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  1. Kind of a fan of hers. Somewhat new to the industry. She’s extremely outspoken and somewhat controversial, but I think that’s just because she’s intelligent and confident and speaks her mind.

      1. Oh quite a few. Usually she speaks out against radical feminism at times, things like thought policy. It’s funny because it’s something we spoke about here a while back. People tell her how can she criticize feminists when she’s a dumb pornstar, that she “internalizes misogyny”. She’s like an engineer or something as well. I remember how one guy who didn’t like her views told her to close her legs first, and she responded “you can’t slut shame a slut who isn’t ashamed of it”.

  2. I think she was an aerospace/tech engineer. Not certain on the website. I think it’s because she’s really new to the industry. Her twitter just links her streamate, Gmail, and some contact stuff etc.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    I hadn’t heard of her until your post. Did a quick search and it seems like her main personal site is on twitter, so I’m “following” her now just to find out more out of curiosity. Also found a blog at http://mercedescarrera.mypornstarblogs.com/ but it really doesn’t give a lot of details. Seems to be managed by someone else.
    She’s attractive enough and you’re right in that she looks like she would make a good catfight competitor.
    Good luck, it would make for a good fight!

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