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Nina Ferrari and I first met on the set of Babes Illustrated 11. You can see us on the box cover (top pic) flanking beautiful, raven-haired Czech pornstar Nikita Denise. My initial sighting of Nina occurred in the bedroom of the Malibu mansion (middle pic) where we shot our sex scene. She had just entered the XXX industry and looked fresh, radiant, and enthusiastic. Later I learned that she, like so many pornstars of the era, had worked as a stripper for years before venturing into the world of adult videos.

In the short time I knew Nina we did numerous scenes together, including my favorite for legendary director Jim Holliday’s High Desert Dream Girls (scene 6.) Some considered Nina “difficult” but I found her candor and assertiveness to be refreshing, especially in an industry where too many actresses allow production teams to call all the shots and push them into doing sex acts that they had never intended.

Eventually Nina drifted away from the adult film industry while continuing to perform on the feature dance circuit (bottom pic is a promotional flyer from March 2015.) I hope that someday she and I have a chance to reunite for another videotaped encounter!

XO Tanya



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12 thoughts on “Nina Ferrari”

  1. Dear Tanya,at first I thought you where referring to to Tina Ferrari who was a cute wrestler,in the old GLOW’who later was known as Ivory in the crass WWF ! I love production,and like hearing your inside thoughts,and expressions of joy,in the scenes you shared,with others. The photos intimidate,beauty,is striking.

      1. Thank you so much, Apollo!! Always a great day when I can see my name in the same paragraph with Gloria Swanson and Yvonne De Carlo 😉 Your mother must have been very beautiful. Interestingly, for Xmas I gave JM Rolen a vintage catfight pic of Yvonne De Carlo brawling with two other ladies. Have you read her bio? Not sure if I understand part of your message. Gloria wrote a book against singer(?)


        1. LoL,that should say ,sugar ! Lol I write on a tablet while reclining on a big new couch,and I make typos more than usual. The book against the dangers of sugar was repressed. Gloria should see the awful rise of high fructose corn syrup,which is much worse than delicious,cane.

            1. I do believe that you do not process sugar well because you are fit…I am wholly detoxified,and vitaminized,so if I eat bad food,I get a little sick.I cannot eat potato chips ,but can eat pretzels lol. I cannot drink any sodz,but Ginger Ale,and only can at dark chocolate…When I do st. op,at our aforementioned Dunkn,or Subway (I forever think of young,when I sight the respective doors), I only take a tuna,or egg white sand which, unsweetened tea ,and or French Crueller. ….I woulld suggest you take Alpha Lipc Acid supplements….they build the skin structure,and help the body fight sugar in balance.It is amazing nutrient,and makes the skin glow.Zinc builds your insulin, and that helps with the sugar process,also chromium ,which builds muscle,burns fat,and sugar.

              1. Thank you for the suggestions, Apollo! Lately I have been getting more interested in natural supplements. XOXO

                1. Please consider callogan tablets as well…a good skin,hair,and nail sipplrnts had it,in,along with the amazing biotin…again my android messed me up. I ‘forever think of YOU,Tanya when I enter Dunkin and Subway…you make it much more appealing !

                  1. Thank you for the tip, Apollo! XOXO

                    P.S. Long live Subway and Winchell’s (my personal fave)!

  2. Hi Tanya!
    One of the many things I like about you posts is that they make you pause to do a bit of research, regardless of the subject. In this case I wasn’t really familiar of your previous work with Nina. After a bit of a small search, I found a couple of clips of you and Nina….wow you really looked good together. It would be really be awesome if you two could do something together again!
    Here’s to hoping 🙂

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you for your kind words and I will be hoping right along with you for a reunion with Nina!!


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