Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Ireland of Riches

“Singing heralds,
Lush green island,
Lit by emeralds,
Twinkling diamonds.

Lush green island,
Sparkling shamrocks,
Twinkling diamonds,
Rainbow jackpots.

Sparkling shamrocks,
Underground cavern,
Rainbow jackpots,
Rustic tavern.

Underground cavern,
Wellspring of riches,
Rustic tavern,
Flowing Guinness.

Wellspring of riches,
Lit by emeralds,
Flowing Guinness,
Singing heralds.”

Verses drift over moon-streaked water. Dumbfounded, wanderer stops in tracks. Was ocean speaking to her? Surging tide deposits green bottle onto shoreline. On impulse wanderer carries bottle to motel where she strips off wet jeans, ponders odd communication. Suddenly bottle sparkles, smokes, shakes until leprechaun explodes from green confines. “Your grandmother sends me from the motherland to grant three wishes.” leprechaun announces. Doubting her own sanity wanderer requests the obvious: “May I have millions of dollars, eternal youth, and an endless supply of Guinness?” Abundance of riches materialize around room. “With these blessings come responsibility.” leprechaun cautions. “You must share your wealth in order to prosper.” Miniature genie disappears, wanderer reflects on ancestral communication, springs into philanthropic action..

In a nod to both her Irish heritage and Benny Hill Tanya celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by providing beer, cash, flashes of gratuitous nudity to all holiday visitors. Download Ireland of Riches at TanyaTV.com!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




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Ides of March


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Good afternoon,

Just five days til Spring Equinox – enough time for a winter excursion into densely forested mountains:

Black Forest

Illuminous milieu,
Reflects external lights,
Beguiling witches brew,
Dark underworld delights.

Aswirl in dulcet breeze,
Beneath gigantic larch,
Arrives sweet Huldra’s tease:
“Beware the Ides of March.”

Please exercise caution during your trip ūüėČ Pretty busy with shooting this week but didn’t want to let Ides of March slip by unnoticed. Above pics seemed a bit ethereal (i.e. ghostly white) so I’m¬†using them to commemorate end of Winter 2016 along with forest siren Huldra. I shall return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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Scarlet Noir

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Good evening,

I am editing custom photos today. During breakfast, while writing text to accompany gallery, I found myself inspired by noir film Scarlet Street. In this 1945 classic woman of ill repute (Joan Bennett) drives hapless mark (Edward G. Robinson) to damnation. Plot may sound a bit cliché but movie has numerous compelling aspects. Instead of portraying Robinson character as merely a poor sap you see him as possessor of world class talent who has no faith in his own abilities. Thoughts of movie evoked these words at Subway this morning:


Scarlet Noir

Rubies and diamonds,

Fire and ice,

Smoldering virtue,

Breathtaking vice.


Illubrious demimonde,

Signed for twice,

Sinister rendezvous,

Ruins your life.


After returning home I typed poem into computer which objected to “illubrious”. In my mind “illubrious” should represent the opposite of “salubrious” but evidently the word does not exist at all. I’m leaving it in there anyways ūüėČ


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Hope everyone is having  a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya


Alice Lighthouse


Every time I see photos featuring new starlet Alice Lighthouse I think of this particular technique for picking one’s official porn moniker:

First name = your middle name

Last name = name of street on which you currently live

No idea if Alice used above method but¬†it seems like she may have ūüėČ Click here for brand new video of Alice and here for Alice’s¬†growing library of XXX features.

XO Tanya



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Ballad of Isolation




Agent Tanya Рstar of such classics as Penetration Nation, Gangbang Banana, Blonde Dahlia Рhas resurfaced. Earlier this week I found some 2011 footage (look at those huge cans) lurking in my filing cabinet so I prepared material for release. Entitled Hitwoman this video features clandestine operative who yearns for companionship. Over the next few days I began composing text to promote the material. This poem emerged:

Ballad of Isolation

Memories skulk through city,
Dark and delirious,
Sad remainders of yesteryear,
Painful and piteous.

Brutalized beyond redemption,
Grisly wounds dripping rust,
Fetid, festering entities,
Violations of trust.

From eleventh story window,
Aswirl in cold nimbus,
Isolate gazes at carnage,
Pens magical opus.

Diary of a madwoman,
Sparkling black treatise,
Infernal animosities,
Serve eternal purpose.

Released from wicked spell of past,
Crumbling edifice,
Isolate smites roving demons,
Dissolves into focus.

Finally satisfied with verbiage and 8-6-8-6 syllable pattern I noticed that poem had morphed into a composition that had virtually nothing to do with the video. Think¬†words did help remind me to stop living in the past – lately I’ve recognized importance of expunging tortured memories which haunt me. Ready to post Hitwoman but still lacking text description I headed to Denny’s for midnight coffee and an omelette. Words flowed easily within comfortable environs of window-side table:


Dangerous occupation, constant assignments, need for secrecy isolate Agent Tanya from rest of society. Closest acquaintances know neither her true name nor any details of shadowy past.

Middle of nowhere,
Overflowing beer,
$6 slam.”

Agent idly scribbles words on paper place mat just as food arrives. 24-hour diners represent only consistent aspect of operative’s itinerant existence. More festive than most this Denny’s restaurant boasts both liquor license and intoxicated patrons. With gusto agent downs food, leaves $20 bill and curious truckers in wake. None of the men had approached her but most watch as mysterious blonde merges vehicle onto Highway 80. Someday Tanya will join forces with suitable lone wolf but for now she must rely on large, rubber cock in suitcase to relieve yearning for companionship..

Yes, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately.. and it keeps showing up in my writing. Poor Agent Tanya – I should refrain from making her seem like a needy broad ūüėȬ† As with everything this phase¬†in my life too shall pass. Big¬†hugs to all who visit me here. You make me feel wanted. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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