Mammary Lane




Seems that I often reminisce about the 1990s here. Perhaps I should fast forward to the present. I have a new auction for the first time since November! As per usual my auction partner has included a startling amount of merchandise, including a DVD copy of Voluptuous Vixens, a rare issue of Hustler’s Busty Beauties magazine, and a truly classic 1990s-era bodysuit worn on dozens of strip club stages throughout North America. In the bottom pic I am imploring someone to take this relic off my hands so I don’t keep wearing it. This specially fitted garment emphasizes the bustline and, in accordance with heavy metal era fashion dictates, the legline rises all the way to the waist. Tawny Kitaen and Bobbi Brown probably owned the same suit. In the exotic dancing glory years clothing designers used to criss-cross the nation to set up shop in various strip club dressing rooms. I made the purchase at some point during my travels although I don’t recall where. Most dancers/models do not keep wardrobe anywhere near as long as I do. Click here to buy a piece of entertainment history.

XO Tanya

P.S. That issue of Busty Beauties contains a layout of a spectacular busty blonde named Mara Lynn. Never saw her anywhere ever again. Can’t even link to her photo because I can’t find any photos of her. Always thought she would have become a huge adult star.


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