Time Warp



Good thing that Stacy and I have a shared affinity for semi-psychedelic colors. Brightness of hue contributes to the time warp in my head when I gaze upon these photos. Stacy and I shot the top pic two days ago with JM Rolen. The other images (video captures from Blonde Bikini Battle) date back to perhaps 2003 or so. If things stay on track Stacy and I should reunite to shoot Blonde Bikini Battle – Part 3 at some point in 2024.  Wonder if those bikinis will stay intact.. and who gets the yellow one next time? 😉

XO Tanya



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10 thoughts on “Time Warp”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Wow, you are looking particularly ripped in that photo with Stacey–as does she. It’s not just the bikinis that haven’t changed. 😉

    Has there ever seen a woman who looked as good in one as you? The answer, of course, is NO.

    I trust Stacey was a much more reliable ‘boxing’ partner than your recent (hopefully now forgotten) nemesis at the Rolen works.

    Looking forward to 2024….


    1. Thanks, Mingori!! The bikinis did not change but we did change bikinis. This time I wore the yellow. Btw.. it was not planned in advance. Total happenstance that we brought pink and yellow bikinis on Thurs. I actually had to troll through my archives to find out for sure if we had done so once before. Earlier footage dates back to cameraman Mike Raffone era. Had a great time with Stacy at the shoot. Always fun to see her. Shoot went amazingly well and JM was very pleased. Already talk of a rematch 😉


  2. Hi Tanya,
    I agree with Mingori, you look as Hot as ever. Stacey posted a picture of herself after the shoot on her twitter page. Hopefully you fared better. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Any idea when it will be released?
    Nice work!

    1. Thank you, Don! JM will likely release it before I do. Not sure of his time frame. I will probably post it within the next 2-3 months. XO

  3. I’ve got to agree with Mingori on this one….. no one has ever looked better in tiny bikinis than you :-). And that yellow one has been one of my favorites since you first put it on in the hotel room match with Mercedes you did for me !!!!!

    Gonna have to get another one under way after the first of the year…… just can’t get enough of you :-)! Take care Tanya.


    1. Thank you, Phil!! And thank you for such a great bikini. It has gotten a lot of wear since its 2012 debut in Motel of Madness. And will probably get much, much more. You have great taste in bikinis 😉


      1. Thanks Mingori….. and you have a way with words I could only wish for! Always enjoy your eloquent and thoughtful posts to Tanya :).


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