Love this street art. Think artist is Bud Snow.
Pic from “Ghostbusted”, exclusive new video at

Good morning,

Supernatural elements invaded my bedroom last night, unleashing a gigantic, red snake which slithered up my..

Just kidding, wish I could relate an exciting story about recent events but I live in a studio and don’t even have a bedroom 😉  Second pic from top comes from newly released Ghostbusted. In this paranormal adventure I explore a haunted old house still inhabited by a ruthless madam known as “Grandma” Evelyn Snipe:


Huge cabbage roses cover walls,

Antique embroidery decks halls,

Upstairs in Grandma’s secret room

Noir pit of decadence does loom,

Taboo boudoir amidst lace shawls.

Just put Ghostbusted on sale for $16.99 (normally $35.99) through October 1. Also added:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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Get a Grip

Masked gunfighter scoping out targets..
Getting a grip

Good morning,

Just put exclusive, newly released Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself on sale for $19.99 (normally $36.99) through Sunday. Since last post I have been working on text for upcoming gunfighter video tentatively entitled Shameless (pics above):


Gunfighter Madeleine Mark gallops toward Carson City, intent upon locating lost secret which enabled ancestors to establish strongholds throughout medieval England. Why does she think sparsely settled Nevada desert contains elusive information? Nobody knows. Several years elapse before Madeleine’s partner receives triumphant missive:

“Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.”

Partner knows instantly that Madeleine has learned dark rune which will enable her to reincarnate her own luscious curves after any type of weapon-inflicted injury. Soon, very soon, Madeleine and cohort will embark on campaign of terror which plunders every stagecoach and banking institution West of the Rockies. Will frequent adversary Sheriff Goldie succeed in halting the unstoppable duo??

Lol.. in last post Madeleine seemed to have a grip on everything but her guns. Today she has gotten more serious 😉

Also just added Ireland of Riches to my Diamond Club Members’ Area. Stay on the lookout for a new photo gallery at later today. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

XO Tanya



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Gunfight at the Compton Corral
Masked gunfighter ready for action.
Bit slow on the draw.. Mouth full of carpet 🙂

Good evening,

First of all, I’d like to thank Brad for the wonderful new trove of reading material and the T-shirt which I will wear proudly. I love regional T-shirts. Muuuaaahhh!! Lately I have not been visiting my mailbox as frequently so please forgive the delayed acknowledgement for your lovely gifts. Tonight I plan on reading “Casting the Runes” since I have developed a bit of a fixation with runes. Early this morning a few odd verses popped into my brain as I lay in bed:

Suppressed for centuries,

Lost to society,

Antiquity’s dark rune

Yields great wealth unto me.

Think those words may eventually help explain how a certain masked gunfighter (pics above) developed supernatural abilities which enable her to survive endless gunfights with other busty outlaws 😉 Or maybe they don’t explain anything at all. Sentence fragments often dangle inside my head – I’ve probably forgotten 1,000,000 of them for every one that I’ve noted down. For reasons unknown my mind likes to compose things. As a little kid I dreamed of scoring a job where I could name different shades of lipstick: “Lustrous Lilac”, “Cranberry Passion”, “Miss Liberty” (bright red), “Gold Cadillac” (perhaps for nail polish.) I still dream of that job even though I love what I do.

Tonight I am preparing Chosen Few starring Saharra Huxly vs. myself for release. Very weirdly I named the video Chosen Few on Wednesday night, met a friend on Thursday morning at a breakfast joint where we saw someone sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with Chosen Few MC. Prior to that moment I had never heard of the club but they do seem to have a colorful history.

So tired.. must stop typing. I will return in the morning to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks again for the wonderful gifts, Brad. May your generosity revisit you a thousandfold.

XO Tanya



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Upside Down, Turned Around

“Stadium Thrill” starring Jewell Marceau vs. myself

KO’ed and Abused

Greetings on this Labor Day weekend,

So many disjointed events have occurred that they seem like kaleidoscope fragments shifting around inside my head. It all started with a routine visit to the dentist who told me that I had a cyst on my throat. He advised that I make an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist immediately. I did so, completing four days of shooting beforehand. On the appointed day my friend Jed kindly accompanied me to the doctor’s office  in case I needed a biopsy and might not feel comfortable driving home. After a short exam doc informed me that dentist had simply located the carotid bulb on my neck, not a cyst. Stunned but relieved I paid the agreed-upon $200 fee (I no longer have health insurance for reasons discussed here) and departed.

Within 48 hours Jed had cracked his tooth by biting into a bone. Of course I returned the favor and drove him to an exam as he had so kindly done for me. Hours passed. I revised text for Summertime Rune (new version entitled Strawberry Moon), filed my nails, flipped through a magazine, watched Hurricane Harvey coverage on TV, walked to 7-11 for a snack, stretched, had a cup of coffee, used the bathroom. Afternoon staff replaced morning staff at the dental office. One of the new arrivals shot a long, speculative look at me. I overheard swing shift receptionist assure an antsy patient that “Normally we never have waits like this but all our dentists are tied up with an emergency.”  Finally my phone chirped.

“Took forever to get that tooth out, just waiting to get sown up.” Jed’s message read.

Maybe 20 minutes later Jed staggered into the waiting room. I tried to keep a neutral expression on my face because he looked like he had gone through a war. Jed tried to talk, could not do so, stumbled into a nearby bathroom to spit blood into the sink. Only much later did he describe a truly barbaric scenario in which a tech held his jaws apart while two different dentists tried for hours to pry a  splintering molar out of his mouth. For the moment I needed to fill Jed’s prescription for pain pills. “Rite Aid” he managed to mumble. Jed waited in the car while pharmacy assistant searched inventory, apologetically returned unfilled prescription to me due to lack of immediate availability. Inspiration struck when I returned to the wheel: “I have pain pills at home from my surgery in June!” I proclaimed while starting engine. Upon arrival building manager looked a bit askance when Jed and I alighted from car and Jed spat a stream of blood into the sewer. I bee-lined straight to my bathroom where I spent precious minutes hunting for the pills. In the meantime Jed had found a bottle of vodka in the freezer. “I’m not sure that you should.. ” I started to say and then just shut up. Later on Walgreens filled his Norco prescription and the experience has ended well.

Several days after dental episode I went to a court hearing where a friend’s son would possibly be turning himself in to face jail time. Friend and I arrived a bit late and could not find seats next to son. “He looks sad.” my friend said about son. “Look how red his eyes are.” Honestly, son did not appear that sad to me – he looked like someone who had indulged in a proverbial “last hurrah” overnight but I didn’t say anything. Judge gave son thirty days to get his affairs in order and report for an 8-month sentence in Los Angeles County Jail.

One day later I learned of an advanced water damage/mold situation that I would need to fix on my property. With that in mind I attended a lovely memorial service and could not really ponder the meaningful event because I needed to meet with a contractor about the mold issue directly afterward. Contractor assessed the significant damage and we drove to Home Depot. “Watch it, watch, watch it.. ” he cautioned as a random individual pedaled toward us atop a cornflower blue bicycle with large white basket. Cyclist drifted all over the roadway, enjoying the breeze, his freedom, his ability to disrupt all traffic in the vicinity. I recognized the bike as one of those rented in a popular tourist area miles and miles away. “Pedal for fitness and health!” a banner on the white basket read. “Ha, Ha, Ha!” contractor chortled aloud, his inflection getting higher on each “Ha!” “Look at him go! Look at this guy go!” I burst out laughing too. Bike thief was enjoying his ride more than anyone from the gentrified “Pedal for fitness and health!” enclave ever could.

As I sit here typing a freak, beautiful rainstorm has just begun pummeling my neighborhood. So awesome! We have been experiencing a 90+ degree heat wave near the ocean. Recent occurrences – including this sudden summer rain – have left me slightly discombobulated, like I haven’t really had a chance to process everything that’s happened in the past week or two. I am posting above photos from Stadium Thrill because I need some nudie pics and because they reflect how my circumstances have been veering all over the place lately..

Anyways, I feel very grateful for all blessings and hope everyone is doing well. I will try to answer post comments in the next few days.

XO Tanya



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