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Good evening,

Independence Day holiday is fast approaching while women in patriotic garb defend nation’s borders.  Superheroine Golden Amazon received this startling prophecy on June 18:

“Golden Amazon approaches peril,
Overlooks black ravens’ sinister cries,
Languishes in comatose disgrace while
Diabolical fiend parts well-shaped thighs.”

Did Golden Amazon heed warning from Oracle and refrain from embarking on dangerous mission? Of course not. Wouldn’t be much of a video if she had 😉 Just posted Golden Omen at Doing lots of shooting but will return in the next few days to answer post comments. Hope everyone is having a great week!

XO Tanya



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17 thoughts on “Golden Amazon”

  1. Dear Tanya,

    Well, you’ve probably heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Gold becomes you.

    As magnetic as your visage is to the eyes, I do find myself perusing the backgrounds of your many adventures, wondering about which model toaster is on the counter, or the expiration date on the bag of Doritos in your hand (wouldn’t want you to get sick), what books are on the shelf, zooming in on the safety tag on the upholstery, etc.

    This video, with the carousel pony, strange scale, floor grate etc. throws another surreal curve to your fans. Where is that woman?

    Anyhow, I was going to tease you for not being around here very much, but I realized that I haven’t been around here very much myself either.

    Maybe I can change that by coming by more often and try and provoke you into a few more conversations. Be forewarned.

    In the meanwhile: “….. parts well shaped thighs.”

    Well shaped, indeed, Tanya. Some things are as dependable as gravity. You are a National Treasure. You bear the responsibility with grace, style and class.


    1. Thank you so much, Mingori!!! I really appreciate your kind words and look forward to your more frequent visits. We same to share the same habit of trying to discern every detail in a situation. I’ve always done that automatically – have to make an effort to turn off the tendency sometimes because I’ve noticed it can make others very uncomfortable 😉 XOXO

      1. Cara Tanya,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Yes, I know I can be pretty detail focussed. I guess I do tend to pay attention to the things people say to me or to the visual arrays of situations I am in. I had a teacher once who strongly emphasized building our observation skills. He encouraged us to be be slow at forming judgements or opinions but to become stronger in just seeing and remembering. He was very influential on me and my compadres.

        This is also what I enjoy so much from the Beat poets: their skills at being patient and just seeing and annotating their worlds. I feel a real affinity to that in your writings and also in your acting and performing. (I love your coffee shop tales…I wish you would try the same writing hand with your late-night dive bar adventures.) When I get the chance to see your video work, I do pay attention to the details because I know that you do.

        Given your intelligence, literacy and humor (not to mention your Scrabble skills) I do imagine you burying obscure references in your visual video fields, but probably that is just my fantasy and that things are much more ad hoc than that. Sometimes I think I would have enjoyed a career working in set design so I could test the limits of such subliminal clues.

        You say you “….have to make an effort to turn off the tendency sometimes because I’ve noticed it can make others very uncomfortable.”

        Just to be clear: I hope I am not making YOU uncomfortable with my interest in the detailed aspects of your work. Please know that it is coming from a safe place of delight and support and friendship. I trust you to let me know when I get out of hand……


        1. Hi Mingori,

          I very much appreciate your interest in details. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all – quite the opposite. Yes, I do sometimes bury obscure references both in my videos and words 😉 Been mostly staying out of bars in recent years. As Charles Bukowski once said: “There’s only so much you can get out of a bar.” After that all the conversations seem to repeat themselves. The same words come out of different people’s mouths. These days I go to donut shops when I feel like drinking (coffee.) Conversations are much more interesting there. Thank you very much for your compliments. They mean a lot to me.


  2. Those photos of you are very intriguing ..the venue mysterious and a color version of film noir we both enjoy !
    The costume is very Pleadean ( Nordic Alien ) and could this mean you are a conscious or subconscious agent of the near star system !
    Esoteric and deeply hidden UFOology claims these beings …our ancestors post control of this planet ,,and their ” seed ” ( us ) are in distress !
    Your mission might not only be ” national border protection ” but guarding whole planet ????⚡
    PS I go overboard with those little depictions ! ?.

    1. Hi Apollo,

      Thank you for the compliments and for the emojis – I like them 😉 Love the term “Nordic Alien”!!!


      1. There is a study in ufology on ” Nordic Aliens ” and it’s interesting .
        They are also known as Lyrians .
        Just Google the term in ” images ” and you will see a dead ringer for yours truly and I use him as my wall paper .
        I showed it to a girl clerk at a gas station using an iPhone and she was stunned by its resemblance to me in person .
        He is wearing a blue uniform and holding a purple star in his hand …funny I wear an amethyst .
        There is no copywrite,or originator !
        Strange .
        He is on your order too !
        Are we a part of this tribe from far away ?
        He also looks like a blonde version of my mother !
        People think I posed for it.
        Also see Jesse Restenburgh ,Nordic UFO witness ,You Tube.
        I’m sure you will be very fascinated and might get a theatrical scenario from it .

        1. Hi Apollo,

          Think I found him in Google pictures – what a great image!! Lol.. sometimes I feel like I’m from a different planet. When does the Mother Ship return? 😉


          1. I’m so glad you found the Nordic Alien in blue uniform .
            I swear with all of my being he is my double !
            Nobody denies this ,stranger of friend !
            I just get him on a t shirt or discrete images on a good necktie !
            Just showed him to a girl at the mall and she ran all over the place with her iPhone insisting I made it !
            Who did ?
            Thank you Tanya for always taking an interest in my writing .
            Your sure make people feel good ,as I \ others respect your integrity and intelligence .
            I must add in Nordic Alien lore ,people who don’t seem to fit into normal society and seek creative outlets out of norms can be called ” star children ” ( and this at any age ).
            I see on a later post you looked up Hulda !
            I love that site too …thank you for finding it .
            Some believe these tales are part of ancient alien foundations on the planet .???
            Fascinating how if anyone gets Hulda to the alter she looses her tail !
            You do have a beautiful one
            But certainly human of course !?
            If you do go to the alter it will break so many hearts !
            Mine included ?
            I’m always glad your well ,and your often in my thoughts across the day, when seeing anything interesting I know you like .
            I hope your having great times shooting and traveling about !?

            1. Thanks as always for the kind words, Apollo. I will have to check out some of the Nordic Alien apparel. Glad to hear he has his own brand 😉 I have indeed been staying busy with shooting and motoring around the vast environs of LA. Last night I stayed home, edited photos, and watched a documentary about Marilyn Monroe. “On August 5, 2016 the world awakes to discover that Marilyn Monroe has died.” the narrator intoned over footage of Marilyn’s house in Brentwood. It gave me chills to realize that I was watching the documentary on August 5. Anyway, your comment about marriage reminded me of how the studios objected to Marilyn’s marriage plans at various stages of her career. She really was lovely. But what a tragic life in so many ways 🙁 XOXO

              1. Quicky Tanya,Nordic Alien has no product line !
                I wish he did !
                Mine where just projection of what I’d like to do with him .
                On Marilyn Monroe .Was that on the CD set I sent ?
                Did you know her psychologist got her estate ?
                He controlled her image for years .
                Even getting her white 1961 Cadillac Sedan !

                She has serious depression ,and loneliness .
                She did some shooting for a film never released I understand .
                People at the top find it hard to climb down from the adoration it seems .
                You go home,close the doors and say like the Peggy Lee song ,” Is that all there is? ”

                So glad your out there doing your thing !
                Just be beautiful in CA late summer ! ?

                1. Thank you for reminding me of the CD set, Apollo! I will watch it again. Over the years I have accumulated a fair amount of knowledge about Marilyn but don’t think I’d heard that about her psychologist. How did he get control of her possessions and image?? XOXO

                  1. Sorry for the delay in replying to you ,and typos …I write to you in bed and sometimes drowsy .
                    So your my last thoughts going to sleep !
                    I assure you respectful thoughts ,maybe with a little edge ?

                    Apparently she had great confidence in this man ,and he was either power of attorney ,or in her will .
                    She left something to her housekeeper too.
                    I think he is deceased ,but his family carry’s on with this power !
                    I’m a car aficio ,and never saw that Cadillac show up anywhere either !

                    Famous legends estates control their images if smart . Three stooges,Marx Brothers , Laurel & Hardy , James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor ,and Elvis protected even in the afterlife .
                    Priscella ,and daughter have a fortune from it .
                    I’ll find out more …I research everything .
                    Hope you are well ,and I think of you often .

                    Our correspondence is very lovely to me ,and a high light of my life .

                    You know it’s not your image alone ,but insight , curiosity,and high intelligence that is so attractive .✴

                    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Apollo!!! I really enjoy corresponding with you too. Do you ever wonder if such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, James Dean, Elvis simply decided to bow out of the limelight? I know that all their deaths are well-documented but.. it wouldn’t be impossible to stage a death. All aforementioned stars had become very troubled and disillusioned – maybe they and others around them knew that they could potentially assume iconic status/escape continued misery simply by “going out” in a well-planned manner. Obviously my notion is not a new one but it’s something I continue to wonder about. What do you think?


  3. Hi Tanya,

    Thank you for the superlative photos – another must-buy, though I’ll have to start saving. 🙂 This week’s video deal is brilliant, and “Sonnet Noir” is one of the most erotic things you have done.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    Stanley xxx

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