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From 1999 through 2011 I danced at legendary Wild Goose Cabaret (backstage pics taken circa 2011) here in LA. My friend Juan ran the locally renowned kitchen throughout all those years and then migrated to a different club when Goose closed its doors. Earlier this month a group of men jumped, robbed and savagely beat Juan as he was leaving work. His daughter has established a GoFundMe page (warning: graphic photos) to help family defray expenses during his recovery. Thought I would help spread the word. Family will greatly appreciate any and all donations. Thanks in advance for any help!

XO Tanya


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  1. OH my god Tanya, is it possible u are so extremely sweet and beautiful! You have a lovely body/tits! 😊

  2. I’m sincerely sorry about your friend Juan dear Tanya .
    Thank-you for helping him.

    Random violence is becoming the new norm .
    Please be careful yourself .
    I often worry about you as thoughts of you do cross my mind often across the day,and so honored by our interaction .

    Yes, you make that impression ,even though I have been lax in communication.

    I see you are doing well and wonderfully popular as usual.
    Remember it’s not only your external beauty ,but the glow of mind and spirit within you ,which creates such admiration .

    Apollo ,from you know where ! Lol

    1. Thank you so much, Apollo! Interestingly, I was thinking about you right around this time yesterday. Amongst other strange proclivities I have a habit of buying discarded estate items, including letters, jewelry, books, more. Yesterday I opened a box containing an engraved medallion bearing initials “S M W” on one side, name of your town plus year 1982 on reverse side. Of course your city has a very common name and etched word may not even refer to a town but it was spooky nonetheless. I stared at it for a long time and wondered if you would resurface soon. Glad you are well. XOXO

      1. Hello Tanya…mmm that is awful regarding your friend..so sad..I send healing prayers…the mercury retrograde period began and all this insanity begins during this time..speaking of which I’ve always wanted to do your Vedic Astrology chart..it’s quite different than the western version. Your really unique it would be interesting to see. How are you? All my memories of you are cropping up. I used to praise you with a photographer I know in AZ and I kept telling him to shoot you all the time and he kept making fun of me because he always had some excuse..lol..his loss..I’ve wanted to see you with lots of photographers actually. I’m still looking for that perfect head shot of you. :)….I have a couple I keep. I wish there was a coffee table Yoga book with you. :)……Do you know Savanna Samson?

        1. Hi 111111,

          Thank you very much for the kind words and the healing prayers for Juan. How does the Vedic Astrology chart work? I know who Savanna is but have never met her. Looks like Savanna and I appear in same compilation video with title that makes me think of Dian Hanson 😉 I’m in Scene 7 although I really had to stare at those thumbnails to find myself. Is Savanna still actively working in the industry?



      2. I go to antique as well. I’m in a time warp as I create my own world ,and push out popular media ,and prefer the alternatives ,or parallel universe .
        I believe you do the same .
        Plus I do believe in mental telepathy especially in connecting to someone I care about.
        My late mother some up a few times ,and ask me a question about what I was thinking ?

        This old town is spelled uniquely …there is two small ones ,and one with a different spelling in California .
        Of course England has one .
        I bet that box was from here !
        I think of you often as a very special connection to me .

        I was helping an elderly friend of my late mother and lost touch for awhile .

        Whenever I see glamour ,culture.creativity. and kindness I think you .

        1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Apollo. Very nice of you to help your mother’s friend. I do indeed seem to inhabit a parallel universe, moreso lately than ever 😉 Year engraved on memento is 1982 which does correspond with a music festival in the British city but this heirloom (it somehow feels like an heirloom) doesn’t seem like something from a music festival. Always nice to hear from you!


  3. Vedic astrology is quite different because it was the first actual calculations based on placement of the stars..it’s based on the Vedas which are over 5000 years old. So often when the calculations take place your Ascendant and Moon are often different from the standard astrology that people think about which is based upon where the Sun’s is placed. I think your Sag if I’m correct..not sure. Yeah Savanna Samson is retired..she’s great total presence and honest. You remind me of her. Your elegance, erotic, sublime and beautiful soul. I wish Savanna would come back in the industry and do a movie with you. Did you ever do anything with Andrew Blake? Your were wise do to do your own thing..I love that…
    I wish you still did live cam…I once connected on live cam after trying to find you for years and when I connected my internet went out and when I returned you were gone..I’m was soooooooooo pissed..not at you..lol…I hope you had a great weekend..: 11/11

    1. Hi 111111,

      Hope you had a great weekend too. No plans for cam shows at the moment. Did you see me on ifriends before they kicked me off? Thank you for the sweet compliments. What is Savanna doing now? I met Andrew Blake once but we did not get on particularly well and he never hired me. Doing my own thing does suit me. Many people don’t know this but XXX and/or fetish jobs yield only one payment to the performers – the fee you receive on the day of the job. Nice thing about producing videos is that you can resell them forever.


      1. Hello Tanya…I finally found you there and right when the cam connected something happened to my internet connection..and by the time I logged back on you had logged off and then I never found you again…I was so pissed…lol..at myself for missing you..God I remember that moment too..so well…Too bad about the Andrew Blake thing but..chemistry is everything..his loss…I agree with you..your a lot wiser I know this about you…True..residual income/passive income is very smart. As far as I know Savanna is living in Italy doing her own wine line and she’s there…semi retired..Not sure..I wish she didn’t retire..she’s timeless like you…Forever elegant, erotic, sublime and magick. Well..I’ve had suggestions for videos for you..but I never knew where to write them to you…probably best no here..LOL..nonetheless, I’ve been going little crazy with this mercury retrograde nonsense…I’m learning how to work the energy though…I thought about you a lot when I was in the jungle of Peru years ago..and in Chavin in the Andes too. You crossed my mind many times. 🙂

  4. Hi Tanya,
    So sorry to hear about your friend. It’s unfortunate these types of violent crimes seem to never end. As someone mentioned previously, I quite often wonder about your own safety in the big city.
    Thank you for being the beautiful soul and posting Juan’s GoFundMe page. It’s such a great way for everyone to help each other out in a time like this one. It’s almost like a new way to provide true social security.
    On a happier note, thank you for posting your pictures which are always a super delight. I would’ve loved to have seen one of your shows, talk about a little bit of heaven on earth 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much for your generous spirit, Don. You are very special. Haven’t heard any news on Juan but hopefully he is doing much better. Glad you like the pics! Think they capture the feel of most strip club dressing rooms in the country: spartan furnishings with streaked mirrors, not redecorated since the 70s.. lol XOXO

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