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Good afternoon,

This day has flown right past me. Seems like I just got up to move my car at 7am and, lo and behold, the clock now reads 3:45pm. Thought I would follow up my drunken bar photos with a few shots of milf extraordinaire Mrs. Hamilton from Milftown USA. Evidently housewife has once again become subject of gossip in her hometown of Parker City:

Milftown USA

White-breasted swallows perform stunning aerialist maneuvers against rich shades of fuchsia, scarlet, purple. Within minutes  vibrant colors dissolve to gray, birds migrate over horizon. From semi-private balcony Mrs. Hamilton ponders afternoon transgressions, wondering if they will fade like the sunset or eventually return home to roost with the swallows. Idly she records impromptu poem in journal:

“Multi-hued clouds radiate fire,
Iridescent birds soar higher,
Luminous tableau becomes grey,
Fading memory of lost day.
Tangerine moon, twinkling stars rise
Over loose lips, scandalized eyes.
Word spreads quickly, triggering shock:
Naughty housewife loves big, black cock!”

Will star-crossed Mrs. Hamilton ever recover her reputation? Probably not. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

XO Tanya



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