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Good evening,

Whilst editing photos for I had to pause and marvel at the truly immense size of my former breasts. Not long after shooting Elite Blonde Corps (above pics) with Ariel X I underwent breast reduction surgery. Amazing now to look at those cans and recall how many decades (2) that I navigated through society with them. I feel great with a smaller chest but I still admire huge racks. Recently I have noticed a pleasing resurgence of XXX actresses who look a bit reminiscent of 1990s-era, big-boobed starlets.  Remember the feature dancers who sported names like Wendy Whoppers, Niki Knockers, Marilyn Melons, Holly Body, Letha Weapons, Maxi Mounds, Deena Duos, Donita Dunes (truly outrageous Scene 4), Savannah Staxx (Scene 7), Whitney Wonders, etc? Wonder if that trend will ever resurface..

XO Tanya



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14 thoughts on “Cans of Yore”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    these are extraordinary pictures of your beautiful body and your breasts do look amazing. I had never seen them called cans before, but that’s because I’m English. I think your “old” breasts always looked at their best in your wrestling bouts and particularly when you are on your back : the contrast between the tiny thongs, flat stomach and slim waist at one end and your magnificent breasts at the other is sublime.
    I must say, however, that your reduced breasts (as in Jewel of the Nile) are perfection. xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments, Stanley. “Cans” is almost an obsolete slang term even here in the US. It may have been popular in the 1970s or something. For some reason it always makes me laugh so I like to use it. One of my other favorites is to make joking references to women as “broads”. I got that from an old friend of mine. Sometimes people react oddly to the term but, to my knowledge, “broad” never had a negative connotation. It was simply a slang term like “cans” that fell out of normal usage long ago. XOXO

  2. I think this trend has never died. Large breasts have always valued in the adult industry. In women’s wrestling is rarely seen models with large breasts. I remember only Summer Cummings – she was just gorgeous. It is a pity that all the models described never wrestle, they’d looked in the ring.

      1. Thanks for your new post. Your former breasts looks amazing. Yes i know napali but it is not wrestling for me. It is catfight and sexfight mix. For me female wrestling views in above shots . I know you shoots in video Boobs Ahoy with huge boobs models like Maxi Mounds and others. If on a cruise organized women’s wrestling in the ring that would be awesome. For example you fights versus Casey James or Donita Dunes or others on the ring locks her in submission holds and her opponent tap out. Tell me please Do you like this ?

        1. I would love to wrestle Minka, Kimberly Kupps, and Donita Dunes!! Those are my first choices for a huge-boobed wrestling event. XOXO

      2. Hi Tanya,
        Sorry to butt in but speaking of Napali Video, really loved you with Devon Michaels there especially when you went butt fucking. Your were really gorgeously thick there and loved it when Devon Michaels says she may have been wrong with her first assessment of your ass and retracting her earlier statement and saying how nice your ass is as it is round and muscular and feeling how strong it is later. Great scene and always repeat it all over again. Loved you bear hugging each other as well. You’ve got great customs with each other. Another which is probably with another company is when you lift and carry her. One of my favorites too. Who could forget your shower scene together after wrestling. Devon is pretty muscular like a body builder but still not as sexy as you. Love your bodies rubbing against each other though with a mix of multicolored flesh there.


        1. Thank you, Rain!! I always loved shooting with Devon. Have you seen her in any new productions. Heard she was living in Vegas and I briefly caught a few of her cam shows. Do you have any contact with her? XOXO

          1. Hi Tanya,
            You must be looking to do more customs with her. Unfortunately I don’t really follow her. I’ve only seen her with you and that’s it. But you would like I can find out for you.


                1. Hi Rain,

                  We saw each other outside of shooting on a few occasions but we didn’t do anything too crazy 😉


  3. hello Tanya,
    let me tell you that I your old breasts loved them, I loved them from the first time I saw you.
    Now they are small, perhaps they are better with your slender body, always stay on top.

    I’d love to see you against Maxi Mounds,
    her huge all, you wonderful small and sexi,
    that is a marvel.
    Another match against Afrika even that would be a beauty.

    I love you.

    1. Hi Drexler,

      Nice to hear from you! Been a long time. How have you been? I would love to shoot with Afrika again. Is she still making videos? Haven’t seen Maxi since Boob Cruise 2000. Is she still shooting/dancing?



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