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Good afternoon,

I had a busy week shooting with Stacy Burke, Akira Lane, and JM Rolen. As most of you know Super Bowl XLIX is occurring today. I tried to put a little money on the Patriots but could not access my account at  Never had that problem before. Superstition now dictates that I avoid placing a wager. No plans for the big game. In my estimation Super Bowl Sunday has joined New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, and 4th of July as an excellent date to stay home. Realize that I sound like an old fuddy-duddy but I have never had much enthusiasm for occasions that call for mass exuberance, if that makes any sense.

Despite both boxing and wrestling Akira yesterday I could not sleep last night. In the early hours of the morning I went for a drive around the empty roads of LA and encountered a bar that looks like it should be sitting on a street corner in Buffalo, New York or Oil City, Pennsylvania. It reeks of dejection, rejection, and neglect but still remains open for business. When I came home I typed its name into the search engine only to discover that no one has written a single word about it. I will check it out next week.

Lots of new photos to edit so I am going to tune in to a 1947 flick entitled Pitfall and get to work. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

XO Tanya



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20 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    My daddy had a Polish buddy who claimed he was from Oil City, PA. I had no idea where it was then, or now, actually. When I was a kid back in the ’80s they grew these big Lech Walesa mustaches out of solidarity for the Solidarity movement. Pretty obscure gesture, I suppose. Whenever I grow a mustache I think about them and smile. I think they even had turtleneck sweaters to go with it. Too itchy for me.

    I see you’ve got one on in your cheerleader outfit though! You are very stylish always.

    Not much into TV sports, myself, but I like the idea of ridiculous holidays. The more, the better. I spent the day learning “Santa Lucia” on the accordion. A smile is now permanently affixed to my face.

    I look forward to seeing your work with Akira. I think you two look very nice together and make a nice pair. Maybe you could go check out the Yelpless Bar together? That would turn a head.

    Waddaya havin’, ladies?


    1. Hi Mingori,

      It’s a nice visual but I suspect that Akira appreciates places that are a little more highbrow.. lol Doubt that she will elect to accompany me. Think the Lech Walesa stache is still quite popular amongst white and Hispanic prison inmates. Will chuckle silently to myself if I encounter any in the Oil City barroom ;


      1. Hi Tanya,

        “…Think the Lech Walesa stache is still quite popular amongst white and Hispanic prison inmates….”

        I don’t want to ask how you might know this.

        You feel safe going into the Oily City Bar alone? I imagine you have been in some curious places, but still….

        Not sure I would be, and I have a Lech Walesa mustache. Or at least until tomorrow when I shave it off, thanks to you.


        1. Hi Mingori,

          In addition to shooting videos I also work as a parole officer. Just kidding. Guess you don’t fancy the hardened convict look 😉 I feel safe going to most places in LA, including bars, unless they have controlled entryways (where you have to get buzzed in) or the Mexican flag flying over the doorway. The flag of Mexico is always a sign that outsiders are not welcome. I’ve walked into such bars with Hispanic friends and the patrons/management did not want us there. Controlled entryways are potentially problematic (at least in my mind) because the locking mechanism might prevent you from leaving, not just entering. Even so, I’ve pressed a buzzer on occasion. After entering the establishment and seeing the patrons I had to wonder what type of people they did NOT allow in there.. lol


  2. Hi Tanya!
    The Super Bowl just finished and I’m lucky I didn’t place any bets this year because I was going with the Seahawks, oh well.
    If that bar is anything like I have imagine from your description, then the patrons typically aren’t the type to write reviews in Yelp-lol. I was curious so I did a search for a tavern in the town where I live that would seem to be similar and it doesn’t have any reviews either. Probably a coincidence though.
    If I remember Pitfall its of the film noir genre where the femme fatale is smart, beautiful, and seductive….seems like another classy, talented actress/model I know :). If I remember correctly the ending is left open to interpretation, haven’t seen it in awhile.
    Hopefully your shooting will be posted in the near future, love your work!
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you for the compliments 🙂 Think there may be a few different versions of “Pitfall” shot in different decades. The flick I watched had a pretty clear-cut ending. Well.. the unwitting seductress did face something of an uncertain fate while the philandering husband seemed destined to remain haunted forever. All in all it was an engaging movie.

      Similar to the tavern you mention I must admit that the Oil City-esque bar doesn’t look like it caters to folks who carry ipads and take photographs of their food 😉

      Hope you have a great week too!


  3. Heartbroken currently about what happened. Just highlights the tribal nature of humanity. Feeling devastated for something/someone I was never really a part of. Where I am, everyone is just bummed out, drinking our sorrows away, angry at the final play. Was one hell of a super bowl though, even Katy Perry halftime show was great.

    1. Hi Ned,

      Sorry you were bummed out but hopefully a little alcohol and camaraderie eased the pain 😉


  4. I must comment . My,my,we great minds think alike ! LoL I am not into ‘group think’. All of my life;forced mass appeal,never ‘appealed’. On Christmas Eve,I attend a party in a lovely home,and the day,I entertain phone calls,from the far away,or lonely. There are many of the later. YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL ! LINES CLEARED FOR THAT ) This I understand,as one can be both physically ‘lonely’,spiritually ,or culturally. New Year Eve? I am tempted,and like good cloths,so I have gone out. Forget SUPER BOWEL . That is not my world at all. I love fitness,and action.,but that NEVER got to me. Good Wrestling sure does. We of the Hellenes appreciate that ! These commercial spectacles are forced,and dumbed down (is that a word?) for the ‘masses’. A must do…well not ME. I don’t need to ask myself, in the jostle:”Are we having fun yet? ” On your match . was it fun? Competitive,or taxing? You probably could not rest,because of the internal excitement of the day . As for PITFALL: A typical late 40’s dark film. Fascinating. I love them.

    1. Hi Apollo,

      I am glad that I am not alone because sometimes I feel very, very alone. As a kid I would often be taken to movies that did not interest me. Sometimes the screen would become very bright, thus illuminating the interior of the theatre. I would look around and see people’s faces, all of them enrapt in the story unfolding on the screen. Even back then I knew I was different and I had no idea how my life would evolve. The stuff that interested most people simply bored me, almost as if I was on my 6000th lifetime and I had seen it all before. Pretending to be interested just didn’t work. I really tried. My efforts to veer toward normalcy always ended in fiasco. Heavy consumption of alcohol sometimes helped as I got older but effects were only temporary and not very satisfying. Basically, I have just learned to opt out of most group situations. I think you understand and I am grateful that you do.


      1. Well; I sure do feel alone. I am very outgoing,and have confidence,and talk easily…but alone YES. Alienation is the word. The system is mass appeal . Dumbing (is that a word?) down,and focuses on the simple. It has been said that media,and popular culture in the modern commercial sense is like a Naval Convoy. The escort vessels must go as slow,as the slowest merchant ship. Smart is rare,beauty is rare,charisma,rare. The great always the few. When one is unique,adventurous ,or intelligent,than add beauty-watch out ! It brings great benefits,and big drawbacks. My friends are married,and busy.I am single,and it can be crushing. The’isolation’,compounded because my interests are not necessarily mass. That is why I seek out the original ,and stay curious. Being ‘open minded’,is not popular either ! One must conform… NOT ME! I have learned to enjoy my own company. I dress well,for me,keep myself fit,and do nice things for me ! But when you find a like minded person;the appreciation is so much the finer ! Always stay proud of who you are. Being YOU ,is GREAT ! I sure would not be here if I felt otherwise ! I am most talkative,and honorable;you have a kindred spirit,and friend in me. I truly believe being lonely is the worst experience in our emotional,and physical life. So I understand. I see no post box,on the site etc,or I would contact you that way,as well. I’m known as a writer,and card sender LOL Take care Tanya. Always remember your greatness.

        1. Thanks so much, Apollo!!! You make the life of an outsider sound so much more appealing. My address is:

          Tanya Danielle
          2554 Lincoln Blvd. #130
          Venice, CA 90291


  5. Thanks you very much. I can write/send cards etc. Old fashioned fun.Correspondence rolling over the continent ,like the sun-east to West !

      1. Look out for envelope,with fun card,and painting style photo-me. ! It was soooo cold today,and walked 6 miles round trip for fitness,and stopped at US Post office LOL HANDS (Yes I have gloves),where so stiff ,I worry about my penmen-ship ! What an old fashioned word ! LOL I look at so many old films,and read classics I talk like that ! LOL It was a thrill in itself to send it to such a special person as you !

        1. Thanks so much, Apollo!!! Was it snowing? I really look forward to receiving your letter. XOXO

  6. Yes snowing,and slippery. You get so many cards,gifts,and letters,and that is so wonderful. As a great poet said:” To revel in the success of others,is to partake in it “. I hope mine does not get lost in the shuffle ! LOL.. I think its neat to be able to send things,you like ,and need. You are very admired by multitudes ,and your keen mind,and insightful commentary,has so endeared you to me personally. I get on NO other stars website. Your amazing charisma,and beauty is the result of your glowing spirit. VERY RARE INDEED ! ……….. I saw it instantly .

    1. Thank you so much, Apollo!! I look forward to receiving your card. I like that quotation: “To revel in the success of others is to partake in it.” Do you recall who wrote it? Our society seems inundated with haters right now. So much negativity around and these words espouse the opposite. XOXO

  7. The quote Tanya,is precisely this: “To rejoice in the prosperity of another,is to partake in it”. I mangled it,a bit off of the top of my head… is attributed to William Austin,an early American writer ,of the PETER RUGG series. These stories where about a stubborn man,who apparently got caught in some other dimension during a thunderstorm ! His figure driving a coach saying ,”I will get to Boston”,became legend ,in New England,with people saying actually saw him. Austin was a friend of Alexander Hamilton,and his work rediscovered by Rudyard Kipling,later in the 19th Century. Austin,must of been a very imaginative,and profound man !

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