Disco Inferno going through my head right now. May have to load that into my mp3 player..

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya


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Fire and Ice







Good evening,

On August 2 I shot new footage of milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton (pics above.) Five days later I had an IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment administered to my face, neck, and chest. I do this periodically to reduce the amount of freckling, sun damage on my skin. Normally I experience very little discomfort during the procedures but on this occasion I squirmed in distress and had to use mental energy transfer techniques. “Give back to the pain. Give back to the pain.” I kept telling myself silently. The technician, who had started on my chest, seemed rather alarmed. She toned down the settings on her equipment and stopped until I assured her that I felt fine. I smelled something akin to burning flesh in the air but told myself that I was imagining it. About ten minutes later the technician finished with my face and insisted that I take an ice pack with me as I departed.  Good thing she did. Clutching the ice to my chest I drove one-handed to my mailbox. Agitation – I refused to call it pain – radiated down to my toes. Breathing heavily and sweating I forced myself to keep running errands. If I abandoned the ice for more than a minute the sizzling sensation on my sternum became nearly intolerable. Finally, while visiting the bank, I could no longer deny the obvious: my ice was melting.

At Western and 168th I staggered into a bar and ordered Stoli on the rocks with a bag of ice. Too polite, street smart, worldly to ask questions the bartender very kindly complied. By an extremely peculiar coincidence a man materialized off the street, sat a few stools away from me, ordered a drink and a bag of ice. He downed a shot and then pressed Saran-wrapped ice cubes to his jaw. We probably looked like victims of the same brawl.

To make the long story short I ended up with a combination of first and second degree burns on my neck and chest. Naturally the medical spa which administered the treatment denies any wrongdoing. If you want to check out the burns I do have pictures but I suggest that you avoid looking at them if you get easily grossed out.

Things got worse before they got better – skin blistered, turned black, slowly peeled away. I used lots of homeopathic techniques like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar. Thankfully my décolletage has healed beautifully. Some discoloration (pink in hue) still remains but I did two days of shooting this past week and it did not represent a problem.

I think that life episodes happen for a reason. On this occasion I decided that the Universe was simply challenging me to practice acceptance. Although I could not shoot for about 10 days I maintained faith that the situation would resolve itself in the best way possible. Honestly, I avoided everyone I knew because inevitable comments like “You need to see a doctor” or “You need to see a lawyer” were not in harmony with how I was feeling. Aside from asking my neighbor to take some photos of my chest I did not tell anyone what had happened.

Fear not, Mrs. Hamilton shall ride again 😉


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will return in the morning to answer blog comments.

XO Tanya



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Field of Dreams

Jan172015 059_pp

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Jan172015 004_pp

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tnJan172015 017_pp

Field of Dreams

Dewdrops glisten, mist swirls, blades of grass thrust upward toward sky. Sun rises through dense fog, imparting silvery glow onto landscape. Alone on the porch of stately 1890 manor home Marjorie Greenwich sips coffee, hears echoes of a familiar voice. “Build it. ” the wind whispers. “They shall come.” She stares outward, feeling as if a crystal ball now encapsulates her century-old residence and surrounding acreage of tobacco plants. Weeks later Marjorie hires crews to uproot plantation, begin construction of a baseball diamond. Soon the self-made millionairess will welcome her favorite team, the Atlanta Braves, onto their brand new spring training facility/sexual playground..

Tanya Danielle stars as Majorie Greenwich in Field of Dreams, a baseball-themed fantasy featuring Atlanta Braves gear, bikini, striptease, masturbation with multiple dildos, dildo sucking, masturbation encouragement, and orgasm. Download Field of Dreams at



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Superheroine Sex Doll 4


July92015 179_pp

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July92015 407_pp

July92015 404_pp

Superheroine Sex Doll 4

Black sky,

Invisible moon,

Concrete city,

Shrouded in doom..

Visceral rhymes cascade through Megababe’s mind like pillars of dissolving salt. Untold months have elapsed since she has seen anything outside the holding chamber which confines her. Memories of a dark, desperate city – site of her ignominious capture – have assumed cartoonlike dimensions. No longer able to envision actual streets and structures Megababe can only summon stark, simplistic renderings into her brain. Does the corrupt metropolis still exist? Shrill buzzer violates Megababe’s eardrums, wracks neurons with powerful vibrations, eliminates rogue thoughts. Lapsing into remote-controlled state the superheroine mutely follows orders of her master. With fervid movements she lactates swollen breasts until milk flows into detachable glass collection tubes. Unbeknownst to Megababe she carries one of the last fetuses on Earth, a creature who will help repopulate the planet now that universal forces have decimated most bastions of civilization..

Tanya Danielle stars as Megababe in Superheroine Sex Doll 4, a dystopian odyssey featuring superheroine, mind control, robot, lactation, milk, and forced orgasm. Co-produced by MK.



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Ravishing Raquel Devine




Good afternoon,

I just have to post these pics of Raquel Devine. Received them in my e-mail earlier today from talent agent Raquel’s Star Page on lists her birthdate as August 17, 1967. Yes, Raquel turns 48 years old next week and she looks just phenomenal, better than ever. Check out Raquel in 2014 video with Bibi Noel, 2010 photos with Seth Gamble, 2009 video with Kelly Madison, 2009 photos with Brenda James, 2008 video as a blonde!

XO Tanya



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Muchas Gracias!



td06_05_spgstrp048 td06_05_spgstrp050



Good evening,

I would like to thank the anonymous individual who sent an awesome, luxurious pet carrier from my Amazon Wishlist.  During a recent checkup the vet suggested that I get a bigger carrier and this one is absolutely perfect: snug dimensions with enough room for occupant to make a 180 degree turn. Thank you so much!!

Another huge thank you goes out to my anonymous friend from the US Heartland who has gifted me with an additional box of amazing books and a very meaningful letter. I deeply appreciate your generosity, thoughtfulness and encouragement. Lately I have been reading about the Virginia Dare stones because that subject has always piqued my interest. Prior to that I really enjoyed A Cast of Killers, much of which was set here in Los Angeles. Unfortunately Up in the Old Hotel by Joseph Mitchell was stolen from my car but I loved the portion I read and plan to get a hold of it again. I just placed The Man in the High Castle on my bed so I can read a few pages before going to sleep tonight. Thank you for drastically improving my library, my imagination and my mind.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am mostly relaxing at home, soaking in the summertime air. Thanks again to the sweet souls who lit up my day with the wonderful gifts!

XO Tanya



POV/GOP Spectacle

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Good afternoon,

Several decades ago I got rid of my TV and never wanted it back. Only on extremely rare occasions do I desire to view any type of television programming. Tonight, however, I will be carrying a pizza upstairs to watch the Republican debates with my neighbor. Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him, has enlivened the GOP with his proclivity to basically do or say anything that he wants. I hope that he will prod the other presidential aspirants into revealing more than intended.

You may know that Donald Trump, in addition to his other business endeavors, owns the Miss USA pageant. Back in 2009 Donald canned reigning Miss California Carrie Prejean. Since that time Carrie (due to her blondeness, busty-ness, and total hypocrisy) has become a favorite target of custom video script writers.

Tonight – in honor of Donald Trump and the sideshow spectacle that he is creating – I present POV Room Service starring Carrie Prejean:

POV Room Service

Several years have passed since Carrie Prejean completed her brief reign as Miss California. She sits alone in a New York hotel suite, contemplates latest in string of failed auditions, knows that she badly needs to revitalize her career. Room service waiter arrives at door. On a whim Carrie fluffs hair, asks him if he recognizes her. Sensing Carrie’s desperate need for approval waiter indulges her with some perfunctory compliments before whipping out his huge cock and waving it around in slow, hypnotic circles. It seems to fill the room. Carrie can only stare in open-mouthed wonder at the biggest dick that she has ever seen in her life. He shoves it between her lips. Prior to this moment Carrie has never orally serviced anyone other than a pageant judge, but this young man’s desire makes her feel beautiful again. Relishing his obvious lust she enthusiastically sucks and strokes him until he stuns her by spraying a gigantic, nearly inhuman load of hot cum all over her shocked, protesting face..

Download POV Room Service at

XO Tanya



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Adrift in Los Angeles




may3015 062_pp_pp

may3015 073_pp

may3015 074_pp

Good afternoon,

I greet you from the road. A few days ago I did a ring match with Christine Dupree and yesterday I completed 3 custom videos: a full-length escapade starring milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton, POV catfight/bondage fantasy featuring superheroine Virtue, and a third vignette tentatively entitled Gangland Barbie. Right now I am sipping lukewarm McDonald’s coffee on my motel room balcony and watching European tourists saunter through the parking lot. An inordinate number of men are wearing tight pants and gold chains. When they go to the beach I suspect that they will be sporting even skimpier attire than Mrs. Hamilton (bottom three pics) 😉

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

P.S. Just posted Violent Femmes at!

XO Tanya



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Black Widow Armbar Submission Hold




Good evening,

Just found out that wrestler Mia Li declined to do another match with me this month. Nonetheless, I have some shots from our April 28, 2015 confrontation (top two pics.) In bottom pic WWE star AJ Lee (who shares my taste in boots) shows how to truly nail this odd submission hold. By sheer coincidence – several hours before receiving these photos from ringmaster STJ –  I was preparing the text description for a video in which Prinzzess inflicts the same savage hold upon me. Earlier at Starbuck’s (thanks for the gift card, Mikey) I wrote these words:

Violent Femmes

Bedecked for summer catfighters Prinzzess and Tanya Danielle sport brightly colored garments. Abundance of flora encircles outdoor ring where their long anticipated match will take place. Prinzzess sneezes. “Feeling sick? Need to go home?” Tanya says mockingly. Referee separates women as they make contact, trade insults before the bell. Orgy of punching, forced submissions, truly astonishing wrestling holds ensues. At one crucial juncture Prinzzess jumps off ground, balances entire body on opponent’s neck. Tanya’s muscular legs quiver, refuse to buckle. Emerald sparks fly from Prinzzess’ G-string as she attempts to inflict maximum pain with this wildly unconventional maneuver. “I’ve never even seen someone try this before, you psychopath.” Tanya sputters. Both women crash to canvas, creating a violent melange of rich green, vivid pink hues which mirror surrounding landscape. Like two feral animals they seem to blend into the very environment which contains them..

I will be releasing Violent Femmes, starring Prinzzess and myself, within the next few days at Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Tomorrow I shall return to answer blog comments 🙂

XO Tanya



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