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Good evening,

Been doing lots of shooting.. and getting shot. Photos above from January 15. Early mornings and late-night diners have somehow helped me shed a few pounds. Yesterday I pulled a pair of size 1 jeans from my suitcase and felt astonished at how baggy they had become. What’s next – kids’ clothes? Back at home til next week’s filming date with lovely Kianna Dior. Between now and then I will be updating websites and checking out Sky Cabaret, new home to longtime friend/nightclub manager  Rainier. He and I worked together for many years at legendary Wild Goose in Inglewood. “You can dance if you like.” Rainier’s text message read this morning. “Let’s see how I feel after a few drinks.” I responded. Do I want to return to dancing? Notion reminds me of a famous Eagles’ lyric:

“You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Come to think of it, that song sums up my whole relationship with Los Angeles – I try to depart and a magnetic force pulls me back.  Extremely tired right now and need to untease an elaborate hairstyle before I wash out all the hairspray. Hope everyone is doing well. I shall return in the morning..

XO Tanya


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Perfect Morning






This morning I rose before dawn to go jogging, took a long shower, toweled off with plushest lavender towels in existence, and enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee from brand new Keurig coffee maker. Thank you so much, Don, for luxurious new towel set! I love it. Not sure if you noticed but towels match green and lavender striped robe you bought me last year (wearing it right now to stave off 48 degree LA morning chill.) Did receive your note about shower curtain but it has not yet arrived. I send you a million kisses and hugs for your kindness.

Awesome new Keurig coffee maker replaces trusty old Mr. Coffee machine which I’ve been jerry-rigging since the Bush administration. I really do try to hang in there with my appliances but Mr. Coffee doesn’t even have a functional basket anymore. Thank you, anonymous individual, for state-of-the-art new Keurig machine, coffee/tea/hot chocolate pods, and convenient storage drawer! I shall toast your generosity each and every morning. Even picked up new coffee cup (bottom pic)  to celebrate my computer-oriented, deskbound lifestyle 😉

Thank you again, Don and Anonymous Stranger. Your Wish List gifts will continue to delight me for many, many mornings to come. I wish you both tremendous joy and abundance in this coming year.

XOXO Tanya




Video Deal of the Week


Mysterious woman in shadows ponders fate of broken city..

Assistant DA Tanya Proctor toils relentlessly to drive criminals from once thriving metropolis of Parker City. Unbeknownst to coworkers and good citizens Ms. Proctor also harbors a very dark secret. Download American Angel – Volume 1 to watch Tanya Proctor battling forces of evil.. along with her own personal demons. This week only American Angel – Volume 1 reduced to $33.99 (normally $69.99.) Special pricing good through January 17, 2016.

XO Tanya

P.S. Special thanks to Giantessbook for the amazing photo rendering of Ms. Proctor. Image above inspired me to put American Angel – Volume 1 on sale this week.



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Good afternoon,

Since New Year’s Eve Hedy Lamarr, Marilyn Monroe, and Joan Bennett have been breezing about my place as I edit photos and prepare website updates. I love old noir flicks with glamorous femmes fatales and cynical storylines. Many take place in LA, often featuring older architecture in the city. Stark black-and-white landscapes suck me out of the present moment, especially since I live in a building of 1920s construction. How easily I forget about the modern world outside my door. Earlier today I felt like an alien in a spaceship when I climbed into my car to run errands. Men in saggy pants paraded past windshield, schoolkids pressed cellphones to ears, rectilinear condominium developments filled all available space. I have a fantasy about moving someplace very remote. Any farmers out there need an apprentice? I possess amazing stamina.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

XO Tanya


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Ghost of New Year’s Past









Good afternoon,

I greet you from home on a rainy Tuesday. Love the rain! As if to smite the words from my last post I just encountered a gallery of photos from 2009 entitled “New Year” and from all appearances I was celebrating something (presumably New Year’s Eve) and not at home. Pics above seem to trace a course from late at night until following morning. Presence of champagne with morning paper indicates some type of festive event. In all likelihood I had booked motel room for a shoot and then just stayed overnight to party with friends. I do see trademark Days Inn rising sun logo on paper cup in bottom pic. And clearly I spared no expense on that fine bottle of Korbel champagne 😉

Came across these shots whilst perusing a flash drive of content (thanks, Mikey!) from former Members’ Area.  Getting ready to launch new auctions so I was looking for footage corresponding to specific items of wardrobe in my closet. About to have lunch but will continue closet cleaning/organizing mission afterward. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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