Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Had big plans for today but they flickered out after I rolled into bed around 4am this morning.  Yesterday’s wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and a recent road trip have left me depleted in a good way. Right now I am drinking coffee, ignoring sleep deprivation instead of resting up for original Christmas agenda. Think I will probably stay in tonight. Yesterday’s excesses have caught up with me.. feel like I just went a round with Muhammad Ali 😉

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Much love to members of US military who serve our nation year round, including Christmas.

XO Tanya

P.S. I will return to answer post comments when hangover subsides..




Once Smitten..

Good afternoon,

Getting ready to post new updates before I commence last round of shooting for 2016. Yesterday I visited Starbucks to write promo for upcoming video tentatively entitled Birthday Surprise (pics above.) Pen flew across page as images from brain flowed onto paper. Resulting passage genuinely puzzled me:

Bright fuchsia bow unwraps delicious dream,
Intoxicatingly sweet decadence
Topped with thick layers of vanilla cream..

Swirling images, creamy confection embrace sleeping businessman. Transported to pink satin sea he navigates amidst lustrous ripples, silken female legs, boisterous great white sharks.. sharks?!! Jerked awake as gigantic jawline encompasses head businessman lurches to consciousness in familiar surroundings. Vanilla bedroom sheets look staid and ordinary, nothing like wild adventure he had been experiencing. Does dream portend coming excitement? He hopes so. Later that night girlfriend calls on phone. “I’ve got a birthday surprise for you.” she purrs. “Can’t wait til you unwrap the present..”

Crowd was descending on Starbucks so I drained coffee, placed folio in purse, decided to reexamine words later. This morning I did so. Dessert imagery seemed somehow seductive (at least to me) but how had sharks swum into the scene?? Then I remembered a noteworthy album cover from the 1980s:

“Twice Shy” released by heavy metal heroes Great White in 1989

Submerged in my subconscious that image has evidently been screaming for release since 1989. Funny, I had remembered leggy ladies posing on fuchsia satin but red looks equally amazing. Think I will forever revisit heady heavy metal years of yore. Recall seeing long ago post from Kristal Summers in which she said the same thing.

Obviously I need to revise text for Birthday Surprise so today I will be doing that along with packing for shoots, continuing updates:

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments this week – I should have time to answer them this evening.  Hope all of you are having a great Tuesday!

XO Tanya



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Frozen Blow

Good morning,

Just returned from jogging when I saw neighbor wearing flip flops, smoking cigarette outside building.

“It’s freezing!” I exclaimed, astonished by his (lack of) apparel.

“42 degrees.” he responded.

I tried to say something but lips weren’t moving as they should. Putting hand in front of mouth I garbled words: “My lips are frozen!” before vanishing into warm, comfortable lobby.

Brief conversation reminded me of Disney’s Frozen movie. Check out this parody of lead character Elsa. Been chuckling for years over that clip. As always one YouTube vid leads to another.. check this out too – hilarious.

Had to share those before jumping in shower – hope everyone is having a great December weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Enjoy this one too. Autoplay on YouTube is releasing a treasure trove this morning 🙂


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Local bank – October 29

Dolled up for Christmas – December 11
Shocked that holidays have arrived so quickly!

Good afternoon,

Skies have grown dark before 4pm in LA. We are expecting a much-needed rainstorm. Love, love, love the rain and have already purchased a nice bottle (well, relatively) of pinot noir. This evening I will be enjoying inclement weather, sipping wine, working on upcoming video release, Eugenia:

Coded biographical information leaps off page:

Experiment yields tortured spawn,
Unknowing soul born to despair,
Gulfed by fear since disastrous dawn.

Emerged from test tube decades ere,
Neurotic female soldiers on,
Illiterate, tense, unaware.

Cast out from wicked Babylon,
Alone with neither guide nor heir,
Lost dame learns sacred lexicon..



Prime minister digests message, tosses telegram into fire, ponders best course of action. Paper burns to ash before he utters brief summation of circumstance:

“In the late 1970s Soviet scientists conducted unsanctioned experimentation which resulted in three chemically engineered offspring from one human parent. Shocked by success, fearful of prosecution researchers concealed progenys’ true heritage, offered them for blackmarket adoption. One of the spawn, Eugenia, grew up in America with parents who could neither understand their daughter’s psychological peculiarities nor keep pace with her fast-evolving intellect. Eugenia – emotionally illiterate due to background, unable to relate well to normal humans – began quest for divine guidance in 2012. Now, after years spent absorbing sacred lexicon of Universe she poses nearly unfathomable threat to current social structure. If we don’t stop her she will expose politburo, compromise our ability to control lives of ordinary citizens.”

Assembled dignitaries shift in seats, uncomfortably aware that one half-human has power to both reveal, destroy their heretofore unseen influence..

To force enemy into quiescence unseen cabal subjects her to electroshock stimulation .. (custom video sponsored by Johan, frequent comment contributor on these pages)

Naturally, captive demonstrates tremendous resistance to nefarious plan 😉 Will post more pics as I keep editing. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Goldie’s Massage

Goldie Blair gets her beautiful body rubbed down by a handy massage therapist. The unseen masseur pours oil all over Goldie’s sexy naked body and gets to run his fingers all over her bare, soft skin, with very careful attention paid to her big tits and perky nipples. His groping provides her with waves of pleasure. This is a great job for a breast-man as long as he can get only girls built like Miss Blair on his table. Goldie gets too worked up from the man hands to just shower off and leave. Getting rubbed out has helped Goldie’s back and neck but now she’s got some new stress she has to reduce after the therapist leaves her oily and spreadeagle on his table. Goldie has to cum and release that pent-up energy. Another satisfied customer at SCORE Massage Parlor For Built Ladies where the service is hands-on. . Click here for video.

XO Tanya



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Donovan’s Curse

Good afternoon,

Thought I would post a few more pics from Donovan’s Curse featuring experienced wrestler Mia Li. She and I only battled on this one occasion (April 28, 2015) and she later declined a rematch for reasons unknown. Looks like Mia has been staying busy, however, with a variety of endeavors, including her first anal scene.

Donovan’s Curse

Trapped in sleeper hold Tanya experiences vision of mysterious, doomed nomad:

Drifter focuses hard, crystalline eyes
On society’s encroaching virus,
Noose descends from preternatural skies,
Opal sclerae swallow light blue iris.
Violently choked by suicide rope,
At eternity’s gate, blind without hope,
Nomad whispers: “Join me, you desire this..”

With blue eyes rolled back in sockets, rope affixed around neck drifter beckons Tanya into oblivion. Feeling strangely intoxicated Tanya almost succumbs to tight chokehold before breaking free, tossing opponent onto canvas, continuing match. Much later Tanya tells coach: “I saw some type of white-eyed daemon when Mia had me in that sleeper hold. The daemon reached out like he was trying to entice me into the netherworld.” Coach stiffens. “Obviously I was hallucinating.. ” Tanya says slowly. “.. but this man seemed so.. real. Has anyone else ever mentioned a similar experience?” Coach silently formulates response to disturbing question. Finally he says: “The daemon, if you want to call him that, is Donovan. His name means ‘strong fighter’. I don’t want to explore the mythology with you but legend holds that Donovan only appears in minds of the vulnerable. If he returns you must resist his advances with every ounce of your strength. Evidently you fell briefly unconscious during the match – tonight we will review tape to figure out how to prevent that from ever happening again..”

Download Donovan’s Curse starring Mia Li at!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just found some femdom videos of Mia tormenting my old pal David Christopher (AKA Pussyman.)



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Tis The Season

Good evening,

As you can see I’m lacing up my boots, getting stretched out, preparing for holidays. Just posted a bunch of updates:

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am going to turn on an audiobook and begin sanding kitchen cabinets. Getting a jump start on 2017 New Year’s resolution to fix my place up..

XO Tanya



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180 Degrees









Good morning,

I greet you as sun sets over Pacific Ocean. Big thanks to all of you who remembered my birthday. Your e-mails and messages warmed my heart. Yesterday I did something different for my birthday: went to a home loan modification  workshop in Riverside County, a 2-hour drive on surface streets from where I live. Twisting through canyon roads, passing thousands of heads of livestock I motored toward Wind of the Spirit Church, the venue which was hosting the event. Upon arrival a woman asked for name of my lender, looked momentarily nonplussed when I stated it, and then told me to sign a sheet marked by only five other people. Another woman handed me a number, directed me to a busy area where I could wait until lender called me.

Attendees occupied designated spaces devoted to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, etc. Clutching numeral “6” I sat by myself in the empty section assigned to my lender. Most companies had individuals overflowing from their chairs but I had several rows completely to myself so I settled in one and placed bags in another.  Like most women present I carried purse plus additional tote bag filled with documents.

In the next room Bank of America representatives wore matching red garments, another lender wore black, tray after tray of coffee circulated, documents changed hands, and people stayed in perpetual motion even while seated. When my number got called someone lead me past a team in grey blazers, through another team in dark green, into the midst of twenty more animated conversations, and finally to a location directly in front of church pulpit where one individual sat all by himself with no coffee, no paperwork, and a big smile. I shook his hand.

After finding pertinent loan information on his computer he asked how he could help me. “I’m hoping to consolidate the first and second trust deeds on my condo.” I told him. “Can’t do it.” he said. “We’re not a lender.” I smiled, he smiled, silence. “What are you?” I inquired after a moment, unable to come up with a better question. “We are a servicer.” he explained, supplementing his answer with a list of services which his employer did provide. “The holder of the second trust deed directed me to talk to you guys.” I told him. “According to them only your company can enable me to consolidate the loans. Are you saying that I have no chance of combining them?” He nodded affirmatively.

Conversation improved from there. Basically, he told me what I need to do without really coming out and saying it. I gained valuable insight and feel glad that I spent my birthday on this mission. As mentioned in previous posts I have been experiencing some financial issues and am trying to approach them proactively, even though I usually cringe when I hear that word.

At the event people in the waiting area had been carrying on quiet conversations, often wishing one another luck when number holders got called onto the main floor. I rarely find myself amongst kindred spirits – if anything, I have been feeling totally out of touch with most of society – but yesterday I fit right in. Despite presumable hardships (why else would you attend a loan modification workshop?) no one behaved brusquely, raised a voice, or had any need to call attention to him or herself. In Southern California, megalopolis built around clamorous entertainment industry, this qualifies as unusual.

Money issues have humbled me, made me more sensitive to my fellow man, and much more appreciative of blessings in my life. I used to fixate on acquiring more, more, more material “gains” but now I try to maintain a happy, harmonious home and help others whenever I can. Priorities have changed, flipped 180 degrees. I reflected on all this as I sat in the church yesterday, pondering loan modifications and yet another passing birthday. Very glad that I went.

By the way, everything seems to indicate that my mysterious non-lender qualifies as a foreclosure mill. They acquired my loan back in 2012 when I was dealing with a bad tenant, facing the very beginnings of health issues, and falling behind on mortgage payments. Even though I’m stuck with non-lender for now I feel a new sense of equanimity. Like Jeff Lebowski I shall abide – no point in sweating issues beyond my control 😉

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. Hadn’t intended to type this long but yesterday seemed rather profound, mainly because I realize how much I have changed. Anyways, back to important stuff:

  •  Pics above come from Underground Violence gallery (starring Fightbabe Robin vs. myself) just uploaded to
  • Onyx Castle is now playing inside Diamond Club Members’ Area with another new selection coming tomorrow
  • Lip is healing slowly but surely. Should be able to start shooting customs within a week, I hope. Huge thanks to my custom video collectors who are waiting so patiently!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Do I look a little dazed in photo below? You would too if you went ten rounds with Fightbabe Robin..




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Good evening,

Looks like milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton is grabbing throttle of a speedboat as she powers through pristine ocean waters. Actually, she has taken a far different type of excursion:

Red Neon Fury

Tanya Hamilton scrutinizes every aspect of Highway 6 landscape while restless mind narrates third person travelogue:

“Haunted highway, lonely truck stop,
Asphalt flanked by agriculture,
U-shaped burger joint with car hop.

Nighttime driver smokes red sulphur,
Traces path of circling vulture,
Enters twilight zone gone viral,
Donuts into endless SPIRAL…… !!!

Car spins wildly out of control, scarring pavement with black circles before landing in ditch next to donut shop. Shaken, Mrs. Hamilton adjusts chignon, climbs from vehicle. Shop proprietor offers sympathetic greeting, steaming cup of joe. “Must’ve nodded off there..” he says. “Happens all the time on this forsaken highway.”

Slipping into plastic yellow booth grateful traveler watches red neon sign letters illuminate themselves one by one to spell out “HOOTERS DONUT”. First “T” in sequence flickers spasmodically, as if wiring or bulbs cannot function much longer in present condition. Reflecting on recent activities Mrs. Hamilton feels similarly discombobulated. How had she succumbed to sexual advances of 18-year-old family friend?? Despite impromptu road trip homemaker cannot escape memories. “No one will ever know about affair.” she tries to reassure self. “And it doesn’t count as lying if no one ever asks me about it.” Nervously she twists wedding ring on finger, stares out window into moonless night.

Like tiles in cosmic game of Jumble flickering neon letters suddenly exchange positions to form new message: “DO UNTO OTHERS”. Scorched by red neon fury Christian housewife nearly loses consciousness for third time in less than a week..

Will Mrs. Hamilton ever reassemble what remains of her jumbled conscience? Probably not. Check out the good time she had in Red Neon Fury.

How does that scheming housewife sleep at night?



XO Tanya



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