Deep Blue Good-by


Deep Blue Good-by

In honor of my earlier reminiscences about Goldie I have added Deep Blue Good-by to my Diamond Club Members’ Area:

Tanya Hamilton (played by Tanya Danielle) tries to keep her emotions at bay but the tremulous anger resurfaces over and over, slowly lapping away at her resolve. Finally she confronts the teacher who gave her daughter a bad grade and demands an explanation. “Alice purposely misinterpreted the assignment.” social studies instructor Ms. Blair (played by Goldie Blair) discloses. “I requested that she write about tolerance and she submitted a paper which outlines every facet of her moral opposition to gay marriage. In the last paragraph she expresses gratitude for her inclusion in an academic environment where those who pursue deviant homosexual lifestyles still have to tolerate her viewpoint.” Mrs. Hamilton absorbs this information. “Was my daughter implying that there are homosexuals attending Parker City High School?” she asks after a minute. “I just need their names. My connections in the Parent Teacher Association will have them removed immediately!” Ms. Blair glares at her. “In order for them to get the help that they need.” the housewife adds hastily. Smoldering tentacles of rage rise from Ms. Blair’s toes to her loins and then explode out of her eye sockets. She grabs Mrs. Hamilton by the neck, locks her in a kiss, and launches a sexual attack worthy of 10,000 love-starved sailors. “Evidently you and your daughter need to improve your functional understanding of homosexuality.” Ms. Blair says with venom dripping from her tongue. Mrs. Hamilton stares into the deep, blue eyes of her assailant, almost completely submerged in the hate-filled tide of sexual desire which threatens to consume her entire being..

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4 thoughts on “Deep Blue Good-by”

  1. Tanya,
    Great Post as usual! Goldie has been one of my favorites when she is in a video with you. I have to admit that when I was in a rather dull meeting today at work with QA people yammering on, I got my phone out to check messages. It’s not the smartest phone in the world, but for some reason I haven’t jumped on the iphone wagon. Anyway, I was checking the news when I decided to try and see if I could get to your site, and Eureka! it worked. So when I got to the line about “10,000 loved starved sailors” I just cracked up. Thank goodness not too many people noticed accept my boss and he was just as bored as I was. And these other yammering people report to him.
    Once again I have to say how much I enjoy your site. I think “pw” had an early post that summed it up so well. It’s fresh an entertaining.
    I’m a history buff and really enjoy the medieval and renaissance periods, and I’ll admit I like going to Renfaires-lol. How do these come together? You’re like an online “globe” theatre, yes pun intended. There’s comedy and drama and extreme beauty and real life. Well played!
    I used to do casual aimless surfing when I was interested in the adult theme, but since I’ve rediscovered your site it’s a great place to check in for good stuff. So thank you yet again!

    As a side note: my boss asked me what I was laughing about, and we have a good rapport so I told/showed him……you may have a new fan in the near future!

    Thanks a bunch, take care,

    1. Thanks so much, Don! Your compliments have brightened my morning. And the sun is not even up yet. I’m glad that you have a liberal-minded boss.. lol. What are QA people? People who ask a lot of questions? 😉


      1. Hi Tanya,
        Lol, very perceptive! Yes they do ask a lot of questions. In the work I do in pharmaceutical manufacturing, QA stands for Quality Assurance. They play a very important role. My role is to provide the technical assessment and they make a final decision. In this case they had to stew a bit, hence the yammering on and macerating which gave me time to check out your site 🙂 It was a win-win situation.
        Glad I could brighten the morning! Keep the good stuff coming,

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