Bedtime Wishes




Thanks so much to the generous individual who sent me a brand new futon from my Amazon Wishlist!!! I have received mail at the same family-run location since nudie magazines used to print “fan club” addresses for adult models. Last week the matriarch of the clan who operates my mailbox center called to say that I had received a giant package too heavy for me to handle on my own. I waited until today when a friend with truck assisted me in bringing it home. As of yet I have not unpacked the futon since I am waiting on a friend to pick up my old one. Over the past two years my cats have turned the old model into a funhouse, tearing up the fabric which covers the frame so they can tunnel deep inside of it. Although still functional this classic piece of furniture looks quite disreputable. Nonetheless, my friend’s son wants it for a man cave.

I chose this new futon very carefully: the metal frame has no fabric over it and fitted covers will protect the mattress itself. When I unpack it this weekend I may discover the identity of the sender. For now I send thanks to the mystery individual who has graced me with such a wonderful gift. MUUUaaaaahhhh!!!

XO Tanya