Upside Down






Good morning,

Just slept 10 hours and I feel great. Above photos come from November 5, 2015 shoot with Goldie Blair and Jackson. Upon reviewing these photos it occurred to me that I never experience any neck or back issues, even after decades of wrestling, bondage, dancing, living. Maybe chiropractors should try some of the above exercises with their clients 😉

XO Tanya


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12 thoughts on “Upside Down”

  1. Hey Tanya .. Thank you so much for doing my custom … You and Goldie were AMAZING and you both looked smoking HOT !!! My best custom to date … Def- have to have a rematch !!!!

    Thanks Again
    Rich M.

    1. Hi Rich,

      Thanks so much for all the years of videos!!! So glad you like the Goldie match. I would love a rematch!


      1. Hi Tanya ,

        Thank you for putting up with all my BS .. LOL
        It’s money well spent … I would just like to say you have the best body in wrestling !! no doubt !!!!

        Rich M.

        1. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment, Rich!! And thank you for putting up with me, the other models, and our constantly shifting schedules.. lol Not sure how STJ keeps from pulling out all of his hair 😉 XOXO

          1. LOL … Ed is a saint !! I love the guy … I cherish all my customs , that’s why I’m such a pain in the ass … I really do appreciate all the hard work you and all the ladies put into my match’s … Looking forward to doing many more custom’s with you ….

            Thanks Again
            Have a great night !!!

  2. Thank you Tanya (and Mr Rich M.) for the photos from the custom fight with Goldie : sparks always fly when you two are together! I don’t think you have fought Jackson before, but you certainly look in fantastic shape and your “costume” is mind-blowing, emphasising your glorious belly and alluring breasts. This will be yet another best-buy. xxx

  3. Hi Tanya. So a wrestling match a day keeps the doctor away. Best medical advice of the day. If someone was to request a custom from you does it take a long time to schedule?

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I usually tell people that they will receive their custom within a month of submitting payment, hopefully sooner. It depends on cameraman, model, location availability and details involved in the script. Editing is also a factor because the cameraman usually edits the video. I like to mostly shoot with Jon White and STJ and they do stay busy so I can’t always schedule a shoot as soon as I might like. Quality camera work is so important that I try to avoid experimenting with other cameramen. I’ve had a few misadventures in that department.. lol


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