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Lovely Veronica Ricci entered the adult industry around 2008 when I met her. I believe that she has now retired so I feel lucky that we had a chance to shoot a few videos together. Like most stunning beauties she had a very sweet, classy personality. In my experience the absolute 10s usually do. I have added Springtime Sexfest starring Veronica, Goldie Blair, and me to my Diamond Club Members’s Area. This week I will also be adding the 2-part Sexy Sisters series featuring Veronica. Click here for a sexy layout of Veronica from Cheri magazine.

XO Tanya



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4 thoughts on “Veronica Ricci”

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Coming from one of the most incredibly beautiful women who ever roamed the face of the earth, that’s quite a nice compliment you gave Veronica. And if she’s anything like you, then I totally agree that the most beautiful of women are separated from the others by their class, intelligence and beauty.
    The Sexy Sisters video in the Club is really quite exceptional, the three of you are great together. According to IMDb (
    Veronica does part time modeling work, it would be awesome if you ladies could work together again!
    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. Veronica really was lovely. I will probably sound like a granola-eating hippie when I say this but I think that inner beauty powerfully enhances exterior beauty. The most stunning women I’ve known tend to have both. Would love to see Veronica again sometime. he does not appear to have an official site or any contact info that I’ve seen.


  2. I really enjoy see you ,in those photos ! As always your enthusiasm ,and enjoyment is striking. This why you are a star. The images surely warmed me up,on this icy day !

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