And how was your day?

Feel like I just got hit by a locomotive.  Today’s matches with Saharra Huxly capped a long streak of shooting and other activities. This weekend I will have time to answer blog comments, post more pics, lie in bed with ice packs.

Longtime friend Rainier, former manager of legendary Wild Goose Cabaret, and I were supposed to meet for a drink after shoot but I was too beat (literally.) My text to him about Saharra said it all:

“She is the most dominant woman I have ever met. No close second.”

On that note I end my day.

XO Tanya



Sunday Punch

Returned home from yesterday’s match with Christine Dupree to find that ringmaster STJ had already uploaded some photos from our bout. Still recovering from that Sunday punch. Christine is probably nursing her wounds across town..

Incidentally, that same aqua blue bikini (thanks, Phil!) has seen quite a bit of action in recent years:

Francesca Le pummeling me in 2014

This week already looks busy but I will answer post comments as soon as I can. BTW.. just added Three Faces of Tanya to my Diamond Club Members’ Area (along with 75 other selections.) Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday!

XO Tanya



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Ides of March – Epic Day?


Exactly one year ago  today I was outside Jack in the Box, staring into night sky, writing Black Forest as I waited for sun to rise. World had become increasingly unfathomable and I felt lost in something akin to a black forest. This year I greet Ides of March with a bit of anticipation. Some of my favorite YouTube prognosticators (David Stockman and James Perloff foremost among them) are predicting financial chaos on this day. Upheaval can often lead to beneficial reform and US markets seem to need it.

Once again this morning – just like last year -I sat in drive-thru parking lot (Taco Bell this time) sipping coffee and gazing into darkness. Yet one more time I found message in night sky:

Ides of March

Mosaic pieces drift like ghosts,

Align themselves on seven coasts,

Rise higher than imposing larch,

Convey words from eternal hosts:

“Hear ye! Beware the Ides of March!”

Not sure if March 15, 2017 will go down in history or not but I did notice another message on my coffee cup when I returned home:

Epic Day

Didn’t get the angle quite right but full text on Taco Bell coffee cup reads “Let this Epic Day Begin”. Lol.. I feel ready for an epic day. Have lots of shoots coming up with assorted costars such as Christine Dupree, Alix Lynx, and Saharra Huxly. Contact Jay at for info on ordering your own custom video.

Oh, yes.. couldn’t very well do a post without adding a few nudie pics. Top photos feature Donna Von Cornelius (hapless secretary from soon-to-be-released True Detective video) who evidently did not receive warning about Ides of March danger 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. I will return to answer post comments within the next few days.

XO Tanya



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Good afternoon,

We live in crazy times. Even Captain James T. Kirk (transformed by gender bender cannon) finds himself challenged. Just added Star Trek Star Cross 2 starring Prinzzess Felicity Jade and myself to

Star Trek Star Cross – Part 2

“Tall, blonde Amazon confounds perception,
Haughty eyes bespeak superior race,
Radically engineered conception.

Uberhuman creature radiates grace,
Scientifically honed deception,
Toxic subterfuge beneath red hot glace.”

Message on communicator confuses rather than enlightens Captain James T. Kirk. Alone on mission he can make no sense of puzzling words. Someone is attempting to warn him about… a blonde Amazon? A genetically engineered threat? Sublime trickery? Red hot ice?? Sudden noise returns Kirk to present moment. Instantly on guard captain brandishes phaser, comes face to face with towering blonde Amazon, watches in astonishment as beguiling beauty’s scarlet space suit liquefies into lethal concoction of red hot ice..

(Prinzzess Felicity Jade and Tanya Danielle star in Star Trek Star Cross 2, a sci-fi adventure featuring transgender supervillain, compulsory masturbation, lesbian domination, forced blowjob on dildo, simulated sex, orgasm, crushing subjugation of Captain James T. Kirk. Co-produced by MK.)

Think Prinzzess may have been a sex-crazed alien in a former life. She brings remarkable passion to her role 😉

In other news:

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I should have time to answer post comments tomorrow.

XO Tanya



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