Racked and Rolled








As you might expect I spend most of my days gazing upon either naked women or their images whilst editing photos. Above shots from Elite Blonde Corps struck me as noteworthy this afternoon. I include top image because I still marvel at the magnitude of my former rack. Ariel X’s stunning midsection speaks for itself (second pic from top.) Prior to this shoot I seem to recall falling asleep on the beach with a book on my stomach – hence the peculiar tan lines (third pic from top.) Not much I can say about the bottom three shots other than that I got rolled by the best 😉

XO Tanya



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8 thoughts on “Racked and Rolled”

    1. No, CatfightBlogger, I am happy now with smaller breasts. Not sure if society changed or I changed but I was receiving so much unwanted attention (prior to reduction) that it was really starting to bother me. Funny thing is.. people still react like I have giant breasts.. lol My new body does suit me better though. Another thing.. not sure if I should type this.. but huge breasts sometimes start to look a little, well, matronly, on women as they get older. :o(


  1. Hi Tanya,
    I guess you miss your former rack. Do you ever wish you have them again or are you contented with what you have at the moment. I see you marvel at Ariel’s mid section. I remember in your other video with her she actually devours your abs seemingly jealous of it so her midsection is really nothing compared to yours. Are the lines in your custom videos scripted or are they mostly adlib’d by the players. If it were adlib’d, then there is a lot of truth to what they are saying. Hence saying that she can lick your abs all day goes to show how impressed she really is with it. Many of your tormentors always want to caress your “rock hard abs”. It must really look marvelous at close up and in person. Would be nice to get that experience one day.
    Also can’t forget when Ariel says that you have a perfect tan as you did not have tan lines in which you reply, ” No tan either” since you could not afford those tropical vacations and now you say you got that weird tan line due to that book you left in your stomach. I guess you have some time to get a lot of tan these days. Anyway if you need tropical vacations to get some tan then I can sponsor you a trip downunder where it would be summer soon. ?


    1. Hi Rain,

      A trip to Australia? That sounds awesome!! And thank you for your kind words. Ariel is fun to wrestle. 99% of dialogue is indeed ad lib. I’m happier with my body now. It’s just about impossible to slink around unnoticed with boobs as big as before and there are so many haters out on the streets. Eventually the tide will turn and people will start being more civil to one another but, for now, I like being able to successfully hide my rack under loose clothes 😉


      1. Actually New Zealand but that’s in the area. Have you been here? Would be nice to see you in person some time.
        Shouldn’t you be proud of your racks. I understand some people may get a little rude when they see someone with huge breasts and they may disrespect you.

        1. Hi Rain,

          Yeah, people can be eye-poppingly rude at times. New Zealand? No, I have never been but hope to visit someday. I have heard that your country is stunningly beautiful.


      2. Another thing with the adlib, does that mean when you orgasm during a sex fight does that mean its for real most of the time?

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