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In the early hours of this morning I rolled home on fumes, too tired to stop for gas. Parking deities blessed me with a spot close to my building and I got all gear upstairs in just two hauls. Recent theft deters me from leaving suitcases in my car anymore. Exhausted, I lay down in bed and watched the ceiling fan spin until it became apparent that I could not sleep. Why does that happen? I pulled on jeans, Uggs (thanks, Bob!) and headed to a donut shop after fueling my car. 14 hours later I am still buzzing with caffeine/overtiredness/delirium from recent round of shooting, diner food, cheap lodging, and even cheaper cocktails. Above pics capture the grandeur 😉 Tomorrow I will post footage from yesterday’s wrestling match with Goldie Blair and possibly some shots I did in the ring with wrestler Jackson.

It feels like time for a long, hot shower and peaceful night of rest in my own bed. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments. Hope everyone is already enjoying the weekend!

XO Tanya



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20 thoughts on “Vagabondia”

  1. Yeah I pretty much never leave anything in my car anymore either. A few years back after several thefts of my full tank of gas even, I had to get a key locking gas cap, etc. To the thieves, it’s quick sale at a pawn shop, Craigslist, or even for their own use. For us, it’s insurance deductibles, hassles at car shops repairing windows, door frames. Plus, it’s not as if we all have tons of disposable cash lying around all the time.

    How hectic is the parking situation where you live? I’ve seen you mention that the tow companies are pretty aggressive as are the parking enforcement people so often you have to get up early to move the car.

    I’ve been struggling with insomnia myself. Maybe it’s the abundance of electronics use when I’m home, or sometimes taking pre-workout supps before the gym that keeps me up. A friend of mine recommended me melatonin, but I don’t know. Anyways, hope you rest and relax and recharge before your next shoot and trip.

    1. Thanks, Ned! I caught up on my sleep and now I feel great. The city makes a lot of money off parking tickets so they patrol the streets with a vengeance here. Three huge new condo developments are going up within a few blocks of me so parking will likely get even tighter. One of these years I may have to start paying for parking in one of the nearby hotels or office buildings. For now I just try to stay a few steps ahead of the parking authorities 😉


      1. Oh God, locally the parking authorities are getting so strict here as well. Hopefully you can secure a parking spot before those new condos come in. At least you have the ‘times’ down so you can stay one step ahead of them.

        1. Hi Ned, Sometimes I think that I may just leave my car with a friend who live near a Metro station. I don’t really need to drive very often, mostly just for shoots. Sometimes I even think I should just book an Uber driver when I need one instead of maintaining a vehicle, insurance, etc. XOXO

          1. Be safe with Uber drivers these days. But yeah, if you don’t use car much, just seems a hassle. Then again it’s the one thing you wish you had if you ever needed it. Is it a nice car? I would hate giving my vehicle to my friend. My car is detailed once a year, washed regularly, just put a nice solid wax and sealant for the winter a week ago.

            1. Hi Ned,

              I love my Toyota – an old friend who has been with me through thick and thin for the past 12 years. Is it nice? Well.. car thieves have a lot more expensive options on any given street and parking lot. I wouldn’t actually be giving my car away, just leaving it parked on a friend’s property for the occasions when I do need it.

  2. Thanks for that! you are the sweetest Tanya! 😉 I really like you! hope everything is allright with yah!

    Here with me is now allmost winter. hahah! i think there is just sun shinning on you baby 😀

    1. I’m doing great, Zipp808. It was actually kinda cold here this morning – even though the sun was shining. Hope you stay warm! XOXO

  3. Hello Tanya,

    I’m so pleased that you had a good sleep after what seems like a pretty tough time – doesn’t show in the photos of the exquisite Mrs H however. How do you maintain such a tough life-style and
    yet continue to look so wonderful?

    1. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Stanley. I tend to sleep a lot, probably more than most people. Every once in a while I reach a state of overtiredness where I have trouble falling asleep.. even though that sounds really strange.


  4. Great to hear you are doing well, yes summer time is well over in LA but always nice weather anyway with you. yes i keeps me warm when I see you I will be very hot 😉

  5. Yeah right. But u have tons of fans i see. And i like you enjoying the quiet singel life. I do the same acully. I like to feel free and do everything i want.

    1. I like my freedom too, Zipp808. Here in the US people seem afraid to be alone but I would rather be alone than be with someone that I was not crazy about. Like to think that the Universe matches the right people up at the correct moment. Judging by the popularity of Internet dating sites I must be one of the few people who thinks like that though. Everyone else seems to be on a determined quest for Mr. or Ms. Right.


  6. Hiii Tanya. Its seem we are agree about to feel free and do everything we want. I like that. So keep going to feel your freedom. By the way my real name is Johan 😉

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