Ring Ruler




Ring Ruler

Recently I have been writing about Mackenzie Mack. Seems I completely forgot about a 3-way wrestling match Mackenzie and I did with Goldie Blair. Thanks, Phil, for submitting a comment and providing a link to Ring Ruler produced by CaliforniaWildcats.com. According to exuberant testimony this qualifies as “absolutely one of the hottest” videos that I have done. From the pics above I think I see why. I have never viewed this footage because I shot it for CaliforniaWildcats.com and they own the rights to it.

XO Tanya



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8 thoughts on “Ring Ruler”

  1. Seems bit of my comment was cut off because I tried to use an emoji lol.

    The second part was asking, because you said in the other post, about how vividly you remember a lot of your past work or shoots? Obviously the larger and more elaborate a shoot was, the better you’ll know, but can you still recall your early days, or small time shoots you’ve done or has it started to get harder?

    1. Hi Ned,

      I remember most of my shoots – big and small, recent and distant in the past. My memory lapse regarding “Ring Ruler” is an aberration. No explanation for it. I remember the shoot now but it still seems weird to me that Mackenzie was the third model. Very strange. Still befuddled by the blocked memory.. lol

      XO Tanya

  2. Tanya,
    , I remember this video very well. Matter-of-fact I was reminded to go watch it again. I bought the DVD years ago and it is definitely one of the hottest cat fight videos ever made. A true classic!

  3. Well, you might have a look when you get a chance, Tanya.

    Seeing this video made me think of your recent post regarding some of the condescending remarks that you have had to endure over the years in regards to your chosen profession. These people obviously must never have seen you at work. 😉 If you recall, both Goldie and Mackenzie both provide you with some special attention.

    You and Mackenzie do test the boundaries of what constitutes the “hottest”. In addition, my assumption is that you were paid for your expertise that day. I would ask those ‘haters’ to get serious. If she were to watch this video, Michelle Obama herself would want to change jobs with you in a heartbeat, as would a significant majority of the population.

    If all of us at our daily jobs brought as much talent, skill professionalism and creativity as you do to yours the world would be a much better place.


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