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My lingerie sees a lot of action. Click here to check out my latest offering featuring the bra above plus an intoxicating combination of pics, DVDs, and magazines. I have a layout in the magazine above but I am not including this particular issue in the auction. Just thought it was funny that my bra made the cover without me 😉  By the way, you may recognize Raylene Richards AKA Suzana AKA Zuzanna AKA Daniela or you may not. Hailing from the Czech Republic – where plastic surgery is less common and a surprising number of women boast slim bodies and huge cans – Raylene kind of drifted in and out of the industry for a while, never establishing a permanent stage name or more than a temporary address here in the US. Always had the feeling that some talent agent or director christened her “Raylene Richards” because it does not seem like a name she would have picked for herself. Monikers aside, her totally natural 38DD boobs speak volumes all by themselves.

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XO Tanya



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2 thoughts on “Luscious Lingerie”

  1. Maybe it’s the water (or beer) over there, Tanya….

    Hard not to think about Czech-landia and brassieres, without Veronica Zemanova coming to mind.

    One would have thought (and certainly wished) that you two would have crossed paths at some time. A beautiful woman, she doesn’t strike me as nearly as adventurous (or sympathetic) as you are.

    You have worked with some Central Europeans, though, right?
    Anyone special come to mind? Or videos to recommend?


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