A Sad Goodbye


Today I bid a sad farewell to my favorite grocery store, Fresh and Easy. Shortly after releasing a series of great coupons the chain abruptly announced intended closure of all locations. I have pierced plastic on last of the premade meals which have sustained me for so long. Guess I will have to get reacquainted with my own kitchen.





Fresh and Easy had a bumpy ride which, if memory serves me, included a buyout and bankruptcy filing – all to no avail. I hope that their employees (very nice people at my local branch) have swift success in finding new jobs.

XO Tanya



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Classic Americana


crescent (4)

Tanyas Big Shots1


Back home but travels through classic Americana continue even after last of donut shops, motels have long since vanished in my rear view mirror. This afternoon, whilst fulfilling a vow to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning out my inbox,  I arrived at July 14, 2010 where I found an e-mail from dear Chairman Andy containing a photo montage from some of my earliest, now classic, WTB matches against Kristal Summers, Kim Chambers, Stacy Burke, Shannan Leigh AKA Alexis Taylor, others (click bottom pic to enlarge.) Thought I would post it here while I finish unpacking my suitcase. I shall return shortly..

Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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One Person Traveling







Good afternoon,

I have embarked on another round of shooting. Pics above come from yesterday’s shoot with Prinzzess. Needless to say, our match got pretty down and dirty 😉 My travels continue this week as I create more videos. Often I stay in motels because I have a phobia of driving on the freeway and happen to reside in one of the furthest corners of Los Angeles County. Sometimes I get lonely in budget accommodations and 24-hour diners but I stay busy studying scripts (2nd pic from top) and snapping photos of roadside attractions.

Hope everyone is doing well. I will return tomorrow or Thursday to answer blog comments and post more photos. Right now I’m feeling a little worn out and think I can use a cocktail..


XO Tanya

P.S. Full Hunter’s Moon will be lighting up the sky tonight.



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Purple Heaven


td06_01_purbust008 td06_01_purbust020

Good afternoon,

I picked up my mail today and received a lovely gift from Apollo and another amazing selection of books from my Heartland Friend. Thank you both so much! Muuuaahhhh!!! The wonderful presents made my day. It delighted me to learn, Heartland Friend, that the mysterious Voynich Manuscript enabled our worlds to merge. Apollo, I found some lavender-hued pics and name this post “Purple Heaven” in honor of the stunning purple box that you sent 😉

XOXO Tanya



Cans of Yore





Good evening,

Whilst editing photos for FantasyImageStore.com I had to pause and marvel at the truly immense size of my former breasts. Not long after shooting Elite Blonde Corps (above pics) with Ariel X I underwent breast reduction surgery. Amazing now to look at those cans and recall how many decades (2) that I navigated through society with them. I feel great with a smaller chest but I still admire huge racks. Recently I have noticed a pleasing resurgence of XXX actresses who look a bit reminiscent of 1990s-era, big-boobed starlets.  Remember the feature dancers who sported names like Wendy Whoppers, Niki Knockers, Marilyn Melons, Holly Body, Letha Weapons, Maxi Mounds, Deena Duos, Donita Dunes (truly outrageous Scene 4), Savannah Staxx (Scene 7), Whitney Wonders, etc? Wonder if that trend will ever resurface..

XO Tanya



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Rock ’em, Sock ’em


Day off 005

Good morning,

Other than donut shops and occasional Denny’s meal I haven’t been getting out much recently. Yesterday my friend Rainier, former manager of The Wild Goose where I danced for many years, and I headed to the newly opened Torrance Tavern to visit bartender extraordinaire Wendy. In middle pic it looks like Rainier is intending to grab my boob even though he wasn’t. I decided to punch him anyways (bottom video.)

We had fun yesterday but not too much fun, if that makes sense. This morning I rolled out of bed at 4am to move my car out of a street cleaning zone and I felt great – no hangover. Navigating down empty streets I kept driving, driving, driving as I listened to some cool tunes that Rainier’s brother had compiled on a CD. Finally I stopped at a roadside donut joint where I bought coffee. A TV on the wall began broadcasting local weather report for Orange County. Orange County? I had motored much farther than I realized. Back home now I am preparing a new video, Gangland Barbie, for release:

Gangland Barbie

Hotel guest Jane Smith sunbathes peacefully, engendering looks of pure hatred from woman nearby. Wrathful stares bounce off Jane, return unacknowledged to sender. “I saw you staring at my boyfriend, you stupid Barbie Doll cunt!” jealous bitch finally screams. Baseless accusation hovers in tension-filled air. Lack of response empowers antagonist. She lunges at Jane, grabs fistful of blonde hair, encounters shocking reaction from formerly passive target..

(Tanya Danielle stars in POV fight fantasy Gangland Barbie. Witness shocking transformation of mild-mannered hotel guest into punching, kneeing, trash talking, elbow throwing, head butting street brawler.)

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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Live, Nude Theatre




Good morning,

In recently released video Live, Nude Theatre my alter ego Mayor Hamilton has just returned from viewing battered remnants of a now defunct nude showclub in her town:

Live, Nude Theatre

Formless like fire,
Dancer reaches zenith,
Burns atop pyre.

Torchlight illuminates remains of nude theatre, triggering odd sense of desolation in politician who forced its closure. Ghostly images besiege mind, caress subconscious, rattle nerves. Sudden activity rocks atmosphere.

Mirrors crack,
Pipe shatters,
Ceiling rains,
Crystal spikes,
Into scarred marble veins.

Mayor Hamilton drops light source, flees building. Thirty minutes later she encounters bikini-clad daughter, best friend sunbathing in backyard. Hastily retreating to den Mrs. Hamilton masturbates wildly, almost as if spirits from dance hall have consumed her soul.. Download Live, Nude Theatre at TanyaTV.com.

Someone asked why I used so many seeming drug references in the description for Live, Nude Theatre. “Crystal spikes” refer to pendants from a chandelier and “scarred marble veins” refer to pockmarked, old marble stage scuffed by endless parade of stilettos. Despite her opposition to adult entertainment Mayor Hamilton becomes intoxicated during her visit to this sexually charged environment. Somehow it seemed fitting to mention mirrors and a crack pipe in there too, probably because I had just begun composing video promo on the morning I bumbled into the handjob park (where every possible type of illicit behavior seemed to be taking place.)

Over the past few days I have noticed that no new comments have rolled in. Sometimes my hosting company disables that feature to prevent brute force hacking attacks. Please e-mail Jay at webmaster@tanyadanielle.com if you are having trouble logging in to the message board here. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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Memories of Santana






CatfightBlogger asked me to write a few more words about wrestler Santana who died tragically on October 11, 2015. Throughout her career Santana performed under numerous monikers, including her legal name, Tina. I first met Tina in 2000 at a shoot for DTWrestling.com. She took fitness seriously, studied martial arts, and kept herself in top physical shape. Like most women of the era who worked in the erotic catfight realm – Francesca Le, Stacy Burke, Christine Dupree, Jewell Marceau, Shannan Leigh, Hollywood, myself, others – Tina had an excellent grasp on reality and fully comprehended the fantasy nature of the videos that we were creating. She tortured her victims with savage vengeance when a script called for her to win a match and suffered in abject humiliation when scripted to lose. As evidenced by pics above (courtesy of femfight producer STJ) Tina played both roles, victor and jobber, to the hilt.

Maybe around 2004 or so Tina seemed to vanish from the scene. A few years later I did too. Did we have the same reason? I can only speculate. Within this time frame I was having problems with performers who took themselves very seriously and apparently could not comprehend that winning or losing a scripted match did not constitute any type of real victory or loss. Those words seem so remedial as I type them but I just don’t know how to explain the situation in any other way. I started producing my own videos so I could avoid working with people who lived in self-created worlds of delusion. Presumably Tina was pursuing other types of endeavors but I will never know what path she took out of the catfight industry or why she chose to leave.

After a long hiatus Tina resurfaced maybe a year or so ago. STJ scheduled us for an October 21, 2015 match. I was very much looking forward to seeing her again. Just checked my cellphone and realized that STJ and I were exchanging text messages about the upcoming shoot just hours after Tina’s death. Of course we had not yet heard of her passing. Local news sources later reported that Tina had argued with her boyfriend and then gone to take a shower where the boyfriend had shot and killed her before committing suicide. A roommate had phoned police immediately after hearing the first shot.

Tina and I both lived for many years in the same general area of Los Angeles. Other than our shoots for DTWrestling.com she and I had only spent time together when I visited her at The Castle in Manhattan Beach where she used to bartend. I will always remember Tina as a raven-haired beauty with a no-nonsense demeanor and tremendous charisma. She touched many friends and fans with her regal grace and radiant personality. I hope that Tina’s three children and one grandchild will eventually find peace in the aftermath of her heartbreaking, untimely passing.

XO Tanya





Just received tragic news that wrestler Santana died this past Sunday. I had not seen Santana in over 10 years but producer/cameraman STJ had recently scheduled Santana and me for an upcoming October 21, 2015 match. Naturally I had been looking forward to working with her again after such a long hiatus. So sad that our reunion will never take place. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones as they deal with their devastating loss. May Santana rest in peace. Friends and fans alike will treasure memories of her smile, her talent, her beauty, and her spirit.

XO Tanya





jan2014 146_pp

jan2014 154_pp

jan2014 167_pp

jan2014 169_pp

jan2014 173_pp

Wow, wow, wow!! A friend kindly agreed to pick up my mail prior to Columbus holiday closure of my mailbox and I just received an assortment of beautiful gifts. Thank you, Mikey, for the gorgeous blazer. I love it!! Unidentified senders have also graced me with two new turtlenecks (black and coral), two foot care DVDs plus a pair of ortho flip flops which do not look the least bit ortho, a manicure kit, and a truly stunning, rich purple bra by Lejaby. Thank you so much!!!!! Muuuuaaahhhh!!! I just cancelled a shoot due to a perplexing ear-nose-throat condition so I’ve been holed up at home all weekend except for a brief excursion to a large park where no one would notice my coughing. These lovely presents have delighted my senses. Friend told me that one more large package was too heavy to transport without a cart so I will get that in a few days.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am posting some City of Maywood pics which date back to January 2014, less than a month after double foot surgery. You can see the bandages in some of the shots above. I rarely pose flat-footed but, despite my best efforts, I could not yet wear heels on that memorable day. Now, nearly 2 years later, I have made a full recovery and am once again wearing sky-high stilettos and jogging daily. Thank you again to the generous soul who sent me the new foot exercise DVDs and sexy (really), orthopedically correct flip flops. And equally tremendous thanks to Mikey and the anonymous individuals who brightened my Saturday with the other lovely presents.

XO Tanya



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jen blood moon (1)





Good evening,

When last I wrote I was looking forward to the coming lunar eclipse of September 27. On the morning of the eclipse I visited a random park. Homeless encampments dotted extensive premises. Fervent motion attracted my attention as I proceeded through the landscape and quickly I realized that someone was giving a handjob to a man on his back while numerous others looked on. I averted eyeballs and headed toward what looked like a family barbecue in the distance. An empty concrete bench beckoned. I sat down with my coffee just as the clouds overhead parted. Sunlight pierced my skin, smoke stung my eyes, and a man with a rich African (?) accent began talking loudly and laughing. His deep voice seemed to echo across the park. Slowly I acclimated to the surroundings. No conventional families were frequenting the area on this day – presumably local residents know to avoid the place. Two stoic women were barbecuing for park inhabitants. The ladies, accompanied by several small dogs, bore the pleasant, guarded expressions that I associate with the most effective and diligent of outreach workers. Everyone else seemed embroiled in full frontal debauchery. I could only think: “If this goes on here at 10am then what in the world happens at midnight?” For maybe 30 minutes I wallowed in the ambiance and then drove to a nice, familiar tavern with a friendly bartender.

Later that night I became enthralled by the eclipse, completely spellbound by its majesty (top pic courtesy of LA photographer Jenifer.) I watched transformation from red to black to glowing macaroon to  glorious, full Harvest Moon. Throughout metamorphosis moon hovered near an amazing highrise structure in my field of vision. Around 9am the next morning I was intending to look up details about highrise in a book of architecture (thanks, Bob!) that I keep at home. The well-thumbed tome immediately fell open to a page which discussed a building on the periphery of the handjob park. Stunned, I read available information, felt like the park was haunting me. I couldn’t seem to shake it. On Tuesday I got some coffee at a donut joint and almost dropped my Styrofoam cup when a family sat down next to me and began discussing their plan to move into a 2-bedroom house which bordered the same park.

Obviously the park was calling me and I have been writing about it for the past week.

MacArthur Park,

Lesser known evil,

Open air sleigh ride,

On spear of the devil.

The full poem extends longer although I haven’t quite finished it yet. Clearly it will lurk in my soul until I do. Oddly, I am not writing about the infamous MacArthur Park that all LA residents know about. Somehow I managed to stumble into a different MacArthur Park (lesser known evil) which makes the original one look downright tame.

Next week I will be embarking on another round of shooting. Above pics come from soon-to-be-released Mrs. Hamilton video entitled Live, Nude Theatre. Even milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton had to look away (2nd pic from top) from the public handjob that I witnessed 😉  Going to bed but I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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