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This past week I suffered an attack of vertigo while driving. At the wheel I had trouble differentiating between vertigo and panic but did manage to pull vehicle safely to side of road and crawl into backseat. It felt like my body was attacking me. Mystical underwater scenes (kind of like top pic of trippy street art) unfolded in my mind as I lost sense of reality.  Finally I recovered to find myself parked in front of a Sons of Italy lodge.

Not really wanting to drive but also not wanting to bother anyone to come get me I motored to nearby donut shop which I visit periodically. After nightfall this joint secures their entire cash register/kitchen area behind interlocking plexiglass shields but they generally open windows in the plexiglass during daylight hours. On this particular afternoon I found all shields locked and an empty bottle of Taaka gracing a tabletop. Clearly they had been experiencing some difficulties. I ordered a coffee which materialized through a labyrinthine passageway designed to prevent anyone from leveling a gun directly at employees. Strong sunlight induced me to sit in a booth which faced the back of the room instead of toward the street. Wish I hadn’t done that.

Not long after my arrival a loud argument erupted in the parking lot. “Give me my motherf*cking money! I want all my motherf*cking money!” someone was yelling. “Hand it over now, n*gger, before I beat your motherf*cking ass!” Although tempted to turn around I knew I should mind my own business. A man at a nearby table had no such compunction. He darted to the other side of his booth so he could shamelessly rubberneck at the spectacle from an improved vantage point. I ventured a long enough glance at the parking lot to see four large black men embroiled in a very loud dispute. Redirecting attention to notebook in front of me I continued to hear yelling, arguments and later some laughter arising from outdoor confrontation. After draining coffee I rose to leave. That’s when I saw two men in the parking lot, clad only in underwear, angrily putting on their clothes. What had I missed?? Two other men still loomed over the semi-naked ones and spectators gawked unabashedly in the distance. I cursed myself for the earlier restraint I had exhibited. Lol.. milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton would have found a way to throw herself right into the mix..

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Day ended on a high note. Upon returning home I Googled “cure for vertigo” and  found an extraordinary video which both explains the condition and provides a viable cure which can halt future attacks. Feeling renewed I decided to use incident for text description of upcoming release, Vertigo, in which redoubtable Mrs. Hamilton experiences a fainting spell (pics in purple blouse.)

Just checked footage.. looks like I shot Vertigo on November 1, 2015. Video likely would have languished in personal library for years if real vertigo hadn’t prompted me to remember it. I will release Mrs. Hamilton’s fainting episode (and consequential exploitation) later this week at Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Blue Iris Mountain



Blue Iris Mountain

Brazen outlaws lurk beneath escarpment,
Lavender horizon fills with ashes,
Ululating owls form parliament,
Eery beacons abound, lightning flashes.

Insolent scoundrels disregard warning,
Recklessly approach Blue Iris Mountain.
Iron bells repeal irenic morning,
Stir response from heavily armed townsmen.

Magic chieftain rides to pinnacle ridge,
Overlooks assemblage of invaders,
Unloads stunning cavalcade of carnage,
Nigrifying land with fresh cadavers.

Thunderous explosion rocks sierra,
Armoring terrain with rich escutcheon;
Iolite, blue iris form triquetra,
New heraldic symbol for brave chieftain .

Legend of Blue Iris Mountain inspires countless attempts but only three successful climbs to location of massacre. Each triumphant expedition verifies existence of gemstone/blue iris escutcheon on steep hillside. Gift from deities to chieftain, shield still prevents mere mortals from crossing summit of sacred Blue Iris. Brave chief has long since passed to holier land but one great, great, great granddaughter, Tanya Danielle, lingers in rough terrain at base of mountain. Blessed with same gunfighting skills as famous ancestor Tanya uses power for nefarious purpose. For how long will prodigal granddaughter elude forces of justice??

Tanya Danielle stars in supervillainess fantasy Blue Iris Mountain. Shot entirely in POV video features bare breasts, shameless self-worship, double image in mirror, thigh high boots, gloves, mask, belly chain, belly fetish, micro G-string, double-barreled duel, multiple knockouts..

Blue Iris Mountain coming soon to



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Garden of Melon







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Mrs. Hamilton instructs English students to compose envelope quintets on subject of choosing. Amongst completed assignments appears this submission from Prinzzess Felicity Jade:

Garden of Melon

Casaba, honeydew, papaya, quince –
Rich, fruity horticultural reserves
Used for speed bags, drills, target practice thence
Smashed into jam, pie filling, sweet preserves.
Heed warning, Temptress, hide your succulence!

Disconcerted by words Mrs. Hamilton unconsciously raises hand to cleavage, wonders if Prinzzess might be leveling some type of threat. Admittedly English teacher has used large breasts to seduce numerous 18-year-old male pupils but Prinzzess can’t know that, can she? Dismissing notion educator slashes red “C-” across page, returns it to Prinzzess the following morning. Several hours later classroom door flies open to reveal pair of stunningly feral, catlike eyes. “Stay away from my boyfriend.” Prinzzess hisses ferociously, clouds of yellow fire emitting from hazel irises. “Or I will smash your huge tits into oblivion!!” Naturally Mrs. Hamilton will brook no such disrespect from a mere student..

Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Garden of Melon, a brutal topless catfight which pits hot teacher against nubile student. Punching, choking, breast mauling, nipple torture, wedgies, crotch grabbing, stomping, decisive KO ensue. Download Garden of Melon at



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Long, Hot Summer




Good evening,

Tanya Hamilton, reigning Mrs. Parker City 2016, seems to have gotten herself worked up over something. Lol.. bottom shots look like they come from a computerized tavern game where you have to discern “What makes these two photos different?” Cameraman Jon White snapped pics during July 8, 2016 shooting of Venal Code:

Venal Code

“Vagina overflows with revelry,
Elixirs soon evaporate to mist,
Nirvana vanishes like setting sun
As willing victim revisits dark tryst,
Lewd acts, unmitigated devilry.”

Distractedly Mrs. Parker City Tanya Hamilton composes verses, tosses pen onto leatherbound journal. In last 24 hours vagina – seemingly without consent of brain – had exploded in orgasm, creating beautiful afterglow which evaporated along with pussy juices. Now pageant winner must face consequences of tryst with 18-year-old temptress. Still ensconced in rumpled bed sheets Mrs. Hamilton realizes that fleeting state of sexual nirvana has permanently corrupted both her code of ethics and what remains of yearlong reign. Lust, guilt, treachery, repentance swirl like a maelstrom. “I should have halted this venal sojourn while I still could.” beauty queen says aloud..

Milfsploitation fantasy Venal Code features disgraced beauty queen, outfit changes, photo shoot, older woman/younger woman theme, magic elixir, forced masturbation, dildo fucking, butt plug, double penetration, forced orgasm, explosive anger. Venal Code available for download at

Maybe Mrs. Parker City 2016 should cool down with a nice, stiff drink:


Come to think of it.. I can probably use one too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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