Bikers, Trekkies, and Lesbians



Tis the season to reflect on the past. Goldie Blair (bottom pic) and I first met on a Biker magazine set where we posed for the above cover shots. My issue came out in December 1998 and hers appeared several months later. Of course Goldie has now morphed into a stunning brunette vixen with a fierce desire for dominance. I am still sporting the same hairstyle, makeup, and styling so favored by rock star groupies of the 1980s. Even in the photo above I look like the type of chick who would blow a roadie through a chain-link fence so he would allow me backstage to meet members of the band. Never did that but, wow, I sure do look like a bimbo. Someone once told me that my appearance is nothing but false advertising. I would have to agree.

Goldie and I have continued to shoot together since 1998, originally for large XXX companies before we started producing our own content. I suggest that you check out this biker-themed gangbang that we filmed for Summer Cummings in 2004. True pornography. In recent years we have collaborated on many notable features including Deep Blue Good-by, Lesbian Slayer, Star Trek Sexfight, and Star Trek: The Woman Trap.

When the new year comes I shall toast large-breasted women, bikers, Star Trek, and lesbian pornography. Hope you will join me, at least in spirit 😉

XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Bikers, Trekkies, and Lesbians”

  1. “Someone once told me that my appearance is nothing but false advertising.”

    I wonder what the circumstances were for this remark haha. I actually think you look phenomenal in the photo, wouldn’t necessarily say ‘bimbo-ish’ but you do have that busty biker babe appeal. Have you ever ridden motorcycles before?

    1. Only been on the backs of motorcycles. That sounds so bimbo-ish. False advertising comment surfaced when someone was explaining that he was surprised to discover that I’m not as trifling as my appearance would suggest. Blonde hair and big cans tend not to inspire much confidence in strangers. XO

  2. Dear Tanya,

    That is quite a photo.

    Bimbo-ish? You are too hard on yourself. Your eyes and body language have always revealed a personal depth to go along with the (incredible) packaging. Only a fool would miss that.

    Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover: amazing exterior, equally amazing interior. With you there are no contradictions there. What are you implying? Brown hair and small cans are supposed to make me confident in someone…..? Ha! 😉

    1998? Yup, I had a motorcycle back then. Though “Born to Be Mild” would have been a better theme song for that time in my life.

    You, Goldie, Francesca and Ashley would make an amazing motorcycle gang. (You can tear up my town any day.) Who else would you want riding with you in your posse?

    More importantly, who would you want riding BEHIND YOU on your bike? Prinzess?


    1. Thank you very much for the compliments, Mingori! Some people really cannot get beyond blonde hair – they really can’t. It amazes me how susceptible people are to surface appearances. I tend to wear flip flops and jeans (or shorts, depending on weather) every day. People treat me so differently on the rare occasion (funeral, court appearance) when I wear a skirt and blouse. It’s like being two different people.

      You mention Ashley. Do you mean Ashley Renee?


  3. Hi Tanya,

    Oops. I was imagining Mercedes Ashley in you biker gang. Bandana, boots, etc. Well, maybe skip the ‘etc.’ come to think of it.

    Ashley Renee has seemed very mild mannered in her videos with you. Hard to imagine her as a biker chica (so, see, there I go letting surface appearances get the best of me.) But I enjoy being proven wrong.


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Ashley Renee is very submissive. And, as one of her fans once put it: “She is perpetually in distress.” No, I don’t see her behind the handlebars of a big chopper. Mercedes Ashley would be the leader of the biker gang: quiet, detached, unassuming – the type you should fear.


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