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Good evening,

I have been really busy packing, shooting, unpacking, repacking, shooting. On Sunday I shot solo videos and today I did two wrestling matches with multi-talented Mia Li. Pretty tired from nonstop action so I am going to bed. I shall return to answer comments and post more photos in the morning. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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8 thoughts on “Mia Li”

  1. You sure have a thrilling lifevTanya. That photo of the both of you I’d one of the most compelling,and enticing I have ever seen, Please give us one of your eloquent impressions of yourshoot,with the very strong Asian beauty. She looked mmost anxious,to go at it! Your bodies looked like so statuesque truly classic.

    1. Hi Apollo,

      Ringmaster/cameraman STJ actually sent out those pics prior to our match. Not sure when her or my pic was taken. Could have been from any number of matches. Mia was low-key and rather serious. Evidently she does most of her wrestling for UltimateSurrender.com based in San Francisco. Her personality reminded me of a Northern California person (I’m from there) but she said she grew up in NY. I enjoyed shooting with her. During the match her reactions were quite guttural and menacing. We shot for a customer who used to often pair me with Nicole Oring. Glad those days are over. Nicole had a very shrill, whiny manner, sort of like a bitter, nagging housewife – not sexy. Mia has a much more erotic quality in her movements and demeanor. Hopefully she and I shall meet again.


      1. Thank you Tanya for your interesting impression. I like the Asian girl too,and see the qualities you do.Whiney is not sexy,and acting reluctant. Confidence,and enthusiasm is sexy…I apologize for atrocious typos…my Android is not loving my fingers,plus your beauty ,and brains distract me as well.

      2. Hello Tanya,

        I appreciate hearing your feedback on working with Nicole Oring. I saw a match between you and her and had the exact same response to her voice: really grating on the ears. It reminded me of the voice and manner of a co-worker from a few years back: whiney and condescending. Like you, I am glad those days are over.

        You did seem to film a number of times with Nicole. Was it otherwise a productive relationship? (I realize I am on a losing streak with such questions after my inquiries about Felecia and Diamond Jackson…. ;-))

        You’ve worked with a lot of women. Whose voice do you find to be ‘sexy’ when they are dominating you in the ring?


        1. Hi Mingori,

          Well, Nicole and I probably shot more than a dozen matches for a particular gentleman. To date I have only released two of them: Blonde Nemesis and Asian Persuasion. Ringmaster/cameraman STJ shot all the footage. During that era I lived just a 5 minute walking distance from STJ. And I received both cash payment for the matches, plus the right to release all the photo/video content that we shot. In actuality it was a win-win situation for me but I still used to consider turning down the work. Nicole’s voice seemed to emanate from her throat – the words had no depth or resonance to them at all. Some days she was better than others but she would utter the same phrases over and over – all of them shrill, grating, and hateful. Wasn’t there a radio show called “The Bickersons”? Nicole reminded me of the wife.

          We actually shot one boxing match together too – a custom video for dear, departed Chairman Andy whom you may remember. Someday I will release the rest of the wrestling matches but even now, years later, I don’t feel particularly enthused about them.

          Mercedes Ashley has a great voice, very low and sexy. People who have something to say don’t need to speak loudly or harshly.

          XO Tanya

  2. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for the explanation. It was the “Blonde Nemesis” video that I watched you and Nicole in. I went back and reread your video description which seems to hint at your feelings. I had missed that. I always enjoy watching you in action, but have preferred seeing you with other antagonists with whom you seem to have a better chemistry.

    True what you say about volume and content of speech. Remember the saying “Do you want to get someone’s attention? Whisper.”

    Mercedes does have a great voice. Soothing and seductive when she is being nice. Menacing and seductive when she is being mean. You two would make a great pair of ‘voice over’ actresses for erotic animation features.

    Back to Mia Li, though. You said she works with Ultimate Surrender up north. Did you ever consider getting involved in their work? Doesn’t Ariel X work with them? No denying the chemistry you two have together.


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Thank you for your kind words. Agree that Mercedes is awesome. Awesomeness arises from a certain depth, never from the surface.

      Never worked for Ultimate Surrender. Think they were establishing themselves around the same time I was starting to focus on my own projects and no longer actively looking for work with other companies. My days of shooting for other companies are likely over because I want to retain the rights to sell any footage that I shoot. Have worked out arrangements with JM Rolen and STJ (we share content) so I do continue to shoot with them.


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