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I have probably lost more than 3/4 of the content I’ve shot over the years.  Recently I came across photos from a shoot entitled Blonde Dahlia but couldn’t locate the video anywhere. Vague memories of the text description I’d written for the video loomed in my head, tormenting me. No record of those words seemed to exist anyplace on my computer, blogs, or various electronic devices. Frustrated, I wandered out onto a balcony atop my building. A truly monstrous green Plymouth Valiant lurked below.  It looked like someone had submerged it in a swamp for 20 years and then driven it back into civilization. Immediately I pulled out a pad and began writing:

Blonde Dahlia

Water-logged behemoth floats toward fishermen in Gulf of Mexico. Upper right headlight peers at them like seaborne monster scouting prey. Men drop rods and flee. Recent Hurricane Geneva has deposited unusual debris near shoreline but this metal wreckage carries strong presentiment of evil.

Slime green coche,
Rociada con seafoam,
Dripping with algae.

Border town authorities hear talk, eventually extract 1970 Plymouth Valiant from water. Pristine, white dahlia flutters unnoticed to ground as salvage crew uses crowbar to pry open trunk. Blonde hair, slight movement inside vehicle cause lead investigator to freeze, scarcely able to believe that any life could stir within bestial, drifting sepulcher..

Angry God,
Electrified ocean,
Entrega la sirena blanca,
A la salvacion.

(Tanya Danielle stars in Blonde Dahlia, a tale of survival in which American damsel relives trials, tribulations suffered at hands of fiendish predator: handcuffs, breast press, masked intruder, strap-on dildo put to multiple uses, unusual BDSM implements, cumshot. Co-produced by Paolo.)

Not sure why I was writing in Spanglish but I saved the words inside my computer under the title “Blonde Dahlia” and began re-editing the photos. Yesterday, finally ready to post the gallery at, I searched my computer for the story and somehow came up with the original Blonde Dahlia text that I wrote around 2010 or so.

geneva (1)

Blonde Dahlia 615_pp

Blonde Dahlia (Original)

The gold 1973 El Camino rolls to a stop. Heavy footsteps advance toward it from across a gravel driveway. A man’s gruff voice orders someone to make sure that the street is clear. The speaker waits a beat and then pulls back a tarp which covers the rear of the vehicle. A startled expression registers on his face. He stares at the woman who lies motionless inside of the El Camino’s bed. Coarse ropes bind each of her wrists and ankles to metal rings. This lady seems different than her predecessors. Somehow she radiates a clean, wholesome energy even though her eyes express nothing but cold resignation. Her aura discomfits him, triggers a latent sensation of remorse that he would like to dismiss as soon as it surfaces. He freezes for a few tortured seconds and then manages to squelch all emotion as he sets about freeing her from her restraints. The hostage does not speak. She seems to realize the futility of words. Some of the others had begged. After untying her the man jerks her upward and then onto the pavement. She blinks in the strong sunlight, taking in her surroundings without any perceptible change in demeanor. A large sign spells out “Geneva Motel” in colorful block letters. It looms above the desolate, three-story building which encircles them. “Don’t get any ideas.” her captor tells her in a flat tone of voice. “There is no one around here who will help you. And don’t even think about running. I’m good at picking off moving targets.” Without waiting for a response he grabs her by the elbow and propels her up an outdoor staircase. As they enter unit 214 of the abandoned motel the woman sees that someone is using it as a cramped living space. Camel cigarette butts overflow from an ashtray, empty bottles spill out of several trash cans, and a paperback book lies open on the bed. Incongruously, a vase containing two fresh, yellow flowers sits atop a small table. Her eyes stay glued to the flowers. “She’s here, Leroy.” the man calls out to an unseen person. “I’m going to lock the door behind her.” When her escort takes off the woman hears the sound of running water. A few seconds later a man, presumably Leroy, emerges from a bathroom wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a ski mask. The hostage barely reacts to his presence. Her senses are stupefied beyond shock. “Look at you.. ” Leroy says with a singsong lilt in his voice. “You will do.. You will do just fine.. ” The woman offers no response. “What’s your name?” Leroy prods her. She remains silent. “Wait.. I don’t want to know your name.. ” he surprises himself by saying. A notion has begun germinating in his mind and he grows progressively enamored of it as he studies her. Suddenly his gaze shifts to the vase of yellow flowers and then back to her eyes. Leroy and the woman regard each other for a few long beats and she sees her own reflection in the visor of his mask. “It just came to me.” he reveals. “You are the Dahlia. I will call you the Blonde Dahlia.. “

Amazing how time passes and nothing stays the same. Even that motel dumped its cool, 1960s-era color block sign and replaced it with this:

geneva2 (2)

Sometimes I feel like life moves on without me. In any case, I have posted a portion of the original Blonde Dahlia gallery at After removing all the Geneva Motel exterior shots I had hoped to insert a pic or two of the Plymouth which inspired the second story. That creepy vehicle still prowls my neighborhood but I haven’t had the nerve to pull out a camera..

XO Tanya



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22 thoughts on “Blonde Dahlia”

  1. Hi Tanya, Very nice, is this a video clip too? 😉 you look so damn hot baby! U are the hotest and sexyiest super model i knew about. Its is a pleasure to be i big fan of you! 😀

    1. Thanks, Zipp808! I can’t find the video.. and am starting to wonder if the video ever existed. Maybe we just shot photos that day.. XOXO

  2. I love the writing …excellent !
    It has a meandering line, but quick depth which sends visions of a trip to the body of the story which is enticing .

    Your description of the autos so much fun,as they have personalities ,and can set up scenes so well.
    To me, had writers are not into cars.Good ones understand how much describing them creats color.

    Of course, and pardon my constant refrain but your photos are just so beautiful ,and you remain sublime even in campy poses.
    The elegance never leaves you.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliments, Apollo! I agree that cars add a lot of intrigue to writing. They do have personalities of their own. XOXO

  3. Hi Tanya, hi Zipp808,
    the photos belong to a script from about 2010 or 2011. It only exists as a very big photoset without video production. Tanya, if the old content doesn’t exist on your PC or server anymore, just let me know. I still possess nearly all the updates from 2003 on that have been published in the former members section of . Just let me know.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Paolo!! Thank you for the info. And for the archives!! I will definitely ask you when I am next looking for a gallery or video. XOXO

  4. You really are spoiling us Tanya! These photos are sensational as always and I love the story of “Blonde Dahlia”. I’m sure you know the film “The Blue Dahlia” with Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake and screenplay by Raymond Chandler : did this give you the idea or is that mere coincidence? What a shame that you can’t find the video, but the photo-set will be on my shopping list.
    Even sadder is the fact that you have lost so much of the material you have shot even though I can’t keep up with your current productions !

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Paolo, who commissioned this photo gallery (plus many other productions like House of Shadows and the Day of Torment series), solved the mystery of the missing video. There never was a video – evidently Goldie (in mask) and I just shot photos on this day. The savage 1947 Black Dahlia murder in Los Angeles inspired the story I wrote to accompany the photos. The killer who dismembered aspiring actress/model Elizabeth Short AKA The Black Dahlia was never apprehended. The case remains one of Los Angeles’ most notorious unsolved murders.


  5. Hii Tanya, i have buy this photo shot file, and i must say, you are so incredible hot here! 😉

    Keep going sweety!

  6. Hiii! hows going zweet Tanya? 😉 do u made any new bondage clip? Hope u are fine 🙂 I like to walk with you. I feel comfortable.

  7. Dear Tanya,

    thank you so much for the info on the Black Dahlia murder which inspired your story. I now have the photo-set and, as usual, it is quite breath-taking, particularly the bikini shots. Some of the photos reminded me of your video “Gunned by Goldie” : were they shot at the same session?

    1. Not sure, Stanley.. Goldie did a few of those with me. Where did you find “Gunned by Goldie”? I’ll have to look at it to see if it was from the same shoot. (Lol.. that’s how bad I am at storing content. I can’t even find “Gunned by Goldie”. Was it a photo gallery or a video?) XOXO

  8. Hi Tanya,

    “Gunned by Goldie” is one of the videos on the Clips4Sale site. Since my last comment I have been watching it again (with great pleasure, may I add!), and I realise that there are some differences : in “G by G” for example you are wearing a studded collar and torn jeans at the beginning. You may not wish to remember, but certain vegetables and fruit (banana, courgette) also feature…At the end you are shot by a gun that propels what appear to be table-tennis balls – sounds a little weird, but your portrayal of terror is fantastic : thank you!

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Love the word courgette! Never heard it before and looked it up. Coincidentally just had some courgettes in my breakfast omelette at Denny’ this morning. Still can’t find “Gunned by Goldie”.. maybe I renamed it? Does Gangbang Banana look like the same video?


  9. Hello Tanya,

    Glad you love the word “courgette” – I had forgotten that in the States it is called “zucchini”, or is it “zucchino” in the singular? Either way it looked pretty painful!
    I think, after perusing the Clips store (a real pleasure, by the way) that what I have as “Gunned by Goldie” is in fact “Penetration Nation” – we never see Goldie, but it is obviously her. “Gang-bang Banana”, which I unfortunately do not have, seems to be a continuation.

    1. Ooohh..ok. Thanks for searching and clarifying. Was wondering if maybe I had removed a video and never replaced it. That’s been known to happen.

      Think we hayseeds in the US refer to both a single courgette and multiple courgettes as simply “zucchini”. Never heard “zucchino” and don’t think I’ve ever uttered the word “zucchinis”. I’m picturing a fictional conversation in my head where I ask someone to pick up two zucchini at the store. Would I say “zucchinis”? I think I might.. We Americans are so poorly educated 😉 XOXO

  10. Well, dear Tanya, your Italian speaking fans will probably convince you feel not to feel “poorly educated”. You are a very well spoken woman with an impressive vocabulary. Zucca is a general purpose term for squash, sometimes specifically used to refer to pumpkins sometimes other squash. A zucchini would be a “little zucca”.

    The plural for zucca would also be feminine: la zucca becomes le zucche. A few little zuccas 😉 become zucchine. But I hear zucchini used in the plural as well.

    Growing up speaking a mongrelized mix of languages, and not being particularly fluent at any one of them, I enjoy the Spanglitalonglish morphing of words and meanings. At least I depend on them…..

    Zucchini(e) are some of my favorite vegetables, but I’ve never put one to use the way you and Miss Goldie have. Io preferisco la mia sulla griglia….;-)


    1. Funny thing.. zucchini discussion started after Stanley’s mention of the now infamous croquette in Penetration Nation. Just this morning at Von’s I saw a bag labelled “mini croquettes”. How long have these things been lurking in American supermarket aisles? Thank you for the Italian, Mingori. I will likely refer to “zucchini” regardless of whether Goldie is holding 1 or 20 of them 😉 XOXO

  11. Dear Tanya,

    A friend of mine used to make salmon croquettes for me in the morning. She said it was one of her “comfort foods”. I thought they were a little on the dry side.

    If I saw Goldie coming after you with one of those and it wasn’t on a plate with a cup of coffee, I would tackle her. Or maybe tickle her.

    Happy Monday to you, Tanya. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


    1. Hi Mingori,

      Those croquettes look awesome! Lol.. was that the disgraced face of Paula Dean smiling up at me? Did she ever reclaim her grandeur or has it been lost for good?


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