Stadium Thrill


I just added Stadium Thrill starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself to my Clips4Sale store. Ringmaster STJ’s backyard wrestling ring probably does not qualify as a “stadium” but I can’t seem to resist the verbiage:

Stadium Thrill

“All muscles, no strength.” wrestler sneers,

“Wait til the bell rings.” model  jeers,

Adrenaline pounds cranium,

Insanity fills stadium,

Testosterone-infused crowd cheers..

Wrestler jerks awake, pouring sweat. Strange dream had coupled snippets of trash talk with head-pounding pain. Might it be predicting dire outcome of upcoming match? Wrestler dismisses notion after five seconds of reflection. “No fitness model, especially Jewell Marceau, has enough skills to cause me even one iota of pain.” she blurts aloud to empty room..

Yep, Jewell Marceau and I are back in all our trash talking glory. In honor of this long-awaited reunion I have put Stadium Thrill on sale for $19.99 (regularly $38.99) through Sunday, September 3. Funny, about 16 hours after this match I was lying on an operating table as I underwent surgery. Almost completely healed now and working on photos which accompany video footage. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted comments. I really enjoy your feedback and have answered about 3/4 of recent messages. Will return tomorrow to answer more. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Also added La Tigresa and Assignation with a Senator to my Diamond Club Members’ Area.




Collecting Urban Legends

Good evening,

Ever get a song stuck in your head? You try to shake it but it plays for days on end. Last week I was chatting with a longtime resident of my neighborhood. Can’t remember what lead up to it but he gestured towards sparkling ocean, bobbing sailboats and said: “I was living here a long time before it became a tourist attraction. Do you remember how this looked in the 80s?” He launched into a parable featuring crack cocaine, rogue cops, Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs. “The po-lice used to smash battering rams straight into dopehouses.” he reminisced. “They didn’t care who was in there – families, babies, whatever – they just smashed in before anyone could flush the drugs.” I listened with rapt attention, not entirely sure if he was exaggerating for effect or perhaps citing one or two isolated occurrences. He noticed my uncertainty. “Remember Batterram?” he asked. I didn’t think so. “You don’t remember Batterram?” he said with surprise. “C’mon.. ” he tried again. “Batterram!” As a last resort he pulled out his phone and played this video. Immediately engrossed I watched the entire presentation without speaking. Ever since then I hear Batterram in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and in conjunction with any long, tubular object that crosses my field of vision (that happens a lot):

Batterram from “Milfettante”
Batterram from “Barbie Loves Black Cock”
Batterram from soon-to-be-released “Ghostbusted”

OK, I’m joking around a bit with the photos (have to include some nudie pics) but Batterram the song has staying power. Lol.. you’ll be singing it at your office if you watch this oddly compelling proto-music video.

Going to bed now but will return very soon to answer post comments. Sorry I have fallen behind on that – I do enjoy reading your thoughts. In the meantime I have put Land of Cameron on sale for $19.99 (normally $34.99) and added both Return to Sparta starring Ariel X vs. myself and Story of Now to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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Snakes, Ghosts & Spiders

Damsel in distress during shooting of “Spider Walk”.
Message on exterior wall of local tavern.

Good afternoon,

I have long since recovered from July 30 illness and have some new videos under my belt. Above nudie pics come from soon-to-be-released Spider Walk:

Spider Walk

Translucent spider crawls up arm,

Retraces track marks on fair skin,

Inscription on veined porcelain

Advises: “Shield yourself from harm,

Dark devastation lurks within.”

No wonder that broad is screaming 😉

On August 4 I shot middle pic on outdoor wall of local tavern. Same handwriting has appeared in numerous other places in my neighborhood and for some reason I always find odd reassurance in the messages. Seems strange to type that last sentence, especially since property owners presumably don’t appreciate extra labor of covering up anonymous tributes to mystery individual. Maybe I find it refreshing that someone doesn’t rely upon cellphones and social media to transmit emotion? Not sure.. will have to reflect on it more.

About a week ago my VOD store at came down. Store had been experiencing technical issues and software provider accused me of lying when I requested help with correcting the problem. I feel tempted to post the e-mail he sent me but I know I should let the matter die. For the moment I will be selling all my videos exclusively at  Just released Black Snake Boogie (special introductory price of $12.99)  at Clips4Sale and am also preparing both aforementioned Spider Walk  and new paranormal fantasy Ghostbusted for their debuts later this month.

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday! I will return today or tomorrow to answer post comments.

Love this joyful snake. Often snakes are portrayed as sinister but this individual transcends the stereotypes.

XO Tanya



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