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Years ago someone described bondage icon Ashley Renee as being “perpetually in distress”. I don’t think Ashley would object to the words. Haven’t seen her since the shooting of Tickle Torture but she always seemed to have more than her share of chaos. Lately I, too, have been experiencing a lot of misadventures (blindness, second degree burns, etc.). On Monday I tangled with a feral individual who really went for blood. Shredded from elbows down I visited local urgent care center for tetanus shot, prescription of heavy-duty antibiotic. Attack kitty is still prowling the neighborhood along with an adorable litter-mate. Yep, my assailant was a tiny cat, probably just weeks old. She had inched halfway into my pet carrier and then went bananas when I tried to zip it. I have contacted a local cat rescue group and we are intending to trap the kittens so they can visit the vet. A kind neighbor already wants to take responsibility for them.

Thus far my week has felt a bit catawampus  (kinda like top pic) but I have met some really nice neighbors and am healing quickly. Yesterday I wore long gloves at my shoot 😉 This evening I am working on Underground Violence starring legendary wrestler Robin and myself (above pics) and should have the video posted tomorrow at Hope everyone is enjoying this June Thursday! I will return to answer post comments in the morning.

XO Tanya



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4 thoughts on “Catawampus”

  1. So glad you are helping kittens Tanya ..but please be careful as bad things come in threes !
    So the worst is over I pray.
    I have inpathic personify and your eye ,scratches ,burns upsetting to me .
    I rescued many cats and blessed with two great big males I handraised ..they lived as my close companions till age 17.

    One year ago shiny black kitten followed me home ,blocked my path as I walked …he strode right into my place and sat down.
    Rich friends called and wife took him to live in luxury at there home .

    He has Mercedes ,BMW convertible ,and big yard now at his disposal.
    Lesson …Fortune favors the bold !
    Saving cats ,and dogs so important as they suffer so on street .
    I can barely look at You Tubes about this ,even with happy endings .?

    Your the best Tanya ..a beloved creative soul .???

    1. Hahaha! –

      He has Mercedes ,BMW convertible ,and big yard now at his disposal.
      Lesson …Fortune favors the bold !

      I love those words. That is awesome. Totally agree about things coming in triplicate – have said it for years. Burns on chest, blindness, infected wounds all occurred in the past ten months so I should be good for at least the rest of the year now 😉 Thank you for your kind words, Apollo! Always nice to hear from you. XOXO

  2. Hello Tanya,

    very sorry to hear about your latest reverse (I must confess that, unlike you, I am not a fan of cats – unless they are big cats in the wild), and I hope your wounds heal quickly.
    I have three reasons to thank you :
    1.For giving me the adjective “catawampus”, which I have never come across before ( do you know “snafu”, which has much the same meaning?).
    2. For speaking so highly of “The killer inside me” – I found it very disturbing, but obviously a work of real quality. I will look out for other books by Jim Thompson.
    3. For posting the wonderful photos of your latest STJ fight – as ever you look absolutely fantastic – another must-buy!
    Stanley xxx

    1. Hi Stanley,

      The right cat might just warm your heart 😉 Yes, I am indeed familiar with “snafu” – having been in so many lately 😉 Glad you liked The Killer Inside Me. Did your edition happen to have a foreword written by Stephen King? Thank you for the compliments on the Robin pics. I will be posting the match tomorrow at


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