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I am back in action – cup of coffee in hand as sun rises and Amy Fisher entertains the masses via webcam. Over the weekend I got really sick and spent yesterday recovering. I had to cancel a custom video shoot with Francesca Le (see pic above from Taming of a Shrew.) The customer who had booked the shoot demanded all his money back because I had to postpone the date. Prior to that he (or maybe the wrestling producer) had asked Francesca if she would wrestle someone else in the custom. She declined because she did not want to screw me out of the money simply because I had fallen ill. I thought that was very cool of her and feel bad that she has now missed out on a job because of me. Due to her extreme popularity and versatility Francesca works more than any model that I have ever known, but I feel that I owe her on principle. Incidentally, she took most of the summer off from shooting so I know that she is ready to return with a vengeance.

If you would like a custom video with Francesca and me please contact Jay at or STJ at for special pricing. Due to some health issues of his own STJ may be out of commission and not answering e-mails until next week.

XO Tanya

P.S. I will be answering recent blog comments today. A number of them rolled in before my convalescence and I have not yet had a chance to respond.



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2 thoughts on “Francesca”

  1. Tanya,
    I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. And more importantly I’m sorry that you lost out on a job to shoot a custom video with Francesca. But you know who the big loser in this? …….the customer that did not have the patience to wait until you recovered. He does not know what he is missing out on. I have done a number of custom videos over the years with you and they have all been exceptional. Well worth the wait and well worth the money!
    Get well soon.


    1. Thank you, Chris!! I feel great – back in action. Look forward to doing lots more videos for you 😉 XOXO Tanya

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