Smoking, Shooting & Warhawks




Good afternoon,

In the past week I completed my hospice orientation and also did a lot of shooting for a private collector. The material goes straight into his library and will never surface publicly. I lost count of the number of videos but they consisted of my standard fare: bondage, POV femdom, and superheroine-in-peril. Yesterday I caught up on necessary errands, including a trip to the doctor’s office for a TB test required by the hospice organization. The red circle on my forearm still looks like a red circle – nothing alarming has developed 😉

Today I visited Subway for breakfast (just discovered that they sell Subway gift cards on Amazon) and could not get a refill on my coffee. Most Subway locations put a coffee pot near the fountain drinks but this store did not. I ate my food and migrated to a donut shop. The Jerry Springer Show was playing on a TV set above my head. Fortunately I could only hear it, not see it. One individual lamented the fact that his girlfriend had been sleeping with his cousin but expressed his desire to stay with the girlfriend. He used these words to explain why he had neglected to kick his cousin’s ass: “When you smoke weed you get stuck. I got stuck watching Netflix.” I write most of the text descriptions for my videos in donut shops so I quickly jotted down his statement on my ubiquitous notepad (thanks again for the new supply, Don!)

For the record, I think that Francesca Le and I have the distinction of being the only women in the entire adult industry – and possibly the whole state of California – who do not smoke pot. She once commented that it annoys her when she has to wait for people who are fiddling with their pipes or inhaling intoxicants. I feel the same way. For some reason I never engage in any type of smoking, not even cigarettes. Shay Sights and I shot the above photos for a customer who later observed that we had forgotten to light the cigarette. Lol.. I don’t get hired for many smoking-themed shoots.

Tonight I am immersing myself in Turbo Tax. For fun I put a little money on a college hoops (CBI) tournament. Go Warhawks! Hope everyone is having a great week.

XO Tanya



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6 thoughts on “Smoking, Shooting & Warhawks”

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Congratulations on completing the hospice training! I still am just very impressed and awestruck that you are pursuing this volunteer work, it speaks volumes about you as an awesome person. I remember you mentioning that you may do anything from office work to direct patient support. Not sure if you want to talk about it, but have they discussed what role you may play? I used to have to get TB tested on a yearly basis because of my job function, and the waiting time for the results is an interesting period of curiosity.
    “I got stuck watching Netflix”? That’s an interesting statement to say the least, especially in the context of that situation. It seems like more and more people I know are watching Netflix shows, and to my knowledge aren’t pot heads avoiding how to deal with a cheating partner-lol. It will be interesting to see how Netflix develops over time. It will also be interesting to see how you weave the quote into one of your descriptions. Glad you’re putting the notebooks to use 🙂
    I’m not a huge anti-drug person, but I also don’t partake myself and good for you and Francesca Le. You two are both leaders in an industry that from what I gather is pretty darn difficult. Just like your volunteer work, it says a lot about what a cool person you are. You’re also the epitome of physical fitness and it really is odd seeing you holding a cigarette, it seems so out of place. I’ll admit I partake of an occasional pipe or cigar, and I’ll be giving that some second thoughts.
    Thanks for a great post and volunteering!

    1. Hi Don,

      First of all, thank you for the Giant Shamrock! I love the card. Very thoughtful of you. Yes, I am Irish although I never seem to do much on that day. Have always heard that true Irishmen generally don’t 😉

      Last I heard my connection at the hospice org was intending to assign me to a patient. Maybe they are waiting for the right match? I will go anywhere but sorta think I may do best at a nursing home, boarding house, or hotel. Honestly, I get a little nervous going into family homes – aleays worrying that I will do/say something wrong.

      Thank you, as always, for your kind and encouraging words. Hope you had a great Monday!


      1. Hi Tanya!
        I have a good friend from County Cork who feels the same as you about St. Patty’s Day. I look at it as more of an early celebration of spring. After this past winter in the Northeast, spring is an awesome celebration.
        I’m quite confident that whatever your assignment with hospice, you’ll do quite well. I just can’t see you do anything “wrong” at someone’s house. Just the fact that you are volunteering to put yourself through the scrutiny of the volunteer process says a huge amount about yourself and your capabilities. Good luck whatever your role may be! I’ll be sending as many positive vibes your way as possible regardless of the role.
        You’re always an A-1 with me,

        1. Thank you so much, Don! I will keep you updated on the situation. As of yet I have not been assigned to a patient. Hopefully soon 🙂


  2. When were the above photos taken? There is something about these photos where I wouldn’t believe it’s you right away, if that makes sense? Not in a bad way per se, so no offense meant.

    1. Hi Ned,

      Those pics were probably taken in 2000, right around this same era. A lot has changed inside my head since then. So many experiences. I do feel like a different person.


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