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Happy Halloween!

I greet you from home on this festive night. Thought I should keep my black cat company on her official holiday ūüėČ ¬†Earlier I added Vampiress Smother starring Summer Cummings and myself to my Diamond Club Members’ Area and am currently uploading Morrison Hotel starring Francesca Le and Stacy Burke to TanyaTV.com. Incidentally, I woke up yesterday morning, looked at Morrison Hotel text from last post and decided to change it a bit:

Powerful engravings decorate walls,
Reproduce mythology in marble,
Elevate medieval witch on corbel,
Summon ghostly spirits into dark halls.

Ebony eyes promise life-changing tryst,
Nighttime predators begin to warble,
Crashing orgasm! Transmissions garble!
Evidence fades with dawn’s earliest mist..

I live in a spooky old building with engravings on walls; etchings wend their way into my dreams at times. In writing above words for Morrison Hotel I was picturing Stacy and Francesca as gorgeous succubi who assault business traveler in his sleep. His wife could hardly blame him for such a supernatural occurrence ūüėČ It took me a few tries to put words together (see last post) but when I saw this I had everything I needed. Honestly, I had been looking for one more word that loosely rhymed with “marble” and it felt like a sign that this awesome medieval succubus was attached to a “corbel”.

In other news I will be making¬†Vampiress Sexfight starring Mercedes Ashley and myself ¬†the specially priced Video Deal of the Week this week. As you can see I’m juggling a few activities tonight so I should probably¬†try to focus a little better. One last thing.. as I walked to donut shop this morning I passed some street art that looks just a bit like Francesca:



Above pic of Francesca with Stacy’s lush breast comes from Morrison Hotel which I am going to post at TanyaTV.com right now. Happy Halloween!

XO Tanya

Update Р10pm:  All above missions now accomplished, plus I added gorgeous Morrison Hotel photo gallery, (including behind-the-scenes pics), to FantasyImageStore.com.



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Morrison Hotel








Saturday night.. always a good night to stay home and get smashed by oneself. I know that sounds kind of pathetic. Anyways, with vodka at elbow/music playing I am busily editing photos from soon-to-be released Morrison Hotel starring Stacy Burke and Francesca Le. Top photo shows iconic 1970 album cover of Morrison Hotel by The Doors. I snapped next pics (second and third photos from top) during 2011 visit to now defunct establishment. On that day I had a few things on my list, missed a turnoff for Hope Street, and did not feel like reversing course til White Room by Cream (1968) started playing on the radio. Music impelled me to renew search for Morrison Hotel and so glad I did – will always remember that afternoon because boarded-up property still housed plenty of magic.

While writing text for October 7 Stacy-Francesca French maid video the mystic  Morrison Hotel resurfaced in my head once again:

Morrison Hotel

As with most dreams imagery contains odd symbols, weirdly discombobulated activity:

“Polished black and white squares, liquid marble,
Ripple underneath stiletto footfalls,
Evanesce behind steel-reinforced walls,
Signal slow-approaching mystic marvel.

Ebony eyes promise life-changing tryst,
Nighttime predators begin to warble,
Crashing orgasm! Transmissions garble!
Evidence fades with dawn’s earliest mist.. ”

Business traveler wakes to same concrete walls, black-white checkerboard tiles which had surrounded him at bedtime but he feels very, very different, almost as if succubi had sucked soul right out of body. Memories of two stunning French maids float through consciousness – same raven-haired vixen, blonde beauty who had engaged him in sexual tryst? Dismissing notion traveler rises from bed, departs Morrison Hotel for meeting. Associate notes traveler’s uncharacteristic distraction. Traveler dismisses concern by saying: “Oh, I’m fine, just didn’t sleep very well at that old Morrison Hotel on Hope Street. Strange old place.” Associate responds with puzzlement, alarm, reflexive emotion. “Morrison Hotel on Hope Street..” he echoes uncomprehendingly. “That establishment shut down in 1973..”

Still fiddling with words, photos but this is general idea for Morrison Hotel video so far. Description of interior (black-white checkerboard floors, steel-reinforced walls) actually arises from building of same era in which I live. Wish I could have entered Morrison Hotel but every passageway sported iron locks and/or bars. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will return to answer blog comments when I feel more coherent (probably tomorrow) ūüôā

XO Tanya



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Crash! Bang! Kaboom!









Just woke to a raging thunderstorm – reminds me of morning I last encountered Geisha Warrior Maiden Akira Lane:

Ancient legend describes atmospheric peculiarities which presage arrival of Geisha Warrior Maiden:

“Black ink drips from sky, blankets mountains high,
Lays onyx finish over seas, conceals
Avenging executrix drawing nigh.
Crash! Bang! Kaboom! Gold thunderbolt reveals
Kimono-clad assassin’s creamy thigh..”

Words resonate with catfighter Tanya Danielle but only briefly. “Geisha Warrior Maiden..” she says contemptuously. “I beat Mia Li and I will destroy Akira Lane as well.” Misplaced confidence infuses nighttime dreams with strange tincture. After hours of restless sleep Tanya wakens to face black dawn. Hidden behind dense storm clouds rising sun casts only faintest glow upon obsidian-hued ocean waters. Tanya smiles wickedly. “Two can play at this game.” she says, clothing herself head to toe in dark apparel. “Wonder how Akira the Warrior Maiden will like facing someone who wears her own colors.” Tanya turns from eleventh story window just as thunderbolt illuminates shapely leg slipping out from beneath black silken robe..

Lol.. Akira knows how to make a dramatic entrance. Geisha Warrior Maidens always do ūüėČ

Looks like a break in the rain.. must seize opportunity to go jogging. Hope everyone has a nice Monday!

XO Tanya



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Magic 8 Ball




Good evening,

I greet you from home as sun sets over Pacific Ocean – very beautiful day here. Earlier I picked up my mail and would like to thank the anonymous individual(s?) who sent me a gorgeous set of gemstone/stainless steel earrings and an extraordinarily sexy black camisole with matching thong. Muuuaaahhhh!!!! You will be seeing gifts soon in upcoming videos. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Night has fallen outside – sun disappeared as I was typing last paragraph. Valets at steakhouse across street seem to be preparing for big turnout but rest of neighborhood looks quiet, unlike this morning. Around 9AM I felt like a pinball rolling from adventure to adventure as various people created havoc in the vicinity. On first block man was challenging motel management to throw him off property, on second block couple was brawling over plastic lighter, at Starbucks (thanks for gift card, Phil!) an individual began convulsing on the ground behind me.¬†“I smoked a whole eight ball and I’m having a heart attack! Somebody help me!” he¬†yelled in distress. His companion gazed down at him, unimpressed. After a moment man jumped to his feet, began laughing. Two European tourists clapped their approval. Does the term “eight ball” have universal significance?

Speaking of eight balls.. words just reminded me of a great scene (#25) that I did with incomparable Darla Crane for Seymour Butts’ TushyGirl Video Magazine. I also appear in Scene 4 with blonde beauty McKayla Matthews. Check out my tryst with Darla – quite sure a magic eight ball is rolling around there somewhere ūüėČ

Tonight I will be editing photos from milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton’s latest adventure (pics above from video tentatively entitled Red Neon Fury. ) Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just looked more carefully at the TushyGirl movie and it appears that I’m in Scene 15-16 with Seymour as well.



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Good evening,

Tonight I am getting ready to post Viceroy, a damsel-in-distress bondage fantasy featuring intrepid Officer Danielle. A few days ago I began writing promo text for the video at a local donut shop. These words popped out:

Crumbling structure has occupied corner of Whitsett and Palm Boulevards for nearly a century. Once a gathering spot for high society Viceroy Hotel fell into decline during Great Depression of 1930s. Current ownership periodically covers graffiti, decay with coats of vanilla paint but otherwise makes no attempt to stem debauchery occurring on premises. After hours spent questioning residents Officer Tanya Danielle has heard endless tales of Viceroy’s infamous past, made no progress in quest for elusive suspect. Hot and bewildered, Officer Danielle records quick impression of Viceroy inside notebook:

“Vanilla paint hides century-old scars,
Invisible wounds pulsate underneath
Cement walls, reinforced steel, iron bars.
Eternal tenants, ravaged refugees,
Retrace trajectories of fallen stars,
Obfuscate visiting authorities,
Yield only picaresque tales from past wars.”

Years later salvage crew finds notebook. Final entry sheds no new light on mysterious disappearance of one of Hollenbeck Division’s finest officers..

In the evening I transcribed lines into¬†computer, vaguely wondering what had inspired them. Several days later, upon returning to same donut shop, large poster for iced coffee screamed “Va-Va-Vanilla!!”¬†at me from wall behind service counter. Immediately¬†I recognized impetus for “vanilla paint” phrase I had used several times in Viceroy¬†text.¬†Minutes ticked as I silently applauded/abhorred power of marketing geniuses who had infiltrated my brain with their snappy tagline.

Anyways.. I should have Viceroy video ready for download tonight, already posted photos at FantasyImageStore.com.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Big thanks to all of you who posted such kind, supportive words in the comment fields! I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

XO Tanya



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Hunter’s Prey




Been tied up.. doing lots of shooting. Just released Halfway House and will return in morning to answer blog comments. Know I keep saying that but tomorrow I really will. I enjoy the words, insight, feedback that appear in the comment fields and like to take time to consider my answers rather than toss off quick responses. Past few weeks have been busy so I’ve mostly been working, jogging, sleeping. Seen a lot of beautiful sunrises and tonight I will enjoy Hunter’s Supermoon rising in sky before I go to bed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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After my release from Soviet captivity (pics above) I headed to Granny’s Donuts this morning. Every Granny’s location bears signage with “GRANNY’S DONUTS” spelled out in same distinctive font, leading one to believe that a single franchising entity must have spawned all of them. However,¬†the shops bear little resemblance to one another. Today’s destination boasted friendly proprietress, altar offering grapes to deity, and large table with a dozen loud¬†Vietnamese (?) men speaking animatedly in their native tongue. All fell silent when one man, possibly the proprietress’ husband, played Celine Dion on his phone. Beautiful voice, heavy lyrics floated over hushed room until song ended and rapid-fire conversation resumed.¬†Episode felt a bit surreal and I want to find name of that song. Will always wonder what significance, if any, it had to those assembled.

Aside from kitten mission which I mentioned in last post life has been progressing as usual. Generally I rise early, jog, get coffee someplace, return home by noon to edit material/post photo and¬†video updates. ¬†One day last week, en route to donut shop du jour, I encountered a familiar face outside my building. “That looks like… ¬† ¬†nah, it can’t be… ” I told myself, unwilling to believe that random person from past had materialized so close to home. Man in question was standing by a row of parked cars and yelling at the top of his lungs toward the residential complex next to mine. I kept walking when suddenly our eyes locked. He blinked in surprise. We stared at one another. “You disappeared.” he said laughing. “When I called your phone you had another lady answer it and then you both started making fun of me.” I replayed the statement in my head because it had no bearing on reality. “That never happened.” I said seriously, as if rational words and truth could somehow jerk him back to his senses. At that moment another man walked up behind me on the sidewalk, sternly informing my old acquaintance: “She’s not at home. She’s at work right now.” I took the opportunity to depart quickly as the two men engaged in tense conversation. For whatever reason the incident unsettled me and I headed to crisp, corporate, predictable Starbucks instead of a random donut joint.

Ensconced in Starbuck’s table by window I crawled into wormhole, got lost in fascinating book. Thirty minutes later I jerked bolt upright¬†when erratic figure veered toward plate glass as if he might crash right through it. For second time that day I looked up into the face of my not-so-long-lost old acquaintance. ¬†He began laughing, took a lengthy moment to scrutinize open page of book I was reading, and then disappeared down sidewalk. Reminded of his startling ability to process details I finally wondered why this intelligent man had ended up screaming on a street corner like a crazed degenerate. Honestly, it still bothers me a tad. And brings me back to the original notion of this past post: it seems like there are¬†some especially potent narcotics floating around our streets these days.

Anyways, I am preparing for a shoot today but felt like transmitting a few words/pics as I finish Granny’s coffee.¬†Photos come from just-released Tanyastroika, a bondage/electroplay custom video commissioned by none other than frequent blog commentator Johan ūüėČ I will return this evening to answer more post comments. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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Good evening,

Sun is setting on an eventful day in my neighborhood. Right now I look nothing like that broad in the photos above, so relaxed at home on her bed. Throughout September I was fostering two kittens who needed neutering, veterinary treatment. So many twists and turns occurred that I won’t try to document them. This morning I returned the two healthy kitties to their designated home. ¬†A wave of exultation (not exaggerating) swept through their apartment complex and several families rushed out to see them. I know the kittens belong there but still find myself crying because I miss them. Thankfully, the little guys live close by so I can visit them anytime. Bondage icon Lorelei of BedroomBondage.com gave me great advice throughout the process of trapping/sheltering. Please check out her site and purchase some videos to support Lorelei as she continues her wonderful work in both the bondage realm and animal rescue ūüôā

Right now my big cats are sleeping the sleep of the blessed. I feel like hugging them but know I should let them rest after their long month as foster siblings to the rowdy kittens. Many thanks to my custom video collectors who have encouraged me throughout feline mission and waited patiently for their commissioned videos. Incidentally, I first met kittens back in June¬†and saw them every day during¬†the summer as I slowly gained their trust. From the start I wanted to get them neutered/vaccinated because a feral cat explosion had been occurring in my neighborhood. Other residents had already done same for other local cats so I’m glad I could help too. Now I just need to adjust to a quieter household.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will return in the morning to answer post comments.

XO Tanya



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