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Good afternoon,

This morning I rose at 4am to move car from street cleaning zone, motored to donut shop, busied myself with work/coffee, glanced out window a short time later to discover that sun had already risen. Still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time change. Nearby a neon bar sign blinked in hazy morning light. It looked a bit haunting so I photographed it from one angle before stepping around to the other side to get a different shot (top pics.) Either a timer or a live person extinguished neon bulbs just as camera clicked.

This week I continue my usual lifestyle of solo road trips/empty diners/cheap motels. Below pics come from November 1, 2015:



November12015 060_pp

November12015 059_pp

Will milf extraordinaire Tanya Hamilton recover from her latest troubles? Will desperate call for help go unanswered? Only The Shadow knows. Just kidding.. on the day before the shoot I stayed at a surprisingly pleasant 1960s-style motor court. You can see my long shadow holding trusty point-and-click camera because I don’t even know how to use the one on my phone. Think I was studying Mrs. Hamilton script at above diner before filming commenced. By the way, thanks again to the generous soul who sent me the gorgeous purple bra from my Wishlist. I love it!

November12015 187_pp

Yep, Mrs. Hamilton did indeed bounce back from recent hijinks. She will continue to traverse empty roads and snap pics of morning neon while the rest of the world sleeps 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya

P.S. Just discovered that Amazon has put audiobook version of Lynrd Skynrd bio on sale for $3.95. I’ll be listening to it today as I unpack from last shoot, pack for next one.


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22 thoughts on “Morning Neon”

  1. I really like your purple outfit. Your second posting with purple and it is a lovely color on you. Poor Mrs. Hamilton! More trouble in her uptight life. How does she deal with it all?
    It seems like your travels are interesting and you have such a poetic/photographic sense about your surroundings. I for one would love to see more pictures of you out and about.

    1. Thank you, Jessica, for your kind words. Presumably Mrs. Hamilton has a very understanding husband 😉 I will continue to document my road adventures! XOXO

  2. That actually sounds like a blast, road trip, cheap diners and dives, off the wall motels. I can understand it can get lonely by yourself though. I wish they’d do away with daylight savings time altogether. This isn’t like the past. People are out and about later than ever, transit and transportation is advanced. An extra hour of ‘light’ earlier in the day means nothing. I mean I leave for work and it’s dark and I come back and it’s dark, haha.

    1. Hi Ned,

      Nice to hear from you. Daylight Savings does indeed seem like a very outdated idea. Would be great if it was dumped. Road trips are fun. I’m never really alone – always seem to be sharing a waffle and the street with a trucker or two – even if we are in separate vehicles or at separate tables 😉 Hope you’re not working too hard!


      1. Yeah, hope all is well. Here winter is coming fast and quick. The older I get the colder I feel. There was a time I’d jog shirtless if need be in the crisp fall air, and now I’m searching for the best deals on thermal socks for joggging haha. Work is alright, but it does seem like I’m just living to work at the moment.

        1. Funny.. just this morning my neighbor showed me a Dalai Lama quote which pertains to living/working.. just asked him to text it to me so I can post it.

          Are you cold because your body fat has gotten too low? I remember that you were training for a physique competition.

          Update – neighbor just sent Dalai Lama quote.. When asked what surprised him about humanity the most, the Dalai Lama replied: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”


          1. That’s a really good quote. Definitely feeling that way. Stressing about the future, just watching the days blur to weeks blur to months that I’m forgetting to live in the present.

            Maybe you’re right, I think the weight loss and low body fat changed it for me. Definitely feel much colder than before. Though now that I’m not in training mode, I’ve gained some of that off-season bulk back. I don’t know, I was the kind of guy who’d use the AC sometimes even if it’s cold outside, etc. And now, I’m wearing socks to bed, sweatshirts and thermal socks to jog etc.

            Envious of the California weather, haha. Gonna start to snow soon, Frost on the ground. ?

            1. Well, at least warm clothes are a small price to pay for low body fat 😉 Neighbor showed me that quote yesterday morning over coffee. I thought it was great too.


              1. Haha, the day after the show I bloated so nicely eating a nice stack of pancakes, syrup etc. I’m still under low enough where my abs and obliques visible, but it’s just so tough to be in contest prep. A lot of people just blast and cruise on ‘cycles’ all year. To maintain that shredded look.

                But yeah that was a very good quote. Really bummed me out yesterday thinking about it.

                1. Hi Ned,

                  Sorry I bummed you out. Quote seemed timely because my neighbor had literally just shown it to me over coffee. It’s just sorta food for thought.. maybe the next time you are working overtime you can back up from your desk and go for a short walk or something. I have no idea what you do for a living but you know what I mean.

                  When you mention “cycles” are you referring to steroids? A lot of women I know have taken some type of workout enhancement drugs (for lack of a better term) and they seem to suffer a lot of ill effects: skin breakouts/rashes, nasty changes in temperament, hair loss, and even slight changes in facial structure. The changes are so profound that it makes you wonder what happens to their bodies when they stop using the drugs.


                  1. No it was a timely quote. Thank you for saying it.

                    And yeah, what I mean is, they’re so ubiquitous these days, what a lot of people in physique and classic physique do is take steroids basically all year. No let up. This way, they are always in contest mode. The whole system is rigged. Women in physique have different and newer steroids than in the past, now they can build lean muscle while gaining very little fat or getting those ‘male’ side effects. Hard to explain, but I think you get it. It’s just a whole new world now with synthetic supplements and performance enhancing drugs. There are even injections you take to give you ‘tans’ that last month’s without any sun or uv exposure. It’s crazy.

                    1. Hi Ned,

                      That is amazing. Francesca and I just had a conversation over the weekend about all the pills people are popping, especially for “fitness” reasons. Much of them seem to be amphetamine-based. Have to say that they really do not improve the users’ personalities – pills seem to make some of them very edgy: naturally high-strung person + amphetamine = disaster.


                    2. Couldn’t reply more, but do you mean ritalin/Adderall? I know a lot of people use those for weight loss and focus. Otherwise ephedrine is another big pill but that’s more for losing weight with the thermogenic effect.

                    3. Yes!! Francesca just mentioned Adderall over the weekend when we were discussing the various pills that people take to “enhance” their workout regimens and weight loss efforts. I said, halfway in disbelief: “Isn’t that the stuff they used to prescribe for hyperactive kids?!” So crazy. Did you ever see Requiem for a Dream? Awesome, awesome movie. Mom (Ellen Burstyn, I think) becomes addicted to diet pills and just goes bananas. Amazing how amphetamine-based pills keep popping up in our culture and driving people to madness. Don’t think there are any happy, well-adjusted amphetamine users. I’ve had my own experiences (in illegal narcotic form, not pharmaceuticals) and that stuff ravages every part of your body, including brain. Some really religious people think amphetamines were manufactured by the devil and I am not so sure that they are wrong 😉 Years ago I loaned my copy of this book to a friend and never got it back but the author provides some really interesting history about amphetamines whilst simultaneously chronicling his wife’s descent into amphetamine Hell. Really great book. I need to buy it again.


                    4. Yeah it’s crazy I’ve known lots of ‘gymbunnies’ who take a ton of ritalin and Adderall. It helps suppress their diet, and gives them focus. They don’t know how bad it is on their brains, permanently messing up their dopamine levels and receptors. It’s why they go through so much withdrawal later and have a hard time coming off. It’s also why a lot of crystal meth users are so messed up and rarely recover because of the permanent changes to their brain chemistries. I will check out that book though I always love to read. It’s crazy how quick people are willing to accept pills to fix all their solutions.

                    5. Hi Ned,

                      The words “rarely recover” do resound with me, especially in regard to meth and amphetamines. I have known people who never did. Very, very sad. Remember Prozac Nation? Now we are just Pill Nation – pills for everything, not just depression.


  3. I must comment ( hope none of my usual typos ,as I do this very late …I’m a night person,and thank goodness independent ) ,but again your observations truly cool.

    As you know we share a love of other eras, and your commentaries have the milieu of another time.
    One can see the classic subtext in them.

    Jack Kerouac , Jack London, comes to mind.
    I love the road and would love to share a trip myself.
    Even the prosaic, gets me intrigued going about…and that’s not easy for me believe me.
    As the common place,and forced convention is a bore…sorry go say.
    But of course that is why I have such an affinity here .

    On the Neon: The sign is a true gem.
    The early to mid century artifacts of the state ,are now becoming historically significant.
    Those signs sure are precious ,and truly masterpieces .
    To some in the past a gosh annoyance.
    Now understood as a true art form,and so telling of their time.
    Brash ,glamorous, inviting ,exciting.

    My mind recalls an amazing sign as a boy,that was then quite old.
    It was along the highway about 4 miles north from your early dancing venue.
    It was an amazingly bright yellow 1950 Cadillac Convertible ,with.bright white headlights ,and corresponding red tailifins.
    The early globe style known to Caddi Buffs as ” slipstream ” ,as opposed to the later famous ” blades”.

    As a child I knew we where close to home ,as I saw it lighting up the very dark night ,above a huge used car lot.
    I wonder what became of it ?
    It was so unique ,and must be worth a fortune today.

    Keep us all abreast of your travels,and please stay observant, and safe Tanya.
    Your always in my best thoughts, and wishes .

    1. Thank you, Apollo, for all of your kind words and insights. I will definitely keep you abreast of my travels. Cadillac sign sounds awesome!!! Have you heard about the Neon Museum? XOXO

      1. Thank you so much for the Neon link ! Your so thoughtful .
        Love it…what clever technical mechanism !
        Truly wonderful.

  4. Hello Tanya,

    Even more of the enchanting Mrs Hamilton (of whom I can never get enough!), and this time, reading the last few lines of the script, she does seem to be in a predicament (one that she may enjoy?) – what is Kelli up to?
    Jessica is so right : purple looks great on you, as do the lilac-coloured panties. But then, everything looks great on (or off) you – these really are very seductive, ravishing photos : thank you!!
    Please do continue to use your trusty camera : the results are great and bring you so much closer to us, xxx

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Stanley!! Mrs. Hamilton did indeed have a good time.. even though she was trying her best not to give in to the sin 😉


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