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Back home but travels through classic Americana continue even after last of donut shops, motels have long since vanished in my rear view mirror. This afternoon, whilst fulfilling a vow to spend 30 minutes a day cleaning out my inbox,  I arrived at July 14, 2010 where I found an e-mail from dear Chairman Andy containing a photo montage from some of my earliest, now classic, WTB matches against Kristal Summers, Kim Chambers, Stacy Burke, Shannan Leigh AKA Alexis Taylor, others (click bottom pic to enlarge.) Thought I would post it here while I finish unpacking my suitcase. I shall return shortly..

Hope everyone is having a great day!

XO Tanya



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2 thoughts on “Classic Americana”

  1. Glad you are home safe,and sound!
    I’m sure kitties are too !

    Another parallel experience between us.
    I find old E mails from lovely people, who are gone to.
    This is very haunting to me.

    One from a well known writer only two days before there untimely death.
    This still hurts me.

    Andy sure made some great productions….a flurry of furious female glamour.

    1. Hi Apollo,

      Agree on Andy. He definitely made an impact on the world of topless boxing. Those “graveyard” e-mails, so to speak, can be a bit unsettling at times but Andy’s e-mail was a pleasant surprise.


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