Skin Dance


Sometimes I miss dancing. Mainly I miss the strip club scene of the 1990s, an awesome era in exotic dancing history. Above video came out in 2000, I believe. Think I originally saw the box cover in an issue of Adult Video News magazine. Since I was still dancing I called¬† Michael Raven, one of the main director/producers for Sin City, the company which released this video. I asked him if I could get several copies of Skin Dance so I could sell them at the club where I worked. “Are you in that video?” he asked. “I’m on the box cover.” I responded, a bit puzzled. “So.. yeah, I’m assuming that I am in the video.” Silence. “Skin Dance is one of Zoe’s feature movies this year.” Michael said finally. “Why would you be on the box cover of Zoe’s movie?” At the time Zoe Zeman was one of Sin City’s contract stars. I had no answer for his question and we terminated the phone call. Much later I did get a copy of the video. I am not credited anyplace on the box cover as one of the cast members. However, in the video I dance on stage and also join Shay Sights in giving a double lap dance to high rolling customer (and Shay’s real-life husband) Miles Long.

You can see Shay in the lower left corner of the box cover. We are mirroring each others’ posture. Presumably the photographer on set had instructed us to “squat down, spread your legs, and lick your index finger.” Zoe appears in the upper right corner, looking very happy. I suspect that any mirth quickly faded when she saw this artwork decorating one of her feature movies.

XO Tanya



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4 thoughts on “Skin Dance”

  1. Hi Tanya,
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of you dancing on stage (which would be cool) so I clicked on your link.

    Is that you and Shay Sights in the first scene? Wow. Looks like Mighty Schlange is getting his money’s worth.

    Are you no longer dancing in clubs? I guess I didn’t realize that and (mistakenly) assumed you were. Did you give that up when you began concentrating on your own video productions?


    1. Hi Mingori,

      I think Shay did a scene with Daisy Chain in that video. Originally I was supposed to be in that scene instead of Shay but my father had just died so I asked Shay to cover for me. All I did was dance in that video. In real life I continued dancing through most of last year to pay for my surgeries and deal with a foreclosure situation. The clubs in LA – in many cases, not all – are now just fronts for extremely low-priced prostitution. In the words of Mercedes Ashley, who danced in LA as long as I did: “It’s just not worth it.”


      1. Thanks, Tanya

        That’s too bad about the club scene in LA. More on 90s nostalgia to come… I haven’t been to many clubs in my life but some have been muy sketchioso. Others have been fun. Haven’t been to one in some time.

        Of course, I didn’t know you were still performing even until last year. With your CV and cred that should have front page news. Are your dance gigs typically advertised up on the radar somewhere?

        Thanks (sorry, I know I ask a lot of questions….)


        1. Hi Mingori,

          I was working at a local club in LA and never mentioned any of my other endeavors to the customers unless they asked me. Ashley Blue and Coco Pink were dancing there at the same time. Think a few other pornstars were too, although there names are escaping me right now. Used to be very common for LA-based adult actresses to dance in local clubs but not so much anymore. As Mercedes so aptly put it: “It’s just not worth it.” I will always be very grateful, however, to my regular customers and the club management and owners for helping me out in such a difficult time. They were all absolutely wonderful.


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