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Good morning,

Last night I discovered that Wake-up Call from my Diamond Club Members’ Area is not streaming correctly. Tech support is working on the problem. Sorry for the delay. The unexpected glitch did prompt me to reread the promotional text I had written for the video. Hooboy.. those words bring back some memories. To put them in perspective I will share that my New Year’s resolution for 2009 was to consume alcohol only 5 days a week instead of 7 days a week. I kept the resolution until April 2009 when I started drinking every day again. Around that time my friend Victoria, slightly older than me and a formerly heavy drinker, commented: “You will slow down eventually. It will reach a point where that lifestyle just doesn’t suit you any longer.” Her opinion proved correct. I rallied again. By 2010 I no longer felt much compulsion to drink. I still partake occasionally but not very often.

Taken from the 2009 catfight diary of Tanya Danielle: “This past Friday Goldie Blair and I were shooting a custom video. During a short break I stretched my muscles in a corner of the ring. ‘Oh, look, it’s Tanya Danielle.’ someone called out in a harsh, mocking tone. ‘Where have you been hiding your pathetic self?’ Slowly I turned to see who would dare address me in such a disrespectful manner. The malevolent brown eyes of Christine Dupree burned my face. She leaned casually against a turnbuckle as we glared at one another. Christine broke the staredown and allowed her eyes to travel up and down my body. I hate to admit that I felt self-conscious as she sneeringly evaluated me. Christine looked good, really good. Obviously she had been training hard during the four or five years that had elapsed since our last meeting. I, on the other hand, could not remember the most recent time I had seen the inside of a gym. Since mid-2008 I’d been spending my days inside a strip club and my nights inside an unending bottle of Stolichnaya. The expression on Christine‘s face revealed her delight at how much I had deteriorated. Slowly we approached each other and began circling in the center of the ring. Christine was talking a bunch of smack but I don’t even remember what she was saying. Without warning I flew at her and landed a vicious kick to her midsection before she could even try to protect herself. ‘You’ll never be able to respect yourself again after an out-of-shape alcoholic kicks your ass!!!!’ I screamed at her. The photos taken during our encounter show the intense, violent nature of our mutual hatred. We were moving so fast during our fight that much of it must have looked like a blur to the small assortment of shocked bystanders on the set that day. We went back and forth, trading the upper hand so many times that my head still spins when I think of it… ”

Join my Diamond Club Members’ Area to enjoy Wake-up Call. It will be playing within a few hours. Thank you to all Members for your patience.

XO Tanya



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9 thoughts on “Wake-up Call”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Be good to yourself, darling.

    A big Valentine’s Day hug to you. Tighter and tighter.


  2. Hello dear Tanya ! Belated Happy Valentines day! I enjoyed the correspondence greatly ! The cute little hearts where a delight,along with Betty . You are are so gracious . A true beauty in every sense of the word. I will place the card,in a special place. All that I did for that day,was place red lights in my array of window candles. LOL

    1. I must add. I do love the way you wrote in THE CATFIGHT DIARIES,about your match with Christine Dupree . It added such flavor,and intrigue to it. Building tension between the participants adds so much flavor. I like the silent tension,and see the the emotions of anticipation,excitement,and rivalry ready to go,and building release ,between ready pleasure,and competition! All the great productions have that .

      1. Thanks, Apollo!! So glad you enjoy the story and the video. Very much appreciate your feedback. XOXO

  3. Breaking news: Christine and I just scheduled a rematch!! We will be wrestling next week. XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya!
      Today has been a really good day. I had a good day at work and the temperature got up to 20 degrees which is exciting. Spring may come after all. But the absolute best is your incredible update from Onward and Upward and then this late breaking news, it’s just a banner day 🙂
      You rock!

      1. Hi Don,

        So glad I could help make you happy!! This month is off to a very nice start for both of us. 20 degrees? I won’t even mention what the temp was here today. Or what I was wearing.


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