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Early this morning I hopped into the car to run some errands. I elevated the volume on my phone in case the lady from the hospice organization happened to call. Naturally she chose to contact me during the three minutes I exited the vehicle to pick up my mail. Instead of playing the voice message immediately I drove to Home Depot, parked under a tree, and took a deep breath which sorta filtered out of my mouth with resignation. I closed my eyes and listened to her words. In an efficient, friendly manner she thanked me for my candid e-mail and assured me that she would still like me to come to the training seminar later this month. She did make reference to the fact that her organization especially needs clerical help in their offices. That works for me. Recently I have been feeling very eager to step put of my own familiar patterns and find a way to assist others.

Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my last post with such supportive comments. I deeply appreciate your kindness and value your perspectives on the situation. Today’s good news has invigorated me. At Home Depot I bought new blinds and storage containers so I can do a little fix-up/closet cleaning at my place. Maybe I will also use that stepladder in the pics above to dust the crown molding which encircles my entire home. Those high heels will come in handy since I neglected to purchase a taller ladder..

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

XO Tanya



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  1. Wooo Hooo Hoo!!!…as one of my favorite Looney Tune characters Foghorn Leghorn would say. This is great news! Regardless of the role you play, what you’re doing is awesome because every role plays an important part in end of life situations. I’ve had my fair share of dealing with family members or friends dying, and have been very blessed to have had incredible volunteers and/or nurses involved with each situation. This really does say a ton about you. Thank you.

    You mentioned you didn’t understand the background checks for a food kitchen in the Stark Reminder post, and when it first happened I was truly befuddled myself. The first time it happened to me was in Michigan soon after my divorce. The kids were going out of town with their mother for Thanksgiving to visit relatives, so I thought it would be a good time to go help out. I called the kitchen two days before and they told me there wasn’t enough time to complete the approval process. I went through the process for volunteering afterwards and was amazed at the amount of paperwork. Kind of a sad statement really, but once I got through that process everything was cool. The same was required for New York state, but at least I was aware and worked through the paperwork earlier. Enough of my ramblings.

    Once again congratulations on moving on in the process!!!!
    You really are a magnificent Lady πŸ™‚
    Here’s to you having a great weekend too!!

    1. Thank you, Don!!! That is great that you are so committed to volunteering. Do you find it rewarding? Thanks for mentioning all the paperwork. Glad I’m aware ahead of time. I guess it is just commonplace these days. XOXO

      1. Hi Tanya, yes it is rewarding. I’m not sure who gets the most out of it though, the folks I’ve worked for or myself. I’ve met all sorts of people from those temporarily down on their luck to those that live on society’s fringes; a term I like that you’ve described previously. It has given me a so many different perspective on life, and that’s the real reward I suppose. Unfortunately since I work in a rural area the nearest kitchen is about 30 miles away and my work schedule doesn’t allow a lot of free time. I do manage unofficial assistance as needed though, and the positive is that no background check is required :).
        Hopefully you’ll find your experience rewarding as well!

        1. Hi Don,

          What do you mean by “unofficial assistance”? Helping people out in daily life when you see they can use it? Or am I misinterpreting?


          1. Yes Tanya, you’re spot on.
            Other than the facility I work at, employment in the area is somewhat sporadic. So it’ll be heard through word of mouth who is in need or not. A lot of folks in the area rely on farming or the trades such as carpentry, or other contracting skills. This winter has been relatively harder than most, (yes even though it’s “cold” in the north, global warming is still the root cause of climatic issues regardless of what some ignorant politicians say…my editorial for the day) and unemployment benefits or other official assistance are starting to run out for a lot. So it’s more like neighbor helping neighbor more than focused on a food kitchen.
            That’s what I meant by “unofficial assistance”. The folks who are in the position of needing a bit of help could care less who provides it.
            Thanks for asking! It got into the low 30’s today for the first time in a bit, it was awesome and I wore sandals and shorts just for yucks πŸ™‚
            I believe you like to bet on sports….here we bet on when the maple sap will start to run to make maple sugar-lol (needs to be above freezing during the day and freezing at night for best production). I’ve got March 10th πŸ™‚
            Have a great rest of the weekend!

            1. Hi Don,

              You wore sandals and shorts in the low 30s?? I’m wearing sandals and shorts right now. Temp is 58 and rising but I’m a bit chilly as I wait for the sun to achieve maximum heat. Feel rather guilty admitting that to someone who lives in a community where the residents place seasonal bets on frozen sap πŸ˜‰ Let me know how you do with your pick of March 10.

              That is awesome that you are so giving and so helpful in your community. I give you a standing ovation from here on the opposite coast!! Have a great Sunday!


              1. Lol, Hi Tanya!
                Yes after a few weeks at zero degrees or below, 30 seemed like a good time for shorts and it sure felt great πŸ™‚
                Thank you for your comments. I definitely don’t deserve your thoughtful ovation (as I blush (^_^;) , not sure of the emoticon keys), the economy stinks so just getting by.
                As for the sap, I think I may have it – all environmental conditions are just right. I’ll report back.
                Hope you have a great week!

                  1. Thank you Tanya!
                    As for the sap bet, it’s apparently more complicated this season-lol. Not sure if you know much about maple sugaring, but it can get a bit complicated on determining the true first day of the run (surprised they haven’t made a reality TV show about it ). I may be tied for winning, which is fine by me but the other person is a bit sore….who knew there’s such a thing to get mad over. Since it’s been so cold, the frost line has gone a lot deeper in the soil than usual and it depends on if the trees are in a valley vs. a side of a mountain etc. That effects when the sap actually flows from the roots. Either way it’s well into the 40’s for the past couple of days and I get to wear shorts and t-shirts after work, so I’m the winner either way. Official ruling won’t be until this weekend after a few sugar houses are polled, but I won’t care as long as the sun keeps shining.
                    Do you get a spring season on the west coast?
                    Stay warm,
                    PS, do you like maple syrup?

                    1. Hi Don,

                      Thank you soooo much for the awesome DVDs and the notebooks!!!! I absolutely love the leather-bound journal. Hopefully it will inspire me to draft some type of mysterious document which will bamboozle future generations. We can laugh in Heaven together πŸ˜‰ You are very, very sweet. Thank you again for the gifts. They are wonderful.

                      Somebody is mad over a sap bet? We don’t get to bet on such things out here. I suppose that we kind of have a springtime. It’s about 70 degrees most days. Does that count as spring or summer? I do like maple syrup but my body has an odd reaction to sugar (anxiety, stomach issues, even hives on the rare occasion.) Generally I have to avoid things that are especially sweet. When I feel like indulging I generally gravitate to alcohol instead of sweet treats. Even at my favorite donut shops I have croissants or bagels. Over the years I have read lots of stuff from medical professionals about why some people can’t handle sugar but I’ve never really figured out why it affects me badly.

                      Hope you are enjoying St. Pat’s Day!


                    2. Hi Tanya!
                      No one is actually mad per se over the sap running, because it’s still unclear on who won. The frost line went a lot deeper than usual this year. Normally the soils freezes (frost line) to about 3 ft,, but this year it went down to 7 feet in some areas where we are located. So folks who are still ignoring climatic changes are just in a certain state denial.
                      Sorry to hear about your reactions to sugar. I’m not a big fan of sugar, but there’s something different about maple sap. It’s quite a treat.
                      Glad you liked the journals, especially the leather bound one..enjoy!!
                      As far as 70 degree weather…that’s definitely summer πŸ™‚
                      Hope all is well!
                      PS, did you happen to get a chair? Amazon can be a bit squirrely at times.

                    3. Thank you so much, Don!!!! http://tanyadanielle.com/?p=2126

                      I have not yet assembled the chair but the one in the pics above – courtesy of a large hotel chain which caters to business travelers and local pornographers – looks remarkably similar. My current desk chair is literally ripping at the seams and I badly needed a new one. Thank you again for the awesome, awesome gift!!!!!


                  2. My pleasure and glad you’ll like it!!!
                    You mention an interesting point to someone who isn’t familiar with the detailed workings of video shoots, why is it that so many adult videos are done in hotel rooms?

                    1. Hi Don,

                      Love it!!! Thank you again.

                      I like hotels because they are reasonably priced “sets” which vary in appearance. Studio rentals are actually quite expensive, not always private, and often have no furniture.


  2. Congratulations Tanya, i’m so glad it worked out for you. It will be an excellent volunteer! Hospice and their patients are lucky to have you! All the best, Chris

    1. Thank you so much, Mingori! I couldn’t get your youtube link to work but I listened to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srfP2JlH6ls

      Am I correctly assuming that the first selection is a different version of the same song?


      P.S. 20 minutes has elapsed and I am still enjoying the music from the link above. The world would be a better place if everyone tuned into this on a regular basis.

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