Blustery Night

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Good morning,

Over the weekend I was working on photos from Decadent Dessert (pics above) and watching the 1953 noir flick Jennifer starring Ida Lupino. The movie has a mysterious history of its own. I live in a spooky, old edifice so I can relate to the milieu of the main character. Midway through the film I went to use the bathroom. A ghostly breeze ruffled my hair as I sat atop the toilet. Seriously, it really did. My body froze and guttural howling noises enveloped my senses. This has only happened a dozen or so times before, not frequently enough for me to grow accustomed to such occurrences. A ventilation shaft inside my bathroom leads to the innards of the surrounding building. When a storm approaches heavy winds sometimes create a moaning/growling cacophony which ricochets off concrete walls, steel reinforcements, and the foundation many floors below. Historical record indicates that a veritable underground city lurks beneath the neighborhood which I inhabit. Government officials sealed off the subterranean area decades ago and those in power generally make no reference to its existence. On a blustery night I feel like I am listening to the wailing of a thousand trapped souls.

Needless to say, the Sunday night storm passed quickly and Southern Californians are once again enjoying our typical blue skies, sunshine, and 70-degree weather.  Think a unicorn just drifted past my window. Are they supposed to fly? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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19 thoughts on “Blustery Night”

  1. So much to say here,my dear Tanya. I am a classic film buff,and somewhat familiar ,with JENNIFER. It was typical post war film noir. These films used to grace ,my local TV Channels ,late at night,until deregulation turned the world of television,in a 24 hour mish ,mash of crass selling,and numbing obtuseness. Did you know Ida Lupino was a prolific director ? I first saw her name ,as such,on a film called :WHERE DEVILS GO ANGELS FOLLOW as a kid. It was about the antics of two girls in a Catholic College back in the 60’s. It was filmed at IMMACULATA COLLEGE ,in SE PA. I hated my Catholic School experience; no love lost there ! So did my beautiful mother -stories from for another time. On your fascinating building, which seemingly becomes a portal to the spiritual realms.. Yet it would seem the structure, is the real boogy-man ? I do not take such things lightly! LOL I grew up in a big old grey stone, built in bustling year of 1897. It had a turret on top,like a witches hat,Palledian Windows,and lovely wall sconces. Lighting bolts from storms ,just loved to take a quick rest ,on its peak ! The backstair case,was iron,and circled all the way to the top. The structure still stands like a fortress ,assailed by an army,of a new time,it does not know. Its grandeur fixed ,despite the shadows , resting ,over it,from our own age. At night,the building literally came alive ! Crackle, bong, bing, snap,pop,click , groan,within sequence ,as if the noise where the lights of an old neon sign, distorted ,by burned out bulbs,yet still trying to convey its message. This symphony of stone,wood,and mortar ,would last from around ten at ,night,till the sun rose across the stone arches in the release of dawn ! Someday, I will tell you what I saw crossing the living room as a boy ! It was a classic image,of a reality,convention does not allow believed ! As a grown ,man I have inquired of builders whether we where experianed that old building ‘ settling’. Everyone said NO ! It would done so long ago ! Today,we have the’ghost box ‘radios.which scan the frequencies so fast,it is said other dimensions can be heard. I think residing alone ,will keep me from getting ,one,and even if I do have unseen neighbors ,let them be ,for the time being ! LOL Count your blessings on the heavenly weather in LA .. thinking of it,makes my heart burst,like the sun,coming in your windows ! It was a record low,this morning,where I am. Just the same I walked 5 miles !

    1. Hi Apollo,

      Your descriptive words really made me feel your childhood home. Do you still have access to it? I will take a photo of a ventilation shaft here so you know what I’m talking about. It’s pretty trippy. Yes, I did read that Ida was a director. I am looking forward to seeing more of her films.


      1. Dear Tanya: That should of read: I ask builders if the structure was settling”. They said ,:No,it would of done that long ago”. No, I do not get in that building now. But I occasionally drive,or walk past it- my mechanic is in a small street behind it. A nice neighbor,who recently passed away,would sit on the porch- the place was on a corner,so two streets where adjacent ,said she saw a ghost at the window. I VERY, old lady told me as a child that a little girl had lined the third floor with dolls,and toys long ago ! I can still see her big old tabby cat , purring around me ,while relating the story on a hot night, than rolling over my famously super white sneakers ,do to my glamorous mothers attention ! lol On Ida. She directed an episode of TWILIGHT ZONE,called THE MASKS,about a rich old,man requiring his relatives to wear theatrical ones around his death bed. When he passed,and the greedy family ,took them off with relief,they had taken on the masks shape ! Shrieks ,and shock prevailed ! The scene was most clever,because the character of the people ,where revealed ,very well in the contorted visages,that where now permanently fixed ! LOL Did you ever see that Tanya? I giggle,to think of it . Horror can do that to me ! Especially the old Twilight ( A great word) Zones ! If possible, I would like to see that shaft … they built things with great beauty,and also,with for-boding innards in that era ! LOL

        1. Hi Apollo,

          Your stories about your childhood home gave me the chills! What an awesome place to grow up, must have shaped your life. I just found The Masks and look forward to watching it as soon as I have a chance. Thanks so much!!


          1. LOL Dear Tanya ! Please tell me your reaction to “THE MASKS ?” It can recall experiences,you might of had with people,in your life. It is ,most clever,and I think one of the best ‘Twilight’s ‘. I do believe it is on You Tube,so you don’t have bother ordering it. On my Greystone childhood. That place was so well built,one time my mother got a big sticker in the mail FALL OUT SHELTER,that someone in the govt ask her to place on the side entrance,in case of a national emergency ! LOL She did not,put in up of course . It was beautiful all year round,and glorious at Christmas,but as told you,very weird. The place stood in a time warp from 1897 ( I have lived in older dwellings,but not as strange -maybe? ),and many people passed away there ,before,and since. It was a Doctors Office,at one time . Let ,me assure you, I saw a ghost walk out of the fireplace at the age of 8. It was in human form,but a bundle of static electricity, trailing electron dust particles ! It moved in a blend of grey’s,white,and silver ,like the proverbial TV Snow. It strode with swiftness,and purpose . I was sitting on the floor watching TV , and turned-thinking my mother was behind me! It did not notice me, I think,and curved toward,a chair,and passed through a wall,leading to the outside ! I think it was basically heading for the front door,which was a macbre object in itself. It was very dark brown ornate wood,with a stained glass transom -an elegant 100 ,carved in blue ,with a white border. It had an internal ancient dead bolt,which one had to wind,and to high,and tough ,for me,as a child to manipulate. The door would sometimes open by itself,ever so gracefully . “An angel just walked in”. My mother would say. When it was windy,the keyhole would give off a high pitched whistle ! Whoooooooohuuuu ! It was awful . In the ghosts path was a chair ,and as it sliced through the fabric ,on its journey,it actually made a sound like fingernails going across it. Scratchzzzzh ! Scratczzzh ! That’s when I ran ! I can still see it vividly. That is why ,it is so REAL to me. I am often reluctant to share this,as I do not want to appear to eccentric! But I assure you,this is what I saw,and my cool mother believed me. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this. It makes one a very open minded person. That is why I feel most comfortable, with people who have talent,beauty,and take life paths away from convention ,like you.

            1. Hi Apollo,

              Was the numeral “100” on the door the address of the home? Or was it in reference to something else? Here are some pics of my ventilation shaft. It extends over ten stories. Your ghost experiences are very spooky and interesting. I have had some otherworldly episodes of my own and do agree that they keep one’s mind open, wide open to possibilities. Storm moving into LA right now. Wonder what this night will hold.. 😉


              1. Dearest Tanya: I so appreciate corresponding with you. I have great respect for you,in every way,and hence ,it makes it extra special. The numeral was the address. 100 North 11th Street . I always thought ,it a most elegant sounding venue. It has a ring to it,like the 10 North Frederick,from the novel/film , by John O Hara, or his phone numbered one BUTTERFIELD 8, which was also famous film starring Elizabeth Taylor. (Academy Award for her) and I was proud to say the address school . LOL We are blessed by extra -normal experience’s like ours. It opens new vistas ,and obviously new dimension,figuratively ,and literally. The greatest people,say “Yes”, to life,and the dullest, a resounding “NO” . These things do not come to small minds,and if contemplated openly, add to our enjoyment of existence ,and importantly to the talented ; creative horizons. The ‘shaft’,is a ‘trip’. I can hear it, bellowing,and rumbling , just from the photos ! Like a strange passage ,from Jules Vern’s JOURNEY INTO THE EARTH. Of what you wrote ,your building is ART DECO,wth a probably a touch of the Spanish revival which was the rage in the 20’s. Not only in California, but across the USA. Where I reside (wink) ,we have 1920’s buildings in the burbs like this. Did you know Arabian style buildings became also a rage,because of Rudolf Valentino’s films ? The scene in LA from your rooftop was fascinating. I worked as a professional writer,for an International Hair Care Co, Its owner ,and founder ,now passed ,hired me. A very continental personality,he made me appreciate every experience ,I had ,and told me to blend them into my personality ,and to “create”, from it . So I embrace,and do not run ,from the unique events I have had,and accept new ones,if the opportunity arises. If down,and lonely I pick myself up,and list,my experiences that where amazing,and how, I have been gifted. So we must say:” Ventilation shaft,and spirits ,bring it on ! ” lol Stay cozy during the storm ! I’ll be wanting to hear your impressions ,if you feel moved to do so ! I love your open writing style.

                1. Hi Apollo,

                  You nailed the style of my building. I have a book of architecture which refers to it as a “Renaissance Revival” structure. A friend of mine had an interest in numerology. Haven’t talked to her in a while but I think she would refer to 100 North 11th Street as an address of power numbers. Not sure if storm made it here last night. I was shooting most of the weekend and stayed in a motel. It rained up there but I did not hear any voices other than two drunk guys who were threatening to beat each other up while simultaneously walking in opposite directions.. lol.

                  Like you I will continue to keep embracing unique events. Nice to be back home this afternoon.


                  1. I snowed here,and I to relaxed here ,on the Eastern Seaboard . It must be a joy to be so close to the Pacific Ocean ! I hope you had fun ,on the shoot? On the numbers/address . The house had some power. The Mayor would visit us there,and other local politicos ! A State Senator ,who liked my mother ,as a widow (She was young ) would call. A career women Army Officer,and other interesting people. Names/numbers do have power. The question is are we powerful from a name,or does the name make us powerful ? A close friend of our family was very rich,and kind. He owned 17 Classic Cadillac’s ( There is a powerful name ! The auto retains prestige ,even in down times ,in its history.) and his name had a powerful ring. It exuded money ,like Rockefeller ,Rothschild’s Mellon’s Kennedy’s. ..a numerologist did my real name ,and she said,” I could be a symbol for a generation”. LOL I think she was guild ing the lily for my business ! LOL Again I do love your description of the building. Again,we share similar tastes. I would of chosen that place,over any modern ,or mid century ,paste up jobs. The Bauhous explosion any day. Conformity, the bane of our times ! Great buildings inspire ! The ‘shaft ‘I believe is a way to get air,and (If lite by skylight ) light,into the building, I believe. Is it not nice to come home to a beautiful place ! Even if just a part of a bigger one ! It must be a delight ,and the grace of your presence adds to the meliue of course ! I’m sure the cats where glad to see you too !

                    1. Hi Apollo,

                      Maybe we gravitate to beautiful structures and powerful numbers to enhance the creative energies in our lives? This building affects certain people very badly. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Yet I fell in love with it the first time I stepped in the door.

                      May I ask your opinion on something? Last night I was pondering this oddity.. LA is huge and sprawling but a surprising number of people who have hurt me over the years live in a very small area of it, a particular neighborhood that seemingly doesn’t have anything distinctive about it. Some of these people don’t even know each other and the episodes which resulted in the termination of various friendships occurred over a 15-year span of time. It would just seem to be coincidental that they all live in this same neighborhood but I don’t really believe in coincidence. What do you think?


            2. Hi Apollo,

              I watched The Masks while packing for my shoots. It hit home with me on a few different levels. Going to watch it again so I can figure out why.


              1. I am so glad you saw :”The Masks”. I find it very deep. The impression stuck,on he faces really hit home ! I’ve seen expressions like that on greedy,grasping,superficial people. the kind we might inadvertently overhear at a Dunkin Donut’s ! LOL They did care about the wise ,rich old man at all. All they wanted was his passing,for his wealth.-and that’s all they would get MONEY, as they where non -entities without it ! As you know,wealth comes in many forms, and as wonderful the material is,the finest is of the heart,and soul. Talent ,and compassion,beauty,and insight, wisdom,and vision, This,none of them had. In our politically correct time,could we have such a judgmental production ? I do love it ! I must say,it makes me laugh to. The way they examine their new visages ! The curiosity ,shock,horror,distracts them from their newly inherited wealth ! Thus we see what really is important ! Who we are in the non material sense.

                1. Hi Apollo,

                  I hate to admit it but some of the greedy, spoiled whining in the show made me think of myself during particularly bad down times. In the privacy of my mind I have engaged in some internal whining when things are not going my away. I do, however, try to resist the clamorings of my inferior self 😉 The wise, old man seemed a bit too self-righteous. After all, he did bring his daughter into the world. Doesn’t he bear some responsibility for her upbringing and her flawed personality? I need to watch it again. Overall I really liked it. Just need another viewing to sort through my reactions to it. Thanks for making me aware of it!


                  1. Yes the old man was self righteous …but I think the writer added this,to enhance ,his outrage,at all of those cretins. If I where you Tanya, I would be filled with exaltation ,every minute. You have beauty,intelligence,and feeling. You have creative outlets ,and passionate ones, most ,even the very attractive,stuck in mundane circumstances do not enjoy… but this can also lead to frustration,when it is not all of the time,and even higher vistas are not readily achieved ! I imagine,it is hard to come down from all of the excitement . I love beauty,producing,creating , being with the same,but it is rare in my venue,as you can understand. I can understand you might have these feelings,as it is a let down when others do not share the same vistas ,or one thinks there is so much more to do. It is hard for me,as I wanted,and want to do so much. But circumstances,and fate can get in the way. The question is ,how can we be contented ? How can we appreciate all that we have,all the time? It is harder ,when we are lonely. I think that is the worst of possible things. We might have many people ,but do we have ones who really share who we are ? The superficial friends,or the rare genuine souls , To find that is rare,and magic,when possible,. But all sublime things are rare. I walk long distances,and try to enjoy my own company. I go into my closets ,and look at my wardrobe,and books. I look at my car,or few nice things…but it is best to show the, to the like minded as well. I know down times believe me ! Someday,I might be able to elaborate . I was always proud,and ambitious ,when and I was taking care of an ill relative,when all collapsed – it was crushing. You have no idea. Times I thought everything was over. Why not whine? It is human. A few years back I never dreamed I would be writing to you ,and have you respond ! I must take things like this into account ! To sit back,and take stock,when the storm has passed can help. But having others really understand is the most precious. On the mundane neighborhood ,where people hurt you . I am not surprised ,and really understand. This happened to me,right here ( You know where ) ,and especially in petty bougiouse area to my east . The people there are still horrible. Small minds ,thrive in the mundane ! Great beauty ,and the awesome unnerves them,because they do not fit in! They are too small.,and limited,of mind,and heart. They see a talent like yours ,and the green eyed monster appears. Heaven forbid ,not everyone is like them ! This sounds like Orange County,or Burbank ! LOL I do think these types gravitate to the same places. You are fortunate,that LA has escape hatches,more than here . Mine are very small,and very snobby,but beats the alternative. I actually can feel negativity in some geographical areas ! I really believe one can pick up the spirits of negative people in them ! Always be proud of who you are. When things where not going well,my late mother said to me:” Aren’t you glad you are you ? ” She was right . Be glad Tanya ,you are you,because as I write to you,and read your lovely insights,and observations that is very great ! Never ,ever let others cause you despair. I know it is hard,and these things ,haunt me too ;but try to remember ,you a true beauty,and real superstar in all ways !

                    1. Thank you so much, Apollo!!! I really appreciate your kind words. And this statement really resounds with me: “I actually can feel negativity in some geographical areas!” Sorry you have had those experiences but I am grateful that you can relate. Last night it occurred to me that I have had an unusual number of profoundly negative experiences with people from two specific regions in LA. Lol.. these regions are not OC or Burbank but I know exactly what you mean about Orange County. I tend to simply avoid going there. Never spent much time in Burbank other than doing some shooting. Thank you again for all of your encouragement. I greatly appreciate your inspiring thoughts and enjoy corresponding with you. XOXO

  2. Hi Tanya!
    This is a great post as usual! Have you ever seen the show called “Off Limits” on the Travel Channel? The host of the show would go around to major cities and explore little known or hidden highlights. The very first episode they visited was LA.
    If my memory serves me correctly, it seems like they visited tunnels under LA that were built prior or during Prohibition. It would be epic if you could be filmed or photographed as one of your characters or obviously your beautiful self in these tunnels.
    As Nancy stated, the classics are very sexy. Your performance in “Decadent Dessert ” ranks right up there with one of the sexiest you’ve filmed to date. Truly enjoyable! Everything from your hair style (although you could be bald and still be breathtaking) to your stockings is just incredible.
    Just incredible!

    1. Hi Don,

      No, I have never seen Off Limits. I do live by the ocean so there very well may be some Prohibition-era tunnels here. Years ago I saw one in Venice Beach (another region in LA, not the city in Italy.) However, my understanding about my neighborhood is that city planners at one time created an underground region which spans something like 6-8 blocks or more. Not sure why they blocked all access but you can see sealed off entrances in my building and many other streets here. Tokyo has a similar underground area which has shopping, restaurants, etc.

      So glad you like Decadent Dessert. Thanks so much for the feedback!


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