Christmas on Elm Street?



Good evening,

I shot above pics earlier today. Christmas decorations? It still feels like summertime.. of 2003. How are months and years flying by so quickly? After gawking in disbelief at Xmas décor I spent the second of two days shooting with lovely Francesca Le. Time keeps passing but Francesca looks exactly the same as she did 15 years ago, possibly even better. Below pics come from soon-to-be-released Jamestown Caper gallery of September 2015.




Tonight I am going to unpack my suitcases and start preparing for upcoming shoots with wrestlers Jackson and Shia. I shall return in the morning to answer blog comments and post more pics. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

XO Tanya

P.S. Below image re-creates traumatized expression on my face when I encountered both Santa Claus and a bona fide Xmas wreath in the early hours of this morning. Felt like Nightmare on Elm Street..

November12015 114_pp



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8 thoughts on “Christmas on Elm Street?”

  1. Yes the years are flying by…months ,days hours.
    The relativity of time,or its perception is the question .

    Do you recall how long it seemed for a promised trip, or season was when we where children ?
    The hours of school slitering by?
    ” Oh noooo Christmas is two weeks away! ”

    We just had Halloween ,and its not even Thanksgiving and yet the Skeletons, ghosts, and goblins ,are up against the Christmas trees in the stores !
    Was not the brilliant ,and timeless Charles Dickens into something with his monumental work; A Christmas Carol which was both a ghost, and Yuletide tale?

    I always tell people to grab onto life,its so short.

    However one can see the last ounce of tradition ,and gracious living are being rung from our culture by the crass crashing of sacred holidays together.
    So lets live in our own world and ignore it !

    Not to worry ,you and Francesca Lee are timeless .
    I for one like my level of knowledge,consciousness ,and fitness better than in 2003 myself.

    1. Very beautifully expressed, Apollo. Over the weekend I was at a hotel whose driveway was still lined with pumpkins. I applauded their decision to continue honoring Halloween. And thank you for your kind words, Apollo. Francesca and I are very close in age – and I love seeing women around my age who look awesome 😉


  2. How right you are, Tanya, to be so shocked by a Christmas wreath in November : my local supermarket has piles of “goodies” next to the sign “Because it’s Christmas” – yuk!
    Wonderful to se you in action again against Francesca – sparks always fly when you two are together. By the way, everything you say about Francesca applies equally ,no, even more so, to your good self. Your traumatised photo is superlative! xxx

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Stanley! Glad to hear that I am not the only person traumatized by early Xmas.. lol XOXO

  3. The years may be passing by, but Tanya Danielle is immortalized forever. You even said the reason you don’t like to change your look too much is so that it’s hard to know whether this was 2007, 2012 etc.

    Kind of envious, that even a hundred years from now, you will exist long when our bones our dust, and often as the ‘best’ you could look. Sounds corny, but I mean, Tanya Danielle, not the woman who is behind her, will always exist, much like to this day people still see Marilyn Monroe at her best. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot.

    1. Hahaha – not if I stick around too long and become the Dancing Granny!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Think every stripper/pornstar’s secret fear is that they will somehow lose perspective and remain in the biz much longer than they should have. Legendary director Jim Holliday was supposed to tell me when to retire but he passed on in 2005. He would have been honest. Other people often are too nice to be honest or else say mean stuff to make you feel bad and/or try to tie you to them. Jim understood all of that so well. Really miss him and our late night phone conversations.

      Thank you, Ned, for your kind words. I do appreciate them but only time will tell what anyone remembers. Do you recall Heather Thomas and Barbi Benton? You might but you might not.. and yet you definitely knew them in the 80s 😉


      P.S. Was thinking about my comment in the shower. Wasn’t intending to compare myself to Heather or Barbi.. just making the point that people’s memories are really fickle.

      1. That’s also true, but how many people today will remember Jean Harlow? What about River Phoenix? My point was more that people may forget Tanya Danielle as the decades go on, but like you brought up Barbi and Heather, they are always around if we need/want/look for them.

        Tanya Danielle will exist, long when the woman behind her no longer does. Long when her friends, family, fans, anyone who ever knew her and she’ll exist in sublime form as one of the most beautiful. I don’t know maybe I’m just rambling. But it was something I had been thinking of. Who knows, maybe you’re right. But I wouldn’t like to think like that haha.

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