Battleground Zero


Battleground Zero

(Most Americans will recognize a reference to the old Dukes of Hazzard TV show in the description of this video. Not sure if Dukes of Hazzard enjoyed any popularity outside of the US. Just imagine if someone tried to put a TV series like that on the air today – two redneck white boys wreaking havoc in their vehicle with racially charged logo. Rest assured that Lesbia AKA Stacey Cash thoroughly kicks my ass during our interracial confrontation.)

Southern superheroine Miss Confederate embarks on a mission to crush the tough, urban street fighter known as Lesbia (played by Stacey Cash.) Within the spartan confines of the General Lee, a bright orange Dodge Charger adorned with her trademark battle flag insignia, Miss Confederate prowls the back alleys of Los Angeles. At last she ascertains the whereabouts of Lesbia’s hideout. Alighting from her ride Miss Confederate flexes the muscles of her upper body, nearly causing gigantic breasts to burst through the seams of her tightly laced supersuit. This shameless display of white moral power creates a dynamic wave of reaction in the densely populated neighborhood. Miss Confederate bolts up ten flights of an exterior fire escape to confront Lesbia within the most sacrosanct region of Lesbia’s home turf..

Stacey Cash and Tanya Danielle star in Battleground Zero, an interracial superheroine sexfight featuring catfighting, lesbian domination, verbal abuse, and forced orgasm. This is a vintage, softcore video shot by LA custom video pioneer Mike Raffone.



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