Return to Sparta





Return to Sparta

Their mentor teaches superior technique and requires that his athletes adhere to a spartan code of living. His brutal coaching tactics launch the fight careers of Ariel X and Tanya Danielle. Eventually Tanya drifts away from the old gym. Eager to test her skills on the underground fight circuit she travels from the jungles of Thailand to the favelas of Brazil and into the Siberian tundra. Her rock solid base, instilled by years of rigorous training in a disciplined environment, enable her to easily defeat more frivolous contemporaries. Years pass and her enthusiasm for the sport diminishes. Several humiliating losses prompt thoughts of retirement and then a vow to return to her roots. Without warning she revisits the bare bones ring that she once called home. Memories cascade like rainfall as she leans against a leather turnbuckle and closes her eyes. A voice slices into the reverie. “Well, look who’s back.” Ariel calls out. The two women greet each other, uncertain how to dismiss or discuss the circumstances which had scarred their last meeting. Ariel compliments Tanya on her tight, toned physique. “Turn around so I can take a look at you.” Ariel requests. Tanya stupidly complies and Ariel locks her in a painful, back-wrenching half nelson..

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12 thoughts on “Return to Sparta”

  1. I am greatly impressed by this production. Arial X; is a veteran of some tough battles,and I like her enthusiasm for wrestling. You ,and she have great chemistry. The set up is great. Personally ,I like simplicity in the productions. I do enjoy how you Tanya,maintain glamour and femininity ,within the realm. When someone combines this with skill,and determination,they have the WOW factor ! It is most thrilling to have a women maintain this ,and be athletic,professional,and put together. Did you know Helene of Troy,was also known as Helene Of Sparta,(capital),in some versions of the saga? I love the classical world,and you are such a beauty .-this is not flattery ,but I just fact. Did you just have this match ? I think you should make a ‘guest appearance ‘at Ultimate Surrender . You would make a sensation !

    1. Hi Apollo,

      I am so glad you like the match!! Thank you very much for your compliments. Ariel and I shot the video in December 2012. Soon I will be releasing our rematch too. No, I never heard that Helen of Troy was ever known as Helen of Sparta. Is that from a variant translation of the Iliad? Or ?


      1. Well, here I go with a family story again. My late glam mother told me,that her very exotic looking mother-my grand mother (she German & European Spanish,ball room dancer ) was called this, by an admiring Greek man long ago ! Helen was the daughter of Leda;the mortal wife of Zeus ,and Queen Of Sparta,which made her daughter,known to traditionalists as “Princess Of Sparta “. I love the name !

  2. Hi Tanya,
    You always continue to amaze and entertain! Just when I think I’ve found an absolute favorite video of yours, you come out with a new one. “Return to Sparta” is truly a masterpiece! The two most beautiful, athletic, cool wrestlers in the business today (or ever) face each other in the squared arena. The back and forth struggle is really something to behold, and I really loved the ending! Your background description really helps set background for the fight as well. I have to admit that I had to look up “favelas of Brazil” because I was unfamiliar with the term, so it’s educational as well.
    Hopefully you do more with Ariel, because it looked like you two worked well together….and I really enjoyed your efforts 🙂
    And will there be a sequel to what happened after you two left the arena? Inquiring minds would love to know.
    Well played yet again!

    P.S. I’m glad you posted the link. I found it once, but feel like an idiot because I was having some difficulties finding where the image files were posted again, so thank you.
    P.S.S Just a heads up. When I tried to follow the link to Ariel’s site, my Kaspersky anti-virus software blocked the site because of a Trojan virus. Need to figure out what’s going on there. I recall you having computer issues in the past, so thought it was worth a mention.

    1. Hi Don,

      Very happy that you like the video!! Thank you for the kind words. Ariel and I shot several more videos together although none is exactly a sequel.. more like a few rematches. Very strange about the virus warning. I am going to check into that right now..


      1. Tanya,
        Guess this will be a P.S.S. lol
        A. I haven’t had a chance to look into Ariel’s site, hopefully nothing is too out of sorts. I seldom get the warning I did – actually first time ever.
        B. When reviewing your image site, I ran across an older set entitled “Cow Girl”. Love the pictures, and love the description about the double names even more. I knew a guy in college by the name of David David-first and last name-lol Definitely a candidate for the banjo band!
        Hope you have a great night,

        1. Hi Don,

          That is alarming about Ariel’s site. I removed the link and am now afraid to go back there because my computer didn’t warn me of anything. Maybe I should shoot her an e-mail. Glad you like “Cow Girl”! Have you heard of Tommy Thompson? Interesting story that is developing.

          Hope you are having a great Friday!


  3. Dear Tanya,

    Simply one of the best videos (in your chosen profession) ever produced.

    I wonder if you realize?


    1. Wow!!! Thank you, Mingori! I really appreciate the compliment and will have to revisit this video. XOXO

  4. Hi Tanya,
    I just ordered this video and absolutely loved it. You look fantastic as always and the chemistry between you two was special. If it were my requested video, I would’ve wanted a little bit more sexual interaction, but regardless, I enjoyed it very much just the same. Does the rematch have more sexual undertones?

    1. So glad you like the video, Chris!! Thank you for the feedback. The rematch does indeed have sexual undertones but no actual sex 😉 XO

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