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Good evening,

Last post I entered the Twilight Zone and in this one I step into a time machine. Think I shot these pics at Taylor Wane‘s house in 2003 or 2004, possibly same day we shot Scene 2 of Voluptuous Vixens. Β Photo gallery has appeared in several magazines although I can’t recall which ones – possibly Busty Beauties and D-Cup. Thanks, Mikey, for findingΒ these! Always fun to travel back in time.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far πŸ™‚

XO Tanya



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20 thoughts on “Time Machine”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Beautiful as ever ! I do have that scene from V.V. and it is pretty hot stuff! How on earth do you manage to remember so much of what you have done – is it purely that you have a wonderful memory or do you have a fantastic filing system? Either way you do make it so easy for your devotees to get access to your body of work. πŸ™‚ xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      Glad you like the scene! Have you watched our scenes (3 and 4) from Catfight Club? I have a good memory and a pretty lackluster filing system. If you ask me about a shoot which has occurred in the past 20 years I will probably recall many of the details but may be unable to locate the actual footage – even if I own it.


      1. Thank you Tanya! I have now watched the two scenes you recommended, and I must say I think your outfit is fantastic! did you shoot a lot of scenes with Taylor?

          1. Hi Tanya,
            I followed up your “falling out” blog and I’m sorry that my question reminded you of Taylor’s unforgiveable behaviour.
            On a brighter note I have also watched Scenes 5 and 6 from Catfight Club – you with Summer- sizzling stuff! πŸ™‚
            I hope you are enjoying a bit of relaxation. xxx

            1. Hi Stanley,

              Glad you like the scene with Summer! We had fun that day. What seemed unforgivable at the time with Taylor now seems like a somewhat amusing memory. Taylor could be very, um, imperious at times. We did reunite for one more video, Brutal Blonde Boxing, years later. I wrote about that encounter here. Soo.. chances for another reunion aren’t looking too good. However, we did film lots of great stuff together before our differences intruded. Have you seen Scenes 7 and 11 of Deviant Desires? I have some of the same material at my Clips4Sale store but footage was completed by different editor. Having a relaxing working day today if that makes any sense. Catching up on computer work while my quadrupeds sashay about my ankles. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


              1. Hi Tanya,

                I have now seen the two scenes from Deviant Desires which you recommended : thank you! πŸ™‚
                I also followed up on your blog regarding Brutal Blonde Boxing – it seems as if some of your co-stars are incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
                I’m so pleased to hear that you are having a relaxing working day – that’s almost an oxymoron, but I know what you mean. πŸ™‚ You really are extraordinary! xxx

                1. Thanks so much, Stanley! Glad you like the video and very happy that you made the comment regarding inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. If you are competing in a real athletic event then you are not pretending anything – you are competing to win. If you are following the script for a video then you are engaging in fantasy – nothing is real. The distinction in my mind is crystal clear and something in my constitution (no, really) prevents me from seeing a realm where things are halfway real. Many of my costars live in that shadowy half dimension that I cannot fathom. Thank you for understanding me πŸ™‚ XOXO

  2. Ok, yes i know itss just a gallery, or no video jay told me. πŸ˜‰ but i want to see it. so can u find it for me? πŸ™‚

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