Lucky Cats


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Good evening,

I picked up mail today and want to thank Don, Brad, and an anonymous stranger for the lovely gifts that I received. Muuuaaahhhh!!!! Huge kisses to all of you. May your generosity bring you many, many rich rewards. Don, the new cat doormat (top pic) now occupies place of honor in front of the door which leads in from my balcony. Feline kitchen towel looks just as adorable. Thank you for the William Burroughs biography, Brad. I look forward to reading it and placed it next to my well-thumbed autobiography of William S. Burroughs III, his son. A few of my friends like to read but not many of them. I agree that the practice seems to have fallen out of fashion 😉 Thank you, as always, for improving my library.  Unidentified individual (s?) have also gifted me with a rugged new Timberland suitcase (already packed), aromatherapy oil diffuser, and Sansa MP3 player + USB card. Huge hugs for everybody. You made my month and I will be smiling all week – even as I prepare my tax return. Thank you so much!!!!

XOXO Tanya

P.S. Shots above show my new doormat, me trying to achieve feline grace and, naturally, getting trumped by cameraman Jon White‘s cat, Isabelle.



4 thoughts on “Lucky Cats”

  1. Hello Tanya!

    It’s always a joy to send gifts to you and our feline friends 🙂 Knowing you appreciate them makes my month as well.

    Hopefully you realize how much you yourself are appreciated!

    Hope all is well and good luck with your taxes,

    1. Hi Don,

      Thank you so much for your incredible sweetness and generosity. I really love your gifts and so do my furry companions. You make me feel very special. Got my taxes done and sent off funds to the tax man. Glad that is done. Hope yours went smoothly too.


  2. Hi Tanya,

    Well done on getting your tax returns done! And well done to Don for making you feel very special, because that is what you are, and so much more.
    Stanley xxx

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