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Good afternoon,

Diamond Jackson is on her webcam blasting “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Seems I don’t do anything these days without the accompaniment of live webcam models ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I tend to listen to their patter but not watch them. Their one-sided conversations are anthropological. It interests me to hear the ladies respond to whatever their viewers are saying. Amy Fisher does not take any sh*t. I sorta miss her when she is off for the weekend.

Anyways, I have been toying with how to respond to this blog comment posted by pw:ย “Iโ€™ve wondered ever since what prompted you to explore fight fetish work and superheroine fetish work, and why that interested you enough to keep doing it, whereas so many adult performers may never even put a toe into those waters. Do you find anything particularly different about the models you meet who do fetish fight work versus the ones who donโ€™t?”

Pw, catfight/wrestling work is available to all the women who work in the adult industry here in LA. Some have bad first experiences and never want to try it again. As you and most catfight aficionados know, 98% of the matches are scripted with a predetermined winner. That does not stop some of the “competitors” from buying into an odd delusion that they are participating inย athletic events when nothing could be further from the truth. Consequently, they land punches too hard, “accidentally” hit you in the face, etc. I know that this may sound like fun entertainment to the viewer but it is not fun for the women who shoot with them. Even if you call them on it they just keep it up and pretend they are not doing it. On the most recent occasion this occurred at a shoot I simply resolved to keep my cool. I had just had surgery on my breasts a month earlier and my opponent was repeatedly hitting me too hard in the chest. She became winded and actually had to sit down to recover, totally embarrassing herself. It seemed like the Universe handled that situation for me. But yet.. I wasn’t 100% sure she had been punching me too hard intentionally so I had given her the benefit of the doubt. Each time she hit me too hard I saw an anticipatory gleam light up her eyes like she was trying to provoke me. I felt my anger rise but I knew if I lost my temper I would create a wild, cringe-inducing episode on a par with a number ofย other such occasions in the past. Everyone in the room would freeze and stare at me like I had lost my mind. The other model would play innocent. I’ve lived this, I’ve gone through it, and this is what always happens. I just wanted to finish the f*cking shoot, get paid, and go. This – the situation I just described – is exactly why some models do one or two catfight shoots and never want to do anymore.

Remember I said that I had been toying with how to respond to your blog comment, pw? I had no idea these words would come out of me but they are straight from the heart. My fingers were dancing across the keyboard so fast that sparks flew.

I did my first catfight shoot with Jewell Marceau and Venus Delight for in 1999, I believe. Stacy Burke was ref. Oddly enough, this was real wrestling (not scripted) – the first time I had ever wrestled in my life. I beat Jewell and Venus beat me. It seemed pure – no hijinks or foolishness. Basically, I just got lucky and had a pleasant first experience. And, amazingly, I went for years without having a problem with anyone. Alexis Taylor (AKA Shannan Leigh), Jewell, Francesca Le, and Stacy Burke were the women with whom I worked most frequently. We all got along famously – not a delusional idiot in the bunch. The first time I had a real problem (and created a cringe-inducing scene) was when Frankie Zapitelli (I don’t know if I am spelling her name correctly and I don’t care) kicked me three times in the crotch during a scripted superheroine catfight. I erupted. The atmosphere froze. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy except Jared from DT Wrestling who understood exactly why I was mad. Things kinda went downhill from there and a lot more wackjobs started entering the catfight fantasy realm. Around then I started turning down most of the work. Now I mainly just do custom requests and only work with models who conduct themselves with a reasonable amount of decorum.

Normally I reread what I write to check for errors but I will probably just leave this post as it is: a mildly ranting, stream-of-thought, poorly punctuated expression of my opinion. I have added the box cover of Putting on the Gloves starring Devin DeRay and me for a little eye candy. Devin was a blast: beautiful with a fit, sculpted body and a great attitude.

By the way, the hottest chicks are almost always the easiest to shoot with.

XO Tanya



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  1. Thanks, Tanya, for your thoughtful response to an interesting question. I do appreciate it when you speak your mind.

    It is curious about your boxing anecdote. I recently watched a video of you and Christina Carter boxing. Her punches to the head and (most) stomach punches seemed appropriately ‘pulled’ but it did look like a number of the breast shots were real. Ouch. Not sure if this was the work you were discretely referring to–and will understand your continued discretion if you choose not to reveal who your pugilistic nemesis was. (You, however, looked amazing in that video…..Christina a bit zaftig. Maybe the reason behind her aggression? )

    I have enjoyed some of your work with Christina because she brings an obvious competitive edge to her attitude. Now I understand how professional lines can easily be crossed and the consequences of just that. Who wants to work with someone under those conditions–in any line or work.

    That said, there’s you and Devin Deray. Wow. A match straight from Mt. Olympus. That is a discussion in its own right.


    1. Hi Mingori,

      I saw your comment come in last night and immediately experienced a sense of inner vindication. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of videos I have done – including the dozens shot after my recent breast surgery – you correctly identified the video to which I was referring in this post. Yes, it was Christina Carter. Even after writing that post I felt twisted by an odd but familiar sense of guilt, a nagging sensation that I was condemning another model in my mind for something which she had not even intended to do. However, after reading your comment I realized that my suspicions about Christina had been correct all along. It actually gave me a sense of peace. Thank you. I will avoid saying more about that particular shoot because I don’t want to breathe any more life into a dead situation, if that makes sense.

      One comment about the aftermath of that shoot though. At the time I viewed the situation as a sign from the Universe that I should simply avoid working for other companies and just focus on producing my own videos. That is exactly what I have done since then. STJ and I have a good content-sharing arrangement and sometimes I make similar agreements with other producers but I mostly do my own thing now. This way I can hire the models who I really want to work with and avoid frustrating episodes.

      XO Tanya

  2. Thanks for sharing that personal story. I think a lot of people have trouble maintaining professionalism at times. When I would train in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu myself, you’d often have a lot of the newer guys come in and think that if they went 110% during sparring, they’d be well known, when in actuality, everyone from the coaches to others was making mental notes not to work or train with them closely again.

    Good thing you didn’t totally lose your cool. Tanya, when she’s having fun, is a badass during her catfight scenes, Tanya when she’s angry or upset, I can’t imagine I’d want to be the other woman then. Good thing you realize exactly what girls like her were trying to do and you’re right, those who enjoy it and are passionate about it usually look the best and have the hottest scenes.

    1. Hi Ned,

      A good friend of mine is a very accomplished athlete who trains fighters. He has made the same comment about people who go “too hard” during sparring sessions. Ultimately their actions are self-defeating.

      it’s about 5am here and fog has descended down to the ground. I live by the ocean and a foghorn literally just blew outside my window as I typed that last sentence.. lol

      XO Tanya

      1. Yeah, they don’t realize sparring is mutually beneficial training. Meant to not only help your technique, but also give you a chance to react to another’s skills, and yet some treat it as if it’s an exhibition going on and they have to impress.

        It’s funny you mentioned a foghorn is what you’ve heard, I live in a quieter city and just like 30 mins ago, a train went by, blowing it’s whistle. Luckily I was already up and about to do some jogging and then going to the gym.

        1. Hi Ned,

          I think it’s a foghorn. It is still sounding at regular intervals. Fog has literally descended down to the ground this morning. Very beautiful. I have my jogging shoes on now too but will likely wait til the sun begins its ascent through the sky before I depart. Don’t want to get disoriented in the fog.. lol

          XO Tanya

  3. Sounds like it’ll make for a beautiful viewing if someone was watching from a higher altitude and can see the fog permeate the ground. Either way, be safe and have fun on the jog!

  4. Tanya,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful (and thought-provoking) reply. This is very enlightening.

    It’s too bad that the catfight/fantasy field is tainted by so many whack jobs. I recall that you mentioned the incident with Frankie Zappitelli one time on your prior message board, but I didn’t realize that it was such a common occurrence. That’s really too bad for everyone. Do you think producers realize what’s going on? They must, right? Why do they look at you like you’re crazy when you call another model on this behavior? I’m sure it’s the same models doing this repeatedly, so the producers cannot really be surprised when it happens. I understand that in any one instance it might be hard to be sure if things are happening accidentally or not, but when you have a repeat offender that keeps “accidentally” hitting other models too hard shoot after shoot, you’d think the producer would see this coming. Wouldn’t it be in the producer’s own interest to have everyone behave appropriately, so models will want to come back and keep doing catfight/fantasy work for them? I wonder why the producers don’t intervene with the whack jobs.

    Also, do you think the models who behave inappropriately do it to everyone? Or do you think they have issues with particular other models and are taking the opportunity of the catfight match to try and slyly start something? Would they really act that way to their personal friends in the industry?

    I’m glad to hear that some of my favorite fantasy fighting performers to see onscreen with you are ones that you’ve had good experiences with. It adds something to me when I have the sense that the models are genuinely having fun onscreen. It’s campy fantasy–I feel like it should be fun to shoot and fun to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m personally grateful that you’ve found a way to stay active in the catfight/fantasy realm while also steering clear of the whack jobs by mostly just shooting your own stuff and picking your own collaborators. You are SO good at what you do! It’d be an incredible shame if some bad seeds totally ruined the genre for you, and in turn for your fans.

    Thanks, as always, for your candor, Tanya.



  5. Hi pw,

    Every time I saw the term “whack job” in your comment it made me smile for some reason. Earlier today a friend referred to someone as being “rocko”. I asked what he meant and he replied “off his rocker”. I thought that was funny too. Yes, there are a lot of whack job/rockos around. The producers are aware of it and I think they think that it makes for a better video. The other reason they don’t try to squelch such activities is because they have plenty of models to choose from, don’t really care if someone fades off the scene. On most occasions producers have frozen when I erupted on set because they dislike confrontation.

    In response to your question: “ you think they (the whack jobs) have issues with particular other models and are taking the opportunity of the catfight match to try and slyly start something?” Yes, I do.

    Most of the models who behave aggressively don’t do anything likely to cause real injury. They just do a bunch of dumb crap designed to provoke and irritate the other person. It makes the shoot unpleasant, just like working in a cubicle next to someone who is constantly grandstanding and looking for ways to undermine you and your work ethic.

    By the way, JM Rolen is one producer who totally supported me when I flipped out on a model. He and I had both repeatedly asked her to stop hitting me in the face. She kept doing it. Finally I got very angry. She burst into tears and ran into the bathroom to compose herself. We did end up finishing the shoot but it was extremely uncomfortable, to say the least. She split very quickly afterward and I lingered to talk to JM. I asked him if there was any way I could have handled the situation better. He said no.

    XO Tanya

  6. Good evening,

    Was just getting ready for bed and it occurred to me that I never have any problems during STJ’s shoots. One thing happened one time with a particular model but we were so close to the end of the shoot that I didn’t really care. Had intended on using this model for some of my own custom videos but I mentally crossed her name off the list and never saw her again.

    XO Tanya

  7. Hi Tanya,

    I like “rocko” too! That’s good! I’m gonna use that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for your answers to my questions. I can see your point that the producers don’t have that much to lose in the bigger picture by letting this stuff happen. But I’m also glad to hear that you’ve had good experiences with at least some producers who do get it and are willing to support a model who calls whack jobs on this behavior. I met Jared from DT once. He seemed like a very nice guy. I was glad to hear you say that he was one who didn’t look at you like you were crazy.

    I wonder why the producers think the inappropriate antics improve the video product. I guess it depends on the viewer, but to me, as I said, a big part of the fun is the supposition that the models are having fun with the shoot. Scripted, fantasy combat is such inherently campy stuff, and when the models really embrace that and run with their over-the-top roles and play off each other well and don’t take the whole thing too seriously, it harkens back to old-time superhero and comic book action (“SOCK!!!” … “PoW!!!”) and it just has fun written all over it. It’s FANTASY, and I can relax and enjoy the fantasy most fully when I have no cause for concern about the well-being of any of the performers on the screen. Even in my own custom productions, if I ever see a hit that appears accidentally too hard and I can tell by the reaction on the injured model’s face that it actually hurt her, that really kills the mood. Maybe there are some other viewers out there that want nothing more than to see some “real” hits sneak in, but in that case, why not just go watch non-scripted competitive fighting? It’s out there, if that’s what you’re looking for. But in the context of a video that’s intended to be pure fantasy, I don’t see how the behavior of the whack jobs is any kind of bonus. Quite the opposite for me.

    Sounds like STJ is doing something right! ๐Ÿ™‚



    1. Hi pw,

      Thank you for your commentary. It is genuinely good to hear your views because I think it would disturb me to know that people really like seeing the models get hurt. I’m sure some viewers do like that but I definitely prefer not to cater to their fantasies. Far as I can tell STJ feels the same way about it too.

      XO Tanya

  8. Hi Tanya,

    Sure thing. Along these lines, I remember clearly how much it added for me to the very first video we worked on together when you and Stacy Burke came on at the end of the video after the script was over and said thanks and did a little unscripted joking around about the content of the video. You fake punched each other on your own and suggested more action for the next script, all the while sporting big smiles and laughing with obviously genuine mirth. That little candid bonus clip made me love the preceding scripted action even more, because it confirmed what I always hope is true: that you are having fun with it! That bonus clip was hugely special to me. I knew then that I had found the perfect performer for my fantasies, in both looks/build and attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s great that STJ is on this same page. I’ve never had any dealings with him, but I’ve always enjoyed the pics from his collaborations with you. Good to hear that you’re still working together.



  9. Hi Tanya,

    Awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s interesting, it seems like bonus clips were fairly common for producers to include several years ago but became less so over time. I think perhaps it related to the transition from mailed DVDs to downloadable clips that the person who requested the custom video would retrieve from the same online location as others purchasing the video. In this environment, it seems like it would take an extra step to post a version only for the person who requested the video that included the bonus clip and a different version for everyone else to buy. It probably just became too complicated, I’m guessing. But if there’s a way to do it that isn’t too burdensome, I do think the bonus clip is a great practice to revive! ๐Ÿ™‚



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