Stars, Stripes, and Superheroines




Good morning,

The first three episodes of Adventures of Terra are now playing inside my Diamond Club Members’ Area. I mention this not only because they are awesome, (Stacy Burke plays diabolical supervillainess Lynx in these premiere episodes of the series), but also because I am retiring Terra’s signature sequined thong. You can own a piece of cinematic history by bidding now. This thong got around. Before becoming a key part of Terra’s official supersuit it appeared in numerous videos and magazine layouts, even on the cover of Tail Ends magazine. That particular issue of Tail Ends is not included in the auction but the winner will receive the sequined thong itself plus a truly stunning amount of other exclusive memorabilia.

XO Tanya



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4 thoughts on “Stars, Stripes, and Superheroines”

  1. Tanya,

    Wow, that’s a piece of cinematic history near and dear to my heart! Terra Danyell (and her arch nemeses, Lynx and Dr. Freudenia) will certainly always be with me. I’m ever grateful to you for these fantastic productions. Are you keeping Terra’s signature top for a while longer, or did it already make its exit?



    1. Hi pw,

      I still have Terra’s top and am keeping my eyes open for another sequined thong. Back in the early 1990s I purchased the original thong – along with matching string bikini top and sarong – at a lingerie/exoticwear shop called “Bodacious” in Tucson. I wanted to give it a good home this year because I didn’t think it would survive much more washing. Thank you so much for all of Terra’s fun, exciting adventures!!!


  2. Hi Tanya,

    I’m glad to hear that Terra’s top remains in your wardrobe, and that a new sequined thong might join it to carry on where the original left off. I still remember when I first saw you onscreen in Terra’s garb–I was delighted with what you had chosen to wear to implement the costume description I had given. It was perfect! And then the action began and it just kept getting better. Thanks to YOU for the fantastic franchise performances and bringing to gorgeous life the heroine of my dreams!


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