Goldie vs. Prinzzess


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Check this out! Top pic features a magazine cover of Goldie and me from my current auction of memorabilia. Bottom pic is from the awesome sexfight video All in the Family in which Prinzzess plays my daughter’s best friend. I can see why the editors got confused.

By the way, my current auction is ending in 5 hours. You will not find that magazine (or any of the other exclusive items) anyplace else!

XO Tanya



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2 thoughts on “Goldie vs. Prinzzess”

  1. Hi Tanya,

    You’ve been filming a lot with Prinzess lately and Goldie remains a regular video co-star.

    Any insights into working with them? You’ve been working with Goldie for some time. Is it still exciting? If so, what keeps it that way?

    Goldie has a strong personality which comes out in your videos. She holds her own. She has an undeniable–sometimes intimidating–physical presence alongside you.

    As actresses how would you describe the ‘chemistry’ so to speak between you and Goldie?

    Prinzess seems a different sort. Younger, but also very physical but in a different manner–almost casual. But you two seem to be developing an on-screen rapport.

    If I might ask, what is it like working with each of them?


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